FiMI X8 accessories and spare parts

Fimi X8 SE accessories & spare parts

Like in the case of most hobbies, buying your desired gear will not give you full satisfaction. There is always an accessory that can make it even better or just more usable. In this article, I will show you all the best accessories I believe can really improve your FiMI X8 SE flying experience.

After a few flight sessions, you will realize that you need safe transportation for your precious drone. You have multiple options, from lightweight handbags to waterproof suitcases.

Resting after every flight while you recharge the battery pack can be very frustrating. The solution comes in a couple of spare batteries and a 3-way charger.

While, by default, the 4K camera provides excellent video quality, with some cheap ND filters you can achieve some spectacular cinematic footage.

Must have FiMI X8 SE accessories

For easy navigation, I divided the accessories into 4 major categories (transportation, landing, charging, and filters).

Fimi X8 SE accessories

For transportation:

  • Lightweight Fimi X8 SE shoulder bag – $17.99;
  • Conformable backpack – 30.99;
  • Elegant handbag – 22.99;
  • Robust waterproof hard case – $45.99;
  • 3D printed gimbal camera protector – $5.99;
  • Battery protector cover – $6.19;
  • Propeller fixing strap – $3.99.

Landing accessories:

  • STARTRC 80CM landing pad – $13.99;
  • Shock absorber landing gears (red/white) – $4.99 (complete set of 4).

Charging solutions:

  • Fast battery charger cable for IMAX B6/B6AC (dual and single LIPO pack) – $8.99;
  • YX 3-in-1 (Dual Battery  + RC) car charger – $17.99;
  • Car battery charger (1 battery + remote) – $15.99;
  • DC battery charger cable – $4.99

Lens filters:

  • Pack of 8 URUAV opical filters (UV, STAR, CPL, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32 and NIGHT) – $45.99;
  • 5 JSR KG FIMI X8 filters (UV+CPL+ND4+ND8+ND16) – 30.99.

Fimi X8 spare parts

FIMI X8SE spare parts:

  • 11.4V/4500mAh genuine FIMI X8 spare battery – $83.99 (there is also option for a set of two LIPOs);
  • 1 set of quick-release spare propellers – $13.99 (now with 20% off);
  • Genuine FiMI X8SE charger – $19.99 (now with 26% off);
  • Complete motor arm (2008 1180 KV motor included, right & left available) – $18.99.

If you lost or broke your transmitter, no problem, you can find a genuine spare one for $109.99. If you just want to enhance the actual RC’s range, there are available three types of FIMI X8 antenna boosters. For sunny days it is also welcomed a sunshade. The STARTRC phone monitor hood can be found for US$8.69.

Finally, if you want get an extra individual look of your X8SE, you can try one of these Sunnylife Anti-scratch PVC stickers (6 color options are available).

Note: We are not selling anything! We are just helping you find the right accessories and spare parts for your quadcopter. Also, I’m not responsible for any crashes, mistakes or accidents that you can encounter using some of these accessories.


  1. I need to buy a replacement motherboard for my Fimi X8 SE. And the only place I can find genuine spare parts online is some low-trust website. Can anyone tell me where can i find parts locally in Germany?
    Thanks in advance

  2. So It looks like a lot of people are looking for camera and gimbal is this where they get you they hold you up So you cannot replace the camera and gimbal therefore you only left with the option that you have to buy a new drone I got $200 for drone with no props no battery no bag just a drone in working condition with camera gimbal or I’ll buy just the camera gimbal

  3. I have a 2019 FIMI 8X SE drone and need a remote. the manufacture won’t replace it and is under warranty. The raise and lower joystick came apart. Support in China refuses to repair it because they are idiots and said it was out of warranty (180 days). The online order house in New York shipped me an older one in 2020. (B&H Photo).
    Need a repair house that can fix it. Support in CHINA said I need to replace the board but would not give me a part number or send me one.

    • I can sell you a Remote that is almost brand new, I lost my drone to a creek accident and have a bag with a charger remote and battery. Contact me at koldwisperofdeath(@) if you are interested. Or know where I can buy the drone only as a replacement to the one I lost.

  4. I have Fimi x8 SE drone (2019) model fmwrjo2a5
    I am looking for a left front replacement arm with 5 wires
    Please let me know if one is available
    kind regards


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