Xiaomi FiMI X8 SE user manual download

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    Xiaomi FiMI X8 SE user manual download

    FiMI X8SE pdf user manual download page

    From here you can download for free the FiMI X8 SE user manual. The Xiaomi X8 SE instruction guide includes the following must read chapters:

    • Product introduction (parts explained);
    • Remote controller layout;
    • Difference between flight modes;
    • Safety protection;
    • How to use the FiMI Navi APP;
    • Manual take-off & landing;
    • Maintenance & calibration.

    Note: the manual is a pre-release version!


    1. Hi.. during a firmware update today I believe it was interrupted by a phone call. After the update the drone will not allow take off. It says GPS low and system initializing. It shows 15/16 satellite. It worked perfect last night when I flew it for the first time.. is there anywhere I can reset and reinstall the update ?? Or have you any suggestions ?? Thanks in advance.

    2. Buenas tardes, el dron me arroja constantemente error de emergency returnd failfase, y vpu reset
      Good afternoon, the drone constantly throws me error of emergency returnd failfase, and vpu reset

    3. Can you send me the user manual as Word Document, if possible. so I can translate it in German. In PDF it seems to be unpossible (the size of each page is too big).

      Thanks a lot in advance!

    4. Me gustaria saber donde venden camaras de recambio, y el manual en Español..si es posible…..gracias
      I would like to know where they sell replacement cameras, and the manual in Spanish .. if possible ….. thanks

      • Sorry we have only English manual for the X8SE, regarding spare parts you should contact FiMI.
        But, did you crash it or what happened with the drone’s camera?


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