Spare parts you need to fix your Eachine E58 drone

Spare motors, main gears, propellers, camera, flight controller, remote controller, body cover and battery

Spare parts for Eachine E58 drone

Surely, the E58 is the most popular toy drone from Eachine. I loved it from the first flight. It has pretty cool Mavic alike design and excellent flight performance. Unfortunately, after few crashes the fun has gone. A broken arm, blocked motor or missing propeller can make you throw it into the trash can. Luckily, Eachine offers good aftermarket support, a wide range of genuine spare parts for their drones being available for order.

While most of the crashes with my Eachine E58 produced visible damage, like the above mentioned ones, there are other bad thinks that could happen too. For example, if one motor is forcefully stopped for longer time it can burn it out, or the corresponding MOSFET on the flight controller can be damaged, or even both. In order to solve this kind of issues you will need to identify the exact failed component and find the proper spare part.

If you read our Eachine E58 review, you probably found out that it is available with two types of camera. A basic 0.3MP and a better 2MP one. If you had the “luck” to receive the earliest version with 0.3MP, you can still swap it to 2MP. This camera mod can be done easily in just few minutes.

Common Eachine E58 spare parts

Where to find Eachine E58 replacement parts?

Whether you want to fix your Eachine E58 or upgrade it, here are the most common replacement parts and where to find them:

  • Complete Eachine E58 arm (arm, motor, main gear, and propeller) – $3.99 – check stock
  • Spare propellers – $2.89 – check stock
  • Replacement motors (1CW + 1CCW)
  • Body cover/canopy – $3.25/$3.59 – Upper/Lower
  • E58 2MP 720P 120° Wide-angle HD Camera with DVR – $21.99 – check stock
  • 3 pieces of spare batteries with charger – $23.99 – check stock
  • Pack of Eachine E58 screws – $3.59 – check stock

If you lost your Eachine E58’s remote controller, no problem, you can find a spare one here.

Note: We are not selling anything! We are only suggesting where you can find the spare parts you need.


  1. I bought a quadcopter E58 , but came with not slim card connection now I know it scam. How can i buy slim card connection and where? Thank you

  2. Yeah man I have the E58 for the pass few months. It got me hooked. I just got DJI mini 2 and oh man they’re night and day. But I’m glad I started with the E58 it made me a better operator because it’s all in your hands no safety systems to save u. Anyway long story short. My nephew wiped out. Left front fubar.So order all four off Amazon new they arrive I put them on and went out flying. Next day can get it to take off. You know three prop spinning one did move at all. So I took it back apart the one the didn’t spin. So I was thinking the motor took a dive. But that wasn’t a problem because I have the three spear I replace. So I have the prop arm off I swap the motor and gear dab some grease. Same the but this time I could hear the gearbox make lots of racket. So reply it what I didn’t notice was the Amazon motors are shorter I don’t know if the to turn the same rpm. So really I think they got me. Because at first glance the look the same. But I noticed it was top notch quality. But it’s after market from Amazon I told myself. So that’s the back story. I’m past it on to my nephew but it’s still doing the same thing even after I installed all three of the spears motor I took out of the one that cam with the drone. I just need some help with the cause of it( besides the crash) and where to get lagit parts. Because I won’t be getting parts for either of the drones from Amazon again. Thank you for you time. Oh one think it remains me truck in limp mode. Plus I don’t know the first thing about flight boards and all that but I can change it out. E58 or basically plug and play. Just don’t know.. sorry about the the long winded expo. Bro

  3. I’ve been looking for a part for my E58 drone lower body part where the circuit board sit on top of it .it’s black in color. Can anyone help me out where I can find that part.

  4. I have a e58 that when you install the battery the front left motor starts without the power being turned on. Do I need a new circuit board? If so where can I find one?

  5. Hello. My son got an Emotion drone as a gift and straight out of the box the right rear propeller doesn’t turn. We’ve only gotten it to spin briefly by holding it at a certain angle. Do you have any advice on fixing it or locating a proper repair manual?


  6. My son has the e58, today in windy conditions he landed it and it tipped over. Then when he restarted it only one propeller worked and wouldn’t stop unless he took the battery out. My husband took off the back and there are no visible loose wires. What parts do we need to replace?

  7. Where can I find/buy a micro SD card for Eachine E 58? My wife bought me a DRONE X PRO (It is the same as a Emotion Drone). It looks exactly like the E 56.
    I probably will need an adapter that allows me to go from the SD card to a USB port on my computer.

    Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Tom,

      you need to look for “memory card reader” or “micro sd reader”. they are cheap (few dollars) and you can find them almost every where. probably even at Lidle :). You have to match them with your computer USB port (USB2, USB3 USB Type C,..).


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