Insta360 GO 2 ultra-light camera for FPV drones

Photo of Insta360 GO 2 camera

The FPV community has been waiting for a long time for insta360 to come up with an improved version of their smallest camera. Due to the rugged design, the new Insta360 GO 2 is a bit heavier compared to its predecessor (26.5g vs 18.3g). Furthermore, it’s waterproof up to 4 meters (13ft). Before you become too enthusiastic, without 4K recording it still can’t replace your GoPro camera.

Shortly after I reviewed the first generation of Insta360 GO I lost it together with one of my favourite FPV drones. It crashed somewhere in the woods. I like it very much, due to its low weight. It could be installed literally on almost any drone.

Design of Insta360 GO2

In terms of design, there is not much change. On the front panel, you have only the lens and a microphone. In order to prevent stretching the lens, now it can be equipped with a protective ND filter.

Insta360 GO2 feature and specs

  • Ultra-light (26.5grams) and super compact (52.9 x 23.6 x 20.7mm);
  • Magnetic mount;
  • Water-resistant (can be immersed in water up to 4 meters);
  • Gimbal-like 6-axis gyroscopic FlowState stabilization;
  • Built-in storage (32GB);
  • 1/2.3” image sensor;
  • 2560×1440@50fp or 2560×1440@25fps HDR video recording;
  • Up to 80Mbps Max. Video Bitrate;
  • Max. Clip Length:
    • Pro Video mode: 10 mins
    • Video mode: 15 mins
    • FPV mode: 30 mins
  • Slo-mo, Hyperlapse and Timelapse modes;
  • Built-in BLE 5.0 connectivity;
  • Charging case with remote control feature and tripod mode;
  • 4 package options (standard, selfie stick kit, lens guard kit, and pent mount kit).

In ‘FPV mode’, the Insta360 GO 2 is capable to record videos of up to 30 minutes. On the older version, this was limited to 5 minutes due to overheating.

Charging case of Insta360 GO2

The case of the second-generation GO was improved in many things. Now, it has control buttons, a mini status screen, it even has built-in legs, turning it into a mini tripod. The case also has a 1/4-inch mount underneath.

Insta360 GO V2 vs GO V1: In-depth comparison

In the table below, I tried to compare the most important specs of both generations of GO cameras.

  Insta360 GO Gen 1 Insta360 GO Gen 2
Size 49.4×21.4×14.85 mm 52.9 x 23.6 x 20.7mm
Weight 18.3g (0.64oz) 26.5g (0.93oz)
Internal storage 8GB 32GB
Water-resistant IPX4 up to 1meter IPX4 up to 4meters
Max video resolution 2720×2720@25fps 2560×1440@50fps
Max video bitrate 40Mbps 80Mbps
FPV mode recording time Up to 5 minutes Up to 30 minutes
ND/UV filter compatibility No Yes
HDR mode No Yes
FlowState Yes Yes
Battery life 60 minutes (GO+case) 150 minutes (GO+case)
Case functions Charging and file transfer Charging, file transfer, remote control, and tripod
Release year 2019 2021
Price $229.99 $319.99


  1. Does anyone have experience with Telesin ND filters? I want to use them as lens protection on my Insta GO2…

  2. I paid the GO2 on release day and still not received it. Insta360 has serious logistic problems…

  3. I ordered my GO 2 with Pet kit yesterday, and it was shipped the same day. That’s what I call fast. Thanks, Insta360!

  4. V3.9.10 2021-04-15 firmware release notes:
    Camera v3.9.10.1 | Case v0.0.7.7 | Bluetooth v0.8.17.0

    • You can now set 24fps and 25fps for Video and Pro Video mode in Charge Case settings (will also be available in next app release).

    • You can now lock GO 2’s button in the Charge Case settings. When locked, start/stop recording can only be triggered via Charge Case or app. Long pressing the button can still turn on/off the camera.

    • The Charge Case will now remember and display the camera mode last used before GO 2 was turned off.

    • You can now set the clip duration for Video/Pro Video/HDR Video/Slow-Mo Video in Charge Case settings.

    • Added focal length and equivalent focal length info in JPG and DNG file’s exif data.

    • The camera will now vibrate three times when recording fails due to overheating/low battery/insufficient memory.

    • When recording stops due to low battery/insufficient memory, the reminders will now stay on until dismissed by pressing any button on the Charge Case.

    • The Charge Case display now starts faster and the buttons are more responsive.

    • Improved responsiveness when double tapping the camera button.

    • QuickCapture now starts recording faster.

    • Fixed an issue where the camera cannot be charged by the Charge Case when it has a low battery.

    • Fixed an issue where slow-motion video has no audio data.

    • Fixed the file created time error (connect to the app to sync again).

    • Fixed an issue where the iOS app cannot stop a Starlapse.

    • Fixed an issue where the iOS and Android app failed to properly set a long exposure time in Starlapse mode.

    • Routine bug fixes and user experience improvements

    Good luck with flashing the new FW. I hope that jello is gone from the GO2 with this update.

  5. The GO2 camera is cute and light but the 30 minutes battery life is not good. You need more time to charge it than actually use it… I’m selling it…

  6. Received my Insta360 GO 2 today but the app keeps crashing. Reinstalled the app a few times but the same issue. Any idea?

  7. Hey guys just wondering if any of you are from UK and can tell me the fastest place to get the GO 2? Other than the insta360 website, because I read that they are not sent out any camera for now…

  8. I liked the 15sec limit of the go v1. Is it still possible to set the recording to stop by itself after 15 seconds on the new go 2?

  9. I saw a review that shows no need for cables for file transfer. It can connect with the app wirelessly. Someone can confirm this fact?

  10. The low resolution and framerate of the Insta360 GO2 kills all the fun! For its price is better to use a naked GoPro or SMO 4


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