Syma Toys

Here you can find all the quadcopters manufactured by the Syma brand.Syma Toys is one of the most popular brand among drone enthusiast.They have two main product line. The X5 series which is dedicated for first-time pilots and the X8 family for more skilled pilots.

Syma quadcopters and drones

In this section you can find review of the best Syma quadcopters and found about the latest Syma drones.

Syma X5SC Falcon

Syma X5SC Falcon - Headless quadcopter The popular X5C gets his second upgrade. This time, the engineers from Syma added headless mode to this model of quadcopter.Compared to the older model, the X5SC will be also available in black finish not just white and gets some high landing skids. The Syma X5SC Falcon is using the same 2MP camera instead of a new generation 5MP...

Syma X5C-1 upgraded version of X5C

Syma Toys recently launched a new upgraded version of the X5C for lower shipping cost.The new X5C-1 package includes the same quadcopter and transmitter as the older X5C version, just the fancy box it was replaced with something smaller.Because of no hardware improvement (longer flight time or longer mote control distance ), you can choose the cheaper price. Probably the new Syma X5C-1 will be cheaper...

Syma X5C Explorers

Syma X5C Explorers worst to buy it? The X5C Quadcopter with 2MP HD Camera is the newest in RC multi-rotor from Syma. It's new design will allow you to fly faster, be more agile in the air and simultaneously make aerial photography or record video.Syma makes RC helicopters and Quadcopters for many years and we have always read good reviews on the reliability, quality and flight characteristics of their aircrafts.I found this model...