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SMO 4K: Ultralight camera by Insta360 & BetaFPV

Photo of SMO 4K camera
When I got an email that starts with the 'EMBARGO till...' words, I always get enthusiastic about what new product is secretly prepared to be revealed. This time was about a new ultralight action camera for FPV drones made by BetaFPV in collaboration with Insta360. I think this killer cooperation announces the end of the Naked GoPro project (if...

Caddx Nebula Pro camera for DJI Air Unit and Vista

Photo of Caddx Nebula Pro camera
The Caddx Nebula Pro is an HD digital FPV camera compatible with the DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista FPV transmitters. Digital FPV provides amazing video quality compared to the older 5.8G analog systems. In optimal conditions, you can transmit with 720P@120fps to your DJI FPV goggles. By comparison, analog systems are broadcast with 360p@25fps. Caddx offers just the Nebula...

Foxeer DigiSight Digital/Analog FPV camera

Photo of Foxeer DigiSight camera
Foxeer claims that their new DigiSight FPV is the smallest dual-mode camera that you can buy right now. The Foxeer DigiSight camera can be used with, both analog and digital FPV transmissions systems. It is compatible with the affordable FatShark Shark Byte 200mW digital VTX. The Foxeer DigiSight camera measures 14x14 mm and weighs just 4.3 grams (without cables). The...

Foxeer T Rex Micro 1500TVL Low Latency FPV camera

Photo of Foxeer T Rex Micro camera
The Foxeer T-Rex Micro is a new CMOS FPV camera that features Super-WDR, Ultra-low latency of just 6ms, and 1500TVL resolution. The camera's low-light performance was optimized for LED lights, in order to obtain the best image quality when you are flying through illuminated gates. Thanks to its compact size (19 x 19 x 24.2mm), it can be successfully installed...

Caddx Ant Lite: 1.7 gram FPV camera

Photo of Caddx Ant Lite camera
Ant Lite is Caddx's latest, smallest, lightest, and probably cheapest FPV camera. Weighing only 1.7 grams it is perfect for super compact micro FPV drones. Thanks to the wide range of input voltage (3.7~18V), it can be powered directly from 1S to 4S Li-Po batteries. Caddx Ant Lite features a 1/3-inch CMOS image sensor with 1200TVL horizontal resolution and a...

Foxeer 4K split camera for FPV drones

Photo of Foxeer 4K camera
Foxeer, RunCam, and Caddx's biggest rival just announced a new split type 4K camera designed for small racing FPV drones. The Foxeer 4K features a high-performance Ambarella A12 imaging processor and Sony IMX117 1/2.3" CMOS sensor. If I remember correctly, similar hardware had the older Legend 3 camera, but in a different form-factor. The camera can be configured in multiple...

RunCam Split 4 4K FPV camera (Low Latency + DVR)

RunCam Split 4
Back in 2017, when the first generation of RunCam Split has been announced, it was considered a game-changer FPV camera. The 2in1 approach offered low-latency and on-board recording at the same time. Now, the new RunCam Split 4 goes even further and it has a smaller size and 4K recording. If you are into flying micro drones and want to...

Caddx Loris 4K FPV camera for racing drones

Image of Caddx Loris 4K camera
Two weeks before, the Caddx Loris official release date, iFlight already promised that their new Alpha A85 HD drone will come equipped with this tiny 4K FPV camera. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the Caddx Loris can be installed on most micro class FPV drones. The camera module features a 1/2.7 inch CMOS sensor and 1.8mm lens...

Caddx Nebula Nano FPV camera for VISTA HD VTX

Caddx Nebula Nano
The Caddx Nebula Nano camera was specially designed to work with the Caddx VISTA HD VTX and DJI FPV Air Unit. Thanks to its small size (only 14 x 14 x 21mm) can be successfully installed on compact FPV drones. In case of needed, the size of the camera can be extended to 19 x 19 mm with the...

Heimvision HMD2 review: Self-powered IP camera

Heimvision HMD2 review
To be honest, firstly I wanted to say pass for Heimvision’s proposal regarding the possibility to test and review their products. I considered that wireless WiFi IP cameras are out of FirstQuadcopter niche. After I checked the specs and features of Heimvision HMD2, I found it helpful for many jobs. Being 100% wire-free, it can be installed easily everywhere,...

Caddx ANT: Lightest and smallest FPV camera

Caddx ANT FPV camera
This morning, Caddx leaked on their Facebook page a promotion banner of their upcoming nano FPV camera. Weighing only 2 grams, the Caddx ANT is currently the lightest camera with global WDR and a wide range of input voltage that you can install on your drone. Unfortunately, till May 5th 2020, we know nothing more than what is shown on...