Eachine EX4 spare parts & accessories

EX4 spare parts and accessories

Since its announcement, the Eachine EX4 became one of the most popular Mavic Mini alternatives. It features a foldable design, stabilized 4K camera, and brushless motors for a friendly price tag. The biggest problem with drones from unknown brands is the lack of spare parts and customer support. Luckily, Eachine provides repair spares for most of their drones and the EX4 is no exception on this matter.

Unfortunately, crashes are inevitable, especially for newbie pilots. If you’re lucky, you will need only a camera or propeller replacement, but if it will not take-off anymore or the frame is into pieces, you will have 3 options: throw it in the garbage, send it to an authorized repair center or try to repair it yourself.

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repairing parts for Eachine EX4

Where to find Eachine EX4 replacement parts?

Crashed your EX4 drone and broke an arm off? The camera doesn’t work anymore? Damaged the main shell or doesn’t take-off anymore? Here are the most common spare parts and where to find them:

  • Main board (flight controller and radio receiver) – $56.99 – buy from Banggood;
  • Complete arm with motor (back left/right and rear left/right) – $17.99 – Order from BG;
  • 4K wide-angle 3-axis gimbal camera – $98.99 – Check stock;
  • Lower body shell – $7.99;
  • Battery charger with cable – $16.99;
  • Genuine spare battery – $44.99;
  • Optical flow board – $10.99;
  • GPS module – $12.37;
  • Compass sensor board – $8.99;
  • Pair of spare propellers – $6.65.

Image of EX4 remote controller

In case you lost or broke your EX4 transmitter, no problem, you can find a spare one here for $61.99. The 4 channel remote controller comes with a charging cable and up to 1200 meters range.

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  1. My Drone does not complete the system self-diagnostic test, and the flashing blue light becomes a turquoise (light blue) light? This happened after a crash, due to losing GPS positioning. What internal components breaks after a hard crash?

  2. I need a complete ex 4 complete body assembly without battery or controller. The internal electronics burned up

  3. My drone was crash into the mud. But still can move and function well. But I open the cover and camera to clean the mud inside. After i assembled it, and try to fly again, the drone and the controller cannot connect. Any suggestions which part should i fix or replace?

    • I just crashed mine, the gimbal stop working so I decided to open it to change. When I change the gimbal I had the same issue with my drone. If you want we can contact to share info.

  4. Hi
    My names Rob
    I have crashed my ex4 and the gimbal has come off its rubbers. Can I fix this without having to replace the whole gimbal and if I do how do I do it?

    • You will need to replace the motor, and check after if it is ok. If still not you will need to replace the entire motherboard.

  5. I purchased an EX4 a while back and have had a great time with it. I’m as described
    a “newbie” to the art. Anyway in my quest to learn, I’ve smacked it a few
    times resulting in some damage. So I’m needing a few parts.
    I need 4 landing gear and 4 props.
    Please advise the cost of those items.
    John D


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