FIMI A3 GPS drone with 2-axis Gimbal & 1080P Camera

FIMI A3 GPS enabled drone with full hd camera

Back in 2016, FiMI in collaboration with Xiaomi announced the Mi 4K drone. Now, FiMI Technologies comes up with another quadcopter called FIMI A3. Unfortunately, in terms of video rigs, it seems to be worst equipped compared to its processor. It has 2-axis gimbal vs 3-axis gimbal, also only Full HD camera vs Ultra HD camera.

According to the advertised specs, the 3s/2000mAh Li-Po battery allows about 25 minutes flying time. The up to 1KM control range is also pretty impressive for its price tag.

FIMI A3 drone features and specs

  • Dual satellite positioning system (GPS+GLONASS);
  • 3rd generation FiMI flight controller with Cortex M7;
  • DIY port for external devices (you can interface it with devices like: Fireworks lighter, LED lights, Servo and Parachute);
  • Easy to use remote w/ integrated FPV screen (no additional device required);
  • GPS and Sport flight modes;
  • Smart flight modes (Follow-me, Orbit, Dronie and Headless);
  • Precise one key return to home (GPS assisted RTH);
  • Full HD camera with 5.8G real-time image transmission;
  • Up to 1920×1080@ 30 fps video recording;
  • 3264*2448 photo resolution;
  • 2-axis mechanical gimbal & 3-axis electronic image stabilization;
  • Self tightening propellers;
  • About 1KM control range;
  • Up to 25 minutes flight time.

FiMI A3 remote controller

While the Mi 4K drone is packed with a basic entry level remote controller, the Xiaomi FiMi A3 comes with a much versatile transmitter with built-in 4’3″ FPV screen. The RC is powered by an integrated 2950 mAh LiPo battery.

FIMI A3 transmitter

On front panel, beside the usual control sticks, you can find the following: Power On/Off button, Sport/GPS mode switch, RTH button and a five direction mini joystick. The left shoulder dial-knob allows to control the angle of the camera. In addition, on the back of the transmitter you have another two buttons (DIY and Shoot/Record button). The “DIY” button allows to remotely control external devices (such as servos and LED lights) connected to the drone’s DIY port.

The remote controller features AV-out which allows to use larger FPV monitor or FPV goggles.

Accessories included with the the Xiaomi FiMI A3 quadcopter

  • Remote controller with built-in FPV screen;
  • 3s/2000mAh flight battery;
  • Balance battery charger;
  • AC/DC adapter;
  • Micro USB cable;
  • 1 set of propellers.

FIMI A3 box content

Bottom line

With an advertised price of $279.99, the FiMi A3 seems to be a serious competitor for the Hubsan Zino. Both are equipped with powerful brush-less motors and GPS positioning system.

Updates: First 10 pieces were already pre-ordered from Bannggood. The next 90 pieces are available for $259.99.


  1. I just saw a battery upgrade video, where a guy replaced the stock 3S 2000mah battery with a3S 4200mah LiPo. This mod should allow double flight time for the FiMI A3! My question is: Is it safe for the motors and for the rest of the electronics???

  2. At this moment NO shops with Fimi A3 in stock (Not BG nor GB) I read that the factory is working to produce the pre-ordered drones. It seems that this product is more popular as they expected. I bet that they will rise the price very soon….:(

  3. I was between the firsts who received the FiMI A3. It is a truly nice drone. After I flashed the latest firmware it is even more stable.

    Happy Flying!

    • did you tested also the latest firmware (Firmware V1014-A-beta). It will provide: Adjust the cool tone effect and Improve the saturation of pictures.

  4. It is one of the best FPV camera quads in the under $250 price range. Videos are fully stabilized and both range and flight time are excellent. Fimi did a great job with a A3! Now I’m working to add a parachute via de DIY port

    Merry Christmas to all RC lover!

  5. On 10 December, Xiaomi will reveal a new drone with UHD camera. They claims to be the real successor of the Mi 4K Drone. Do you have any insights about this new quad?

  6. I just watched a tutorial about how to upgrade the FiMI A3 ‘s firmware. So, it looks that few people had the luck to receive it or at least it exists :D

  7. Ordered on October 22, still no sign of tracking number :( BG promised that the first 100 pieces will be shipped out till 12 of November…..
    I just checked again the specs and I found that the FiMI A3 has two micro SD slots, one in the camera and one in the transmitter (for FPV signal).

  8. why it has only full hd camera not a 4k one? I think many will still opt for the Spark instead of the FiMI A3. Let’s be honest, this Xiaomi drone was already outdated on the announcement day. Doe’s not being anything new….

  9. Well, the physical appearance is Good. The Specifications is not bad. If it flies away can anyone here tell me what is the percentage of retrieval? any ideas?

    • Well if you do own GPS device installed on your drone there is a big chance of a possibility that your drone will be retrieved in case it flies away. If your drone has built-in GPS and you still want to install it with a GPS tracking device it’s not bad, there’s no problem with it. Perhaps, you are securing your drone’s safety.

      • (Interrupting Sorry)
        Speaking of GPS tracking device, before I was confused about this thing. First thing came into my mind is “Why would I purchase and attach my drone with that thing? My drone does have built-in GPS” I decided to have an extra GPS device which was I bought from trackimo when the built-in GPS of my drone defected. I almost lost my drone in the middle of flight luckily it was not so far from my position. By having this extra GPS device first things first is for the sake of the security of my drone.

    • IMHO, like most of the GPS drones, the FiMI A3 will probably also feature fail-safe RTH (on RC signal loss or low battery).

  10. I think, that this new FiMI drone could be an ideal drone for all people interested in fully stabilized 1080p videos in good quality suitable for ordinary home using. I am going to order it as soon as possible. It will be my third FPV quadcopter with the gimbal.


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