Syma X5C-1 upgraded version of X5C

Syma Toys recently launched a new upgraded version of the X5C for lower shipping cost.

The new X5C-1 package includes the same quadcopter and transmitter as the older X5C version, just the fancy box it was replaced with something smaller.

Because of no hardware improvement (longer flight time or longer mote control distance ), you can choose the cheaper price. Probably the new Syma X5C-1 will be cheaper because of the lower weight of the box – they will charge you with less shipping cost.

This X5C-1 version is exclusively for e-commerce (any other method to buy quadcopters from China?). The smaller and lighter box greatly solves the problem of international express shipping.

Syma X5C-1 versus X5C quadcopter

On the image below you can see the minor differences of the packages between the two versions (X5C on the above, X5C-1 below)Syma X5C-1 vs X5C


  1. If you want a low-cost drone – this is the one to buy! Super easy to fly, and it has a camera. I have four Syma drones, including their first X5C, and all work great if you know how to use and maintain them.

  2. We have recently purchased an upgraded X5C-2020 and seek assistance in relation to how to use the camera.
    Is there an app that needs to be downloaded or could you possibly forward instructions on how to use the camera, please?

    Thank you for your assistance

  3. I am just learning to fly with the X5C-1, I am currently using a LiPo 3.7V—600 mAH battery.
    Can I safety go to a 720 mah with this drone? I purchased some EIOKEY 3.7—720 mah battery, but scared to use them without asking.

    Waiting for your reply,
    Thanks terry

    • Yes, you cam use it safely. not “mah” kills the electronic/motors but the “volts” you need to stay with 1s/1cell/3.7 volts. More mAh will allow longer flight (at least theoretically).

  4. Hey I just got this drone for xmas and im hoping someone can tell me why when i take a video it seems to only show black but when i take a picture it shows just fine. Does anyone else have this problem?

  5. Hey All! Happy Holidays :)

    I’m looking for a drone for my son who is twelve. I saw a list of drones under $100 (I think that’s plenty for him). I don’t want anything too fancy.

    What do you think? The Syma X5C was listed on there. Thought you might be able to help me out since you reviewed many Syma models.
    The Parrot has a mini cannon and clamp. Do you think that would be good for him? Or is the Syma OK for a child?
    Need some help. Would appreciate any sort of guidance!


  6. I have the Syma X5c-1 and have fitted the Syma FPV camera to it. I’m using my iPad to view the wi-fi. All this works just fine, but there’s no facility on the Syma FPV APP to send a video sequence by email, nor can I locate the location of the file to send it, or copy it to my PC.

  7. I love the Syma’s X series, especially the smaller and cheaper X5.
    Actually there are some notable differences between the original X5C and the upgraded X5C-1 models. Among other things, the Syma X5C-1 has a highly improved flight power, which resulted with better control and maneuverability.

  8. How long should I expect the motors to last and what is the difference between the clockwise and anti clockwise, what size are the correct ones. sorry if this all sounds dumb but im just about to buy my first machine and want to have some spare parts if/when needed

  9. Hello everyone!
    Its really nice to read the posts and learn from diverse set of experiences.
    I just brought my Syma X5C-1 from a online store. Can anybody tell me if I can upgrade the battery to Turnigy 1300mAh 2S 20C Li-Po Pack?

  10. This appears to be a clone to the x5c – 1. The motors are smaller then the Syma, the motor holder is different and I have not been able to find spare parts for this clone. Has anyone found spare parts that will fit the x5c – 1 Syma parts will not fit.

  11. I own the Syma X5C-1 and I don’t have a computer to charge the battery is there a wall charger I can purchase if what brand and where can I purchase it from?

    Any help is greatly appreciated
    Thank you

  12. I took my first video today but in playback the whole scene is tilted about 45 degrees constantly. Watchable but only with neck strain! I know the machine was flying level at the time and the camera attachment all looks correct.
    Anybody else had this problem?

  13. Hi,
    I just got the x5c-1 upgrade model. Does it have WiFi on it I can take pictures but no video so how can I take video with it?

    Thank you for your help

  14. X5C-1 photo viewer
    I have the above model hover drone but I am having difficulty finding a program (software) to view the pictures we have taken.
    whilst using our quadcotper . Could you please get back to me asap , I don’t want this to be a waste of money and time….. It was a Christmas present and now cannot use it to its full potential…

  15. I have a x5c-1 and find the video recording hit or miss even though I purchased a branded sd card instead of stock has anyone else had this problem

  16. My son purchased an X5C-1 for me about two months ago as an early Xmas present. As a retired pilot, I have really enjoyed flying it; however already the male battery connection in the drone is failing to make a usable connection. I have 4 batteries for the drone and all of them will connect and the lights will blink on the drone until the drone is sync’d with the control. Then, when power is applied, the lights on the drone will only blink unless I hold the battery cable connector in a certain position. It is the same for all of the batteries. I am very happy with the quality of this drone except for the battery connection. Is there a way to repair this unit as it is not functional??

    • You have few options:
      -replace the entire quadcopter (BNF without transmitter and camera) $23
      -replace only the receiver board (which includes the power connector) $7
      -recover the battery connector from an USB charging cable and change the defective one inside the X5C-1 $3.5

    • The Syma X5C does not need to be registered because it weighs less than 250 grams. Total weight with camera and battery is approximately 100 grams, about 0.23 pounds.

  17. I just got my x5c yesterday and I flew it around my house for a little while and it was fine, so to day I decided to take it out side to see what it could do. I brought it up to a decent altitude, then it returned to the ground by its self. At that point the LEDs turned off, and now the whole quad-copter will not turn on at all. I put a new battery in it to see if it was the battery and it still won’t turn on.
    Help please

  18. Just acquired a Syma X5C-1 and just opened the box, I installed the new batteries in the transmitter, fully charged the battery of the quadcopter and started the sequence of actions to use my drone, but nothing happens.
    I tried the resetting and nothing………
    A question: the left control lever is not as rigid as the right, is this a problem????? The right one recovers its central position when moved , while the left don’t.
    In the troubleshooting table you speak of adjusting the band on the transmitter and keeping it the same as the quadcopter……How is it done????

    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.

  19. Are you sure you have the blades in the right position and blade type – if you don’t the blades can force it actually down into the ground not up!
    Quads have two motors than go clockwise and two that are anticlockwise and the blades have to fit the right ones.
    Not many folks seem to know this and neither did I until I dismantled mine to replace the motor and ended up with it not taking off.

  20. I am trying to find some info to correct a problem I have with my x5c-1.
    I have changed the micro card, and, installed a new camera but the only time the video works properly is when the rotors aren’t on. I can take video holding the quad in my hand with the rotors off but as soon as I try to record with the rotors turning, all I get is files that state that they aren’t movie files? Do you have any suggestions to correct this. I love flying it but without the ability to take panoramic views of where I am flying, it just isn’t as much fun.
    Bob Durand

    • I have been using 650 ma batteries. I have covered that base by ordering some new 650’s. The other thing I can address is that I have been using the supplied charger instead of my hitec. I don’t remember if the problem started occurring with the supplied charger but I will also discharge my batteries and recharge them on my hitec.

        • charged the 650 on my hitec x1 and when I first tried it in the house while holding it, it recorded fine and the power seemed equal on the rotors. I took it out side, wind almost null, and it wouldn’t take off, the back rotors weren’t getting enough power, and the video screwed up again. I guess all I can do is wait until the new batteries arrive and try them.

          • I just got the new batteries yesterday and of course, the weather is rainy and windy today and suppose to be windy most of the week. I am going to try it by holding the X5C-1 and trying to get video while applying the throttle in my work shed. I would imagine it will be the same as (except the joy of actually flying) out side.

      • I did finally get a chance to try the quad (Smya X5C-1 improved version) with new, freshly charged batteries. The results were that it doesn’t have enough power to lift off.
        I completely removed the camera, made sure the gears for the rotors were snug, and as stated, tried 3 brand new batteries.
        What do you think?????

  21. Hi everybody :)
    Just bought the syma x5c it is very good! Stable and nice to fly but… i have a question if someone can answere.. ive checked on youtube several videos done with it and there is a big difference between them concernig the output quality… is it possible they carry a different camera?? Ive seen very nice ones (really hd) and other they seem to be bad like drawings… mine.. unluckyli is very bad!! Tried with no wind and other tips but the final output is horrible!! Can someone tell me why? Thank you Guys!!!

  22. I have the x5c-1, for some reason every video I take is corrupted. The photos I take are fine but the video files will not play.
    Any suggestions for troubleshooting this problem?

    • @VictoryForce: In order to save video clips on the Syma X5C-1 you need to TURN OFF the video camera before connection between the Receiver (the quad) and Transmitter (remote controller) is interrupted, that is while in flight. Unlike other quads, the Syma X5C-1 low battery warning blinking lights, is the point of End-of-Flight, while with other quads (such as the JJRC H12C) when the low battery blinking warning lights comes on, there still remains a couple of minutes of Flight time

  23. My wife gave me a syma x5c-1 upgraded quadcopter for a present. I am an experienced pilot of nitro heli, electric heli, quadcopter and airplanes. I lost it on the second flight. At only 100 ft. altitude, it lost response intermittently. I regained control and brought it lower. I thought that I was safe and then it just stopped responding and flew about 600 ft. away into the top of a very tall tree……..could not get it back.
    There is major problem with the transmitter range. I would not recommend it at this point. I want another, but am afraid that I will have the same results. Syma needs to fix this issue!

  24. Can’t get my quad to do the 360 3d flip. Do i have to be in high mode? I am hitting the top right button and then the directional stick but it doesn’t seem to work… thoughts, suggestions???

  25. I had ordered the XC5-1 from Amazon Prime, although the box said it was the upgraded version. I doubt if it was. It did come with 3 batteries total, extra blades, micro screwdriver (poor quality) micro SD card, card reader (poor quality) and USB charger cable (poor quality) and next to useless instruction book.
    I am a first time quadcopter flyer, after some investigation before purchasing the big difference in the XC5 and XC5-1 was the XC5-1 was more stable. I did test flights in my great room, the thing constantly drifted to the starboard side and did not hover well. I think that was my lack of flying ability. I practiced for an hour indoors then an hour outdoors, doing basic flight maneuvers.
    Then went on my first real flight, which went well until a motor quit functioning properly which I thought was due to exhausting all three of my batteries. Then I discover the charging cable wasn’t functioning at all so couldn’t charge the batteries. So after 4 hours of flying, I sent it back for a refund. I did more research, discovered these motors burn out after a couple of hours of flight time, especially if you have not done a proper break in of them, surprise nothing mentioned in the instruction manual on this.

    Basically you run the motors on the lowest setting for @ 8 minutes, then a can of compressed air and blow out any of the debris from the motor gear area.
    Another thing (not mentioned in the manual) the higher speeds you fly will dramatically reduce the lifespan of the motors, high speed and heat kills these tiny brushed motors, that is why high end quadcopters have brushless motors. Never run these motor longer for 7 minutes (about the time it takes for the battery to discharge) without letting them cool for 10 to 15 minutes. I had multiple batteries and flew it was 20 minutes. You can easily destroy your batteries by overcharging, if the specs are for charging time of 75 minutes, then set a timer for 75 minutes. Of course this isn’t mentioned in the manual.
    After discovering all of this I order another one from GB, this time I ordered 4 additional motors which were $3 a piece, 2 additional 600mah batteries $7.50 a piece and 2 charging cables $2.25 a piece.
    I will in the future order a upgraded charger that has over charge protection and will charge 3 batteries at once, the price of $6.

  26. I don’t know anything about the syma x5c but I did get the x5c-1 last week. I had read a lot of cons and pretty much no pros about the gen 1 x5, I then read about the x5c-1 and supposedly there were some upgrades made. I can’t compare it to the original x5c but the x5c-1 I have is great.
    I love it for being a toy quad, it lacks on power but I can do without the prop guards and the landing skids, plus I use turnigy 750mah packs.
    I have no problem with the range, I’m more of a vertical than a horizontal flyer.
    I haven’t even used my mini kodo since I got the Syma.
    I don’t know if people are expecting a hobby grade quad for a toy grade price or what but, I know that I would definitely recommend the x5c-1 for a fun beginner or intermediate quad. Also, the camera performance is right on par for the price also.

  27. Ned
    Check the prop orientation they have letters A&B on the back of the props, make sure they are opposite to each other. Also make sure the props are not damaged as that will cause it to veer off as well.

  28. Hi I can’t find out how to tune the syma x5c it keeps going of to one side without me controlling any ideas on how to tune it

    Thanks Ned

  29. @quadUK
    you say you spent 50 quid-you mean pounds I guess?
    Cause mine which is due to arrive was paid 55$ two nights ago…
    a big difference, maybe it s those batteries you re mentioning…


  30. Will the x5c transmitter work with the x5c1? I am trying this and they won’t pair. I have the x5c transmitter and just got this 30.00 deal from “TinyDeal” with no transmitter. It is an x5c-1 though… The ad didn’t say that.
    I can’t get the quadcopter to respond to the transmitter.

  31. Got mine yesterday off eBay 50 quid with 5 extra upgraded batteries + original. Very stable flyer outdoors in mild wind. Camera not great (angle mod helps) but better than my UDI 818A. Better flyer too.
    Great practice before plumping for something more exotic and expensive. Looking forward to trying the range mod everyone’s on about. Cheap price, big smiles! Isn’t that what it’s all about? ☺

  32. It should be noted that the X5C transmitter will not work with the X5C-1 but the Syma x11 remote ( the game pad type) will work with the X5C-1 …

  33. hi, does any one know if i can replace the 2 leaf props on the X5C-1 with a 3 leaf propeller and will it make any difference.
    thanks phil

    • Tri-Blade props will reduce your flight time, but it will seem more stable and reduce your motor noise…The reduction in flight time though is quite dramatic.

  34. Does anyone know what the weight capacity of the X5C-1 is or how much the camera weights?
    I’m interested in replacing the reportedly abysmal camera with another one of similar or slightly greater weight once mine comes in the mail from china later this month.


  35. A natale mi anno regalato X5C 2.4G 4CH lo abbiamo adoperato , già al primo istante faceva fatica a tenere il segnale ,ma abbiamo pensato fosse scarica la batteria ,dopo la ricarica come detto sulle istruzioni il gioco è partito per circa 5″minuti tutto bene poi il segnale andava e veniva , ricaricato è ripartito per altri 7″ minuti, ricaricato nuovamente al momento della accensione il Quadcopter lampeggia poi si ferma ma il led rosso al interno continua a lampeggiare quando si ferma il drone si connette ma dura alcuni secondi e poi si spegne e il led ricomincia a lampeggiare cosa potrebbe essere.

  36. My wife bought an X5C-1 back from China, so it has Chinese instructions, so it has been interesting.

    I went for a flight at dusk last night and I totally lost sight of it over the neighbours houses when I lost orientation. I ran out to the street and while I could still hear it, I could not see it at all. I powered up and bingo, it rose up from behind a house maybe six sections away, certainly well over 50 metres away. Using the lights as a reference, I got it back It and landed it on the neighbours front yard as the lights were flashing like crazy, running out of battery.

    Sadly, even though the video was still flashing when I retrieved it, there was nothing recorded, which was frustrating. Is there something I need to do to make sure it is recorded? I have had some great footage, but I beginning to think I need to stop the video before turning the X5C-1 quad off. Can anyone confirm this?

    New Zealand

    • You can test the quadcopter with another battery, if your X5C-1 behaves identical, it is possible that is something wrong with the receiver board.

  37. Got my X5C-1 quad, awesome only downside is lack of FPV is it possible to fit something or do i have to change model
    thanks phil

  38. Hi Steve again
    I have been watching videos on YouTube of the x5c and x5c-1 and looking at photos on Google. I have noticed that the body on my x5c-1 is different the top of the body where the propeller guards go is sunken to fit the propeller guards in and not rounded has anyone else’s found this with the x5c-1 ?

  39. Hi, I have got a X5C-1 as a Christmas present its fantastic I have had a lot of fun over the past week and it handles really well it came with 5x batteries off of eBay.
    I have done some mods to it adjusted the camera angle using the screws from the propeller guards and cut a peace of the black foam that came with the packaging and replaced the transmitter Arial wire with speaker wire of the same thickness just double the length making it 62.5mm and I have found it has improved the range.
    Now I’m wondering if there is anyway of adding a WiFi camera to a android mobile for fpv?

    • Yes, you can probably add some cheap FPV solution but it must be a very light weight one. The question is if it’s worth to do it?
      The extra weight and the power usage of the FPV system will reduce even more the flight time.
      In my opinion, the FPV is required only when you fly outside of your visual field. With only 50 – 80 meters of flight range that will probably never happen. The X5C-1 is the best quadcopter as it is.

      By the way, did the antenna hack improved your flight range? You also tried to replaces the receiver board’s antenna wire?

  40. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me out.
    Just got a Syma X5C-1 for Xmas. Have it set up as instructed. I am having problems getting it to fly straight up, seems to constantly veer off.
    I even re calibrated the quads and still the display is showing more dots on the right hand side.
    I assume all four should only have 1 dot in the middle of the LCD to equal a balanced take off.
    I have read a lot online and tried everything. Still am none the wiser.

    Any help would be great.


  41. Just got my Syma X5C-1 quad :) It flies much better, even the control distance looks improved.
    I have many cheap quadcopters, but this new X5C-1 far is the best value for money!

  42. Hi
    I’ve just returned my second nine egals galaxy 5, both had problems with only 3 props working.
    So I ordered a Syma x5c-1 quad.
    Does any one know if i can download a pdf manuel while I wait for it to arrive

  43. I got my X5C a few days ago. It came in the larger box, but has the camera start/stop next to the left gimbal stick. It also has the red X in the X5C on the top of the model. There doesn’t seem to be a definite correlation between box and upgrade version.

  44. There actually is quite a bit of difference between the two. It’s mainly a difference in flight performance, most likely through a firmware update of PID flight controller software. The original X5C was simply a camera version of the previous X5 camera-less quadcopter. Syma simply slapped a camera onto the X5 without updating the software to account for the added weight of the camera. The result was an extremely wobbly quadcopter, especially when turning.
    The X5C-1 updated software to account for the camera weight. The result was an extremely stable quadcopter, excellent for aerial video, and very stable in turns.

    • Thanks for the update!
      In the time when I posted my article about the X5C-1, there was no differences between these two models.
      Meanwhile probably the guys from the Syma was updated the firmware on both models. I think is nothing unusual on this, most of the quadcopters are improved over the time.

    • Hey Quadcopter101 please tell me where I can get the New Version X5C-1. I need the stability I saw in your Youtube video. Please let know. Thanks for the Info above.

    • Please send me a link to purchase the upgraded model. All the info I see is sketchy at best. Thanks for uploading that youtube video it helped a lot. If you can send me a trusted link on where I can buy one please. I have a Hubsan X4 H107C that is a great little quad but hard to see because it’s so small.
      Thanks for everything. KC

  45. Just got the SYMA X5C-1 (Upgraded Version) from eBay (under auction for US$37.50 including shipping from China). The Quadcopter got lost on its maiden flight (about 80m while still transmitting), due to wind challenges, but was recovered after more than an hour searching. Completed the Antenna (radio) modification using coaxial cable (now its X2 the stock antenna). With this mod, I estimate about 280m – 350m vertical assent before maxing out the transmission. I’ve also added the Extended Batteries (3.7v 600mAh), but flight time remains more or less than the stock battery (3.7v 500mAh). In my next post, I’ll review the Stock Camera, which I’ve removed for the time being. My only issue now with the SYMA X5C-1, is poor response I get from the quadcopter while fine-tuning/trimming flight anomalies.

    • Completed the Antenna (radio) modification using coaxial cable (now its X2 the stock antenna). With this mod, I estimate about 280m – 350m vertical assent before maxing out the transmission

      Can you (or someone here) describe the process of upgrading the controller for greater range? To me, that is the only drawback with this quad.
      How did you do it?

    • Yes! The package of the X5C-1 contains everything: spare props, card reader, screwdriver, memory card, USB charger.
      But I always ask the seller before place my order, to check if the box contains all the accessories.

  46. Hi I would like to know where I can get the new version, I have tried through Ebay and banggood but the only one is the old version… Tks

    • Why you look only for the new version? The X5C-1 is the same quad just the box is smaller.
      Maybe one thing is different, you can make 360 degree flips while the camera is installed on the Syma X5C-1.

      • The ‘regular’ X5C does 360 degree flips while the camera is installed. I own both there is absolutely NO difference between them. I would argue large box is better as it protects the unit better during shipping. The larger box also includes an extra set of blades.

  47. Don’t last to long with this upgraded version, can I put normal batteries in it is:selotape them together some how any ideas..??lol

  48. I have the X5C which is good. Are there any other differences between the X5C and X5C-1? The only video online I can find about it is on YouTube which suggests it has a different box and logo print and possibly greater range?


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