Spare parts for Visuo XS812 drone: All you need to repair it

Flight controller, GPS module, camera, spare motors, main gears, propellers, body cover and battery for Visuo xs812

Spare parts fo Visuo XS812 drone

In 2018, the XS812 was one the most popular GPS drone under $100. I loved it from the first flight. It has pretty cool foldable design and its GPS positioning feature works very well.

Unfortunately, after few crashes, the fun has gone. A broken arm, damaged motor or missing propeller can make you throw it into the trash can. Luckily, TIANQU offers good aftermarket support (wide range of spare parts) for all of their Visuo drones.

If you need propellers, arms or motors you should know that they are two types: clockwise and counterclockwise. Furthermore, arms for front are different from the ones for rear.

Common Visuo XS812 spare parts

Where to find Visuo XS812 replacement parts?

Many popular online retailers offer spare parts for this quad. You can also find them on AliExpress and eBay. Find bellow the most common replacement parts for XS812.

  • Complete set of Visuo XS812 arm (front/rear and CW/CCW options are available) – $4.99 – order from BG
  • Spare propellers – $2.59 – check stock
  • 1020 brushed coreless motor with gear (CW or CCW) – $4.39 – check stock
  • Complete set of body cover – $3.99 – check stock
  • VISUO XS812 crash pack (motor mount, gear, main shaft & screwdriver) buy from BG
  • Camera module for VISUO XS812 – $32.99 – check stock
  • Flight controller with GPS and Geomagnetic module – $39.99 – check stock
  • 3 pieces of 1800mAh spare batteries with charger – $34.99 – check availability

If you lost your Visuo XS812 ’s remote controller, you are in kind of trouble! Currently, you can find only RC body cover and transmitter main board. For other type of parts you can check here.

Note: We are not selling anything! We are just helping you find the spare parts you need to repair your quadcopter.


  1. Hello, I have a visuo xs812. Have had it for 3 years and it has been a great drone. Recently, one of the motors has burned up. It is the left front motor (white and black wires). I cannot find replacement motors anywhere and am wondering if you can help in any way? Really like this little drone and am sad it is no longer working! Thanks for your help.


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