Best camera drone under 500 (2018): FIMI A3 vs Hubsan Zino

Best camera drone under $500
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If you’re currently looking to pick up one of the best camera drone under 500 on the market today, then you have come to the right place. That’s because has more than 4 years experience in testing and reviewing drones. There are many value-priced quadcopters that include 4K cameras, intelligent flight modes and long battery life, plus mechanical gimbal for smooth aerial videos.

Surely, with a budget of 1000+ you have an easy task, you can go directly to DJI website an choose one of their popular drone (either from Mavic or Phantom series). But, as their only drone under $500 is the almost two years old Spark, with only 500 bucks in my pocket I would look for a camera drone from another reputable brand.

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Those who are interested in aerial filming will definitely eye on a 4K camera drone with 3-axis motorized. In terms of camera gears, the Xiaomi A3 has much less to offer than the Hubsan Zino. While the FiMI A3 has Full HD camera with 2-axis gimbal, the Hubsan H117S has Ultra HD camera with 3-axis gimbal. 

FIMI A3 vs Hubsan Zino – Which one is the Best drone under 500?

As you can see in the comparison table bellow, these two camera drones are quite different. The Xiaomi FIMI A3 is not just smaller, but also heavier than the Hubsan H117S Zino. Less weight means longer flight time. Even if the the Zino’s battery would have 50% more capacity than the FiMI A3, it would provide less fun time.

 Xiaomi FiMI A3Hubsan H117S Zino
Foldable designNoYes
Obstacle avoidanceNoNo
Extension DIY portsYesNo
Max video resolution1920×1080@30fps3840X2160@30fps
FPV5.8G720P WiFi
FPV monitorOn transmitterMobile device
Battery3s 2000mAh3s 3000mAh
Flight Time25mins23mins
Flight range1KM1KM
Weigh560 grams700 grams
Size28.5*22.9*6.9mm30.4 X 25.2 X 9cm
Price$279 (order from here)$399 (order from here)

Both quadcopters feature smart flight modes and GPS positioning systems for easy useage. While the FiMI A3’s transmitter comes with integrated FPV screen, the Zino requires additionally a mobile device in order to unleash its full potential. Furthermore, the Xiaomi A3 has a DIY port, which allows to control third-part devices like servos or LED lights.

Bottom line

Whatever you opt for the FiMI A3 or H117S Zino you will make a great deal. As both are cheaper than 500$, you’ll make some saving for a drone backpack and couple of spare batteries.

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  1. Hi,
    could you please make a similar comparison, but one between the Spark and Zino. I’m a completely newbie and i don’t know which would be better.
    KK from Netherlands


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