Coming soon: Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE 4K Drone

FIMI X8 SE drone

Few weeks ago, on FiMI’s website, a new banner appeared with the text “Totally Evolved – 10th December 2018“. It was the first clue that a new Xiaomi FiMI drone will be announced soon. Unlike its predecessors, the new Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE features foldable design. Let’s have a closer look on the first rumors about the Fimi X8 drone!

While the recently released FiMI A3 features only 1080P camera, the Fimi X8 SE will have 4K camera. Furthermore, it has 3-axis gimbal instead of only 2-axis one. It seems that FiMI wants to offer a real alternative for DJI’s Mavic series. But, IMHO, without an obstacle avoidance system, this is a lost case no matter how friendly priced will be.

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Fimi X8 SE rumors

The Fimi X8 SE comes with lots of fail-safe features. In addition to the usual auto RTH, on low battery it has wind warning and auto-hover on no fly-zones. 

Fimi X8 SE drone features & specs

  • Ultra portable design with foldable arms;
  • Expandable remote controller;
  • Double positioning system (GPS & GLONASS);
  • Precise vision positioning system;
  • Smart track and smart light;
  • Fail-safe return to home (Low battery & Signal loss);
  • Wind warning;
  • 4K camera with 1/2.3″ CMOS image sensor;
  • 12MP photo resolution (JPG & JPG+DNG);
  • UHD video recording (3840×2160@30fps);
  • Panorama and Motion-lapse modes;
  • Up to 100Mbps video bit-rate;
  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal;
  • Up to 5KM control range;
  • Around 33 minutes flight time.

FiMI X8 SE flight time

Powered by a 3s/4500mAh battery, the FiMI X8SE quadcopter has an impressive of 33 minutes flight time. I would be curious to test if this time is actual flying time or only hovering time.

Camera sample video (by FiMI)

Price & Availability

On FiMI website, the X8SE is listed for $399, which is the same price as the Hubsan Zino is advertised. This price includes remote controller, flight battery, 3 pairs of propellers, charger and user manual. At Banggood, it is promoted for $499, but unfortunately the status is “In stock alert“.

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  1. now it is listed for $1000! insane price for a non DJI drone… Also, it still not has a user manual and you can’t find a truly useful Fimi X8 SE review.

  2. Anyone have experience with, or know the quality of Xiaomi customer care? DJI has a great team and customer care program, eg the Care program, here in the U.S. Curious with Xiaomi, are you on your own if/when a problem arises?

    • Hi Grigor,

      We have to admit, that DII products have much better reputation than any other drone brand. IMHO they are the best on the market. But, surely the FiMI has a much atractive price tag. Hope that the first reviews will prove the is not just cheap but also very good (in both terms: image quality and flight performance)

  3. I own the Mi 4k, it is a very good drone, but not portable as the new FiMI. Plus, the X8 SE has some cool features that the old Xiaomi quad doesn’t have….So it is time to switch πŸ˜€

  4. hi guys!
    Does anyone know what “TDMA HD” means? I read that the FiMI X8SE is connected to your phone via OTG cable. So the FPV will work over this cable not ower WiFI?? (like in case of DJI Ocusync). Anyone know the FPV resolution and range?


  5. 5KM range??? this is close to that the Mavic 2 has!
    It will have FCC and CE version of the FiMI X8? or control range will be changed according to your GPS location.

  6. wow, looks damn nice!
    I will cancel my A3 order and place it again for the FiMI X8. I like that it is foldable. It is more easy to carry.

    • My A3 is its on way, I will keep it for FPV flights with goggles and I will also order a X8 SE for aerial filming. Hopefully its 4K camera will be at least as good as a Mavic Pro.


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