X5C User manual

Syma X5C instruction manual download page

Before your first flight with a new quadcopter it’s very useful to read the aircraft’s instruction manual.

You will find more then ten useful chapters in this user manual:

  • Key features of quadcopter;
  • Safety & Caution of using RC aircrafts;
  • X5C Package content;
  • Remote control keypad and LCD user manual;
  • How to make ready your Syma X5C quadcopter for the first flight;
  • How to change and charge the battery on the quadcopter;
  • Battery repair and maintenance;
  • Install the landing skids and the blade protecting frame on the Syma X5C;
  • Controller modes and flight instructions;
  • Introduction to quadcopter functions;
  • 3D eversion and throwing flight instructions;
  • Instruction to install and operate the 2Mp HD camera on the Syma X5C;
  • Trouble shooting the quadcopter;
  • List of spare parts for Syma X5C;
  • X5C breakdown  and diagram.

X5C User Manual download

It was very hard to find the complete X5C user manual, you will not find it even on the manufactures website. If any problem occurs through the time of using , operating and flying the quadcopter, you can read the X5C user manual for troubleshooting before contact your sales agent.

updates: WOW this post reached 100 comments! I’m very happy that are so many X5C pilots around the world!


  1. My X5C propellers ( all 4 ) fire up as soon as I plug the battery to the X5C drone unit. what is wrong ? this happens with the on/off switch in either position. if on it spins faster if off it reduces the blade spin speed. the unit will not connect to the remote or take off, just sits on the ground with spinning blades till I disconnect the battery… ( carefully ).

  2. for those of you with only 3 or less blades turning:

    I had the same problem with 2 of the same model, I ended up cracking open the motors to find pretty crappy build quality. You’ll most likely just have to replace the motors.

  3. Just received my HR SH5 Standard (Syma X5C clone).
    When I turn it ON, only a 2 red and 2 blue lights blink once. I can connect with my remote control but it doesn’t respond on it and nothing happens.
    Any suggestions?

  4. My son received a new X5C on Christmas and promptly flew it out of sight. Today, a neighbor brought it back to us after finding it floating in his pool.
    Any suggestions as to where to start with attempting a repair?

  5. Got new X5C for Christmas….. Can not get blades to turn…. took a picture on the ground. Lights flash…charged battery till light went off…. the inst at the bottom shows the lines going up and down and I have read the manual several times….no contact numbers….no one to talk too… I followed all directions and can’t get the motors going…. any ideas?

  6. I have a problem with my batteries not charging property. I charged them all day andelivery I only get many 15 seconds of use before it starts blinking at me and the controls go buggy.
    It’s my first drone all help is appreciated.

  7. I have not seen this problem anywhere.
    The quad-copter powers up and lifts off no problem but when I apply the steering the unit rotates. Des anyone know what could be wrong? For months it flew fine and now I can’t do anything except go up and down.

  8. Only 3 blades spinning can be one or more of a few things. It is mainly gear problems with the teeth not meshing correctly. As dirt builds up inside the teeth the gears start to be ground down by the fine dirt like sandpaper. Eventually the tears no longer mesh together and u get a prop failiur. Preventing this is impossable but you can extend there life. After every flight take a stiff toothbrush and brush out all the built up dirt. DO NOT PUT OIL ON ANY PART OF THE QUAD. You can’t oil gears or motors as dirt aticks to it and kills the gears almost every flight. Keep standard day and clean or you can use some mineral powder lube like magnesium which u brush on evenly.
    If u get a gear problem DONT onlycfhange the affected one. Change BOTH motor gear and shaft gear TOGETHER. This ensures the life of the heads are good. One used gear and one new one together causes them to quickly grind away.
    You can tell this if you get motor scream when u up throttle. Next the motor. Test it works both ways with a 3.7v battery on + & – charges.scteaming means its either going the wrong way or its well screwed. Replace if needed. Last check the wiring to the pcb flight control board looking for broken or dry solder connections. Fix as/when needed only. Any other reason is youve not got the drive assembly set right and its too tough to move.
    You should dismantel it in full and rebuild. You are better swapping the standard slow 7mm motors they come with and upgrading both the motor and gear assembly with an 8mm one.
    The quad will be 10x as fast and react much better. Upgrade the battery lipo pack from a 500mah one to no more than 3000mah and no more than 3.7v.

  9. Could you please advise as to what SD card I should buy to replace the one I lost in a field after crashing.

    I have tried various places but cannot nail down the SD model

  10. Would very much appreciate some help getting up and running with a new X5C-1 Upgraded Version. Can’t get the controller and quad to bind.

    Included battery for the quad has been fully charged. 4 new batteries in the controller. Fine tuning indicators all centered. Mode 2 controller (throttle on left), and display on controller indicates Mode 2.

    After turning on both the controller and quad, light flashes rapidly on the controller, and initially very rapidly on quad changing to a slow flash after 3 seconds.

    There is a beep when throttle is moved up and another beep when moved back down, after which the light on the controller quits flashing and remains steady but the lights on the quad continue to flash slowly, never staying steady.

    If either stick is moved the corresponding indicators in the display move as they should.

    Have tried turning the controller on first, quad on first, moving the throttle up then down fast, slow and everything in between.

    Any thoughts?


  11. Hy, this is Monil
    My quadcopter x5c all motors working properly but cant go up all the propellers and motors are putted properly but whats tha problem?
    I fly it only goes up only 1 m then and comes down …… if battery problem or other …dont know?
    pleaseeeeeeeee fix it

  12. It says in the manual that the camera is ready when green light is ON. My camera shows a blue light, does this mean it’s connected but not ready iv tried taking a pic but it’s not saving on the 4gb card.
    I’m pressing up on the remote I see the red light flash but doesn’t save …..

    Any ideas would be a help I’m a noob flyer looking to learn

  13. I have a problem with the transmitter controls. The mode set is mode 2, but the yaw (rotation) control on the stick has moved from the left hand stick to the right hand stick. the pitch stick now controls the yaw, and the left hand stick is controlling the rotation (banking left and right). Does any one have any idea how to swap them back. I have tried swapping the modes back and forward but this has not corrected the problem.

  14. This is the second quad I have purchased, also the second one to be unable to fly due to one motor (or controller) not developing enough thrust. Both quads have had the same problem. The second one is out of warrantee, so, I don’t expect an sort of reply, let alone help. This message is sent in the hopes and spirit that may help develop a better machine. If you would like to have these two quads returned so you can examine them, let me know

    • in the manual page 11 – it states the 2 rotating motors ( 07) & 2 receiver motors (08) –
      a soilder iron and small philips – swap a faulty one ? –
      and then match the correct blade ???
      I’d buy them if cheap enough !

  15. I just bought the Suma X5c1. I’m beginer and need to know, how I can lift the Syma stright up. It goes litle bit left, right when lifting up.

    • Press down on the slider button just right of the left joystick, the green light on the camera should go red. Green is ‘NOT recording’, RED is recording.

  16. Hi,
    I just wanna ask if i can use my jy-x5 transmitter into syma x5c? Bcs im planning to buy syma x5c without transmitter. If not, how can i manually reset my jy-x5 transmitter into syma x5c transmitter?

  17. My video playback is always tilted over at 45 degrees, ie the horizon is on a slant even when flying level. Anyone know how to correct that please?

  18. Hey just bought one and the display on screen is blank i turned it ON and OFF and LEDs are geed it both ON and OFF.
    When i click record button on remote it records I see it on sd card.

  19. Does anyone know where to get a new controller for the X5C or can I bind it with another 2.4 ghz 6 channel controller? The original controller lasted 2 days and then something in it died..no output to the copter receiver and no display on the controller.
    My son should have sent it back but didn’t under warranty. I’ve checked the batteries and followed power into the circuit board so the switch is okay.


  20. X5c-1 not working, the battery is fully charged but when I plugged into drone all i get is a red light on camera and nothing else. any ideas ?

  21. Anyone having trouble with their card reader not being “found” by the USB port on their laptop? It’s been working fine on mine for over a month, but suddenly my laptop no longer can mount that card reader.
    I know they’re pretty dinky construction and bound for easy damage. But I wonder if it could be something else?

  22. My camera on the x5c turns on red light, flashes green 3 times then red light turns off. Does anyone know what this means? The camera used to work but now this happens and it turns off

  23. If your battery is plugged in to your x5c properly there should only 4mm of your battery connecter stuck out of the socket. I cut a bit off the battery connecter lugs so they would go in properly and easier

  24. Great drone to fly but when i’m outdoors, 360 degree button won’t work when pressed. I usually do it at an appropriate altitude and I make sure that there’s enough battery. Very frustrated I can’t have fun! Any suggestions??

  25. HELP!
    I plugged my battery in to my x5c, turned the switch to ON and the red and green lights flashed once… then quit. The battery charger is not lighting red, so my battery should be charged. It plugs up and clicks in properly, so it should have a good connection. I’m having a hard time removing the tiny screws to take the body apart to verify that.
    Anyone have any recommendations or similar experiences?

  26. It has been asked several time by other users with no reply but I try again: both quadcopter and controller turn on but seem not to sync ant talk to each other, anyone knows how to fix this?

  27. I need help with the camera,

    I record my Flights since day one, they have always played on my windows 10 pc and on my tv until a few days ago..

    the footage is saved as an AVI file and i have to convert them to mp4 every time now.

    they were mp4 beforehand but now are not.

    any assistance is greatly appreciated


      • My spacing did not work above
        But if look down on your x5c with the writing on your propellers all the same way as Syma is written then the top two should have the writing on the outside and the bottom two writing should be togetheR

  28. Hi, I am having an issue getting the charge cable to start charging. I have plugged it in to the wall with a block, into any system I have with a USB and my computers and nothing get the red light to stay on. I was able to charge it on computers my friends had but it is still frustrating. Is it just an input voltage issue?
    Any help is appreciated

  29. I have got the x5sc-1. It flies fine but when I put the SD card into my phone the videos don’t work or they don’t have an image does anyone know what to do

    • Probably work better in a computer, that way you have different options of which viewer to use, or media player.

  30. Need help. my son got a quad for Christmas and has lost it already. He said it went over the trees and then he lost sight of it. How far will it go once it’s out of range?
    He said he stopped flying once he couldnt see it. We’re trying to find it.

  31. My son’s quad-copter came with an orange thing that looks like an usb thing — it is NOT the charger.
    Does anyone know what this is? It did not appear in the manual.
    Also, how do I know if the camera is working? Thanks in advance

  32. My sons got these for Christmas and after using them for a day they won’t fly. One of them will only pick up on one side.
    The batteries are fully charged and we have replaced the propellers. Any advice would be great really weird to us that they are both having the same problem.

  33. My husband purchased one of these and it worked fine to start out, but now all it does is fall to one side. it won’t lift up. Any suggestions?

  34. For those of you having trouble with the Controller…left stick side to side toggle is now controlling side to side movement instead of rotation, you may be in Mode 2. To switch to the other mode, the button below right toggle stick push to the right (with the controller power off). Then, while holding that button to the Right, turn on the power. This should take care of your problems :)

  35. Hi,
    I got my x5c a few days ago and its flied great with the original battery it came with but I got a backup battery in a repair kit i got for the copter, the connector on the new battery does not click into the drone like the original does and the drone flies very sluggish with this battery, is there any fix considering the new battery is 600mah instead of 500mah but that should only make flight longer.
    any suggestions would be great

  36. Sorry, forgot to mention that the quadcopter model is X5C-1. It is supposed to be an improved model.
    The Instruction Manual says that the button below the left throttle lever is supposed to be the Auto-Home Button activated with two beeps. However, it does not seem to work, or is there something I am not doing right? Thanks.

  37. How does the Auto-Home button work? It is supposed to be the button below the left side throttle of the controller. Would appreciate receiving some help. Thanks.

  38. Something happened to the copter control. Out of the box the right toggle controlled the assent/decent and the left controlled forward/backward and left/right fly.
    Now the left toggle controls the assent/decent and left and right fly. The right toggle now controls forward/backward fly and turns the copter left/right (spins).
    Is there a fix? I reset the transmitter but the controls are the same.

  39. hello..
    i just got the X5C quadcopter including camera and 4GB sd card..
    although the camera light is constant green, it doesn’t save any thing on the sd…
    any suggestions !!??

  40. Flew my newly acquired Syma X5C for several flts with no issues. Changed the battery to new ‘fully charged’ battery and now the power to props are not sufficient to raise Syma over 6 inches – seems it lacks power even with full power applied. All props are turning by hand with no apparent issues.
    Re-charged all new (have 4) batteries and tried each one with no results. Have tried to re-calibrate but to no avail.

    Any thoughts and suggestions??


  41. If your quadcopters rotors are turning
    but it wont lift off check that you have the correct configuration of rotors! Two rotors turn one way and two the other. Look closely- the rotors are different angles.

  42. I have had my x5c for a while now and have been wondering, if i swap the motors for some bigger ones would it still work and would it be able to lift heavier things?

  43. Hi, I was flying my x5c and it went pretty high and it drifted off and went over into the trees or neighbors yard or somewhere. I can’t find it in the neighbor yard or any where, but it is definitely within 100 yards. Any ideas with tracking it?

    • Hi Kyle
      I found a x5C in my garden 3 weeks ago.
      I am in Bentley, Walsall, UK.
      If this is yours contact me on the e mail address and arrange to collect it.

  44. Hey everyone, I flew my x5c way out of range, it drifted a good two hundred meters before landing in a open field, when I retrieved the quad my controls had flipped, the left stick on my transmitter still does throttle (up and down movements) but will not rotate left to right, instead that action is now on the right stick of my transmitter, so I have forward/backward, rotate left or right both on the right stick and throttle up and down and left right movement with the left stick, I’ve read the controls can be changed with the flip of a switch I’m just not sure what button I’ve pressed to have caused this can anyone help me, I’ve only just gotten used to the controls as I’m new and now they have changed.. I don’t want to have to learn these new controls please help me!

  45. I’ve been having trouble with my transmitter on my syma x5c and it lets out a long continuous beep and won’t control the quadcopter.
    help plz

  46. Hi, could someone tell me if it is possible to use the transmitter from another Syma quadcopter such as the X1, they look identical and both transmit on 2.4Ghz or does some modification have to be made?

  47. My USB that came with the X5C does not fit in my Macbook Air or newest Macintosh desktop computer.
    Does anyone have a solution?

  48. Could someone help me?
    I have a syma x5c quadcopter and it works just fine, except for the camera.
    the light on the camera is always green and it doesn’t take pictures/videos.
    I tried both ways to use the camera (button on the top right and the one left to the power button) but it doesn’t work
    also tried configuring the SD-card, but still the same problem.
    I even bought a new camera, but as you might have guessed… same problem

    It would be nice if someone had the solution :)

    • does your remote beep when you try to record the video or is it silent? if its silent then you will need to open your remote and try and do repairs on it. try looking on youtube for help :)

  49. Hello, when i plug the battery one of the rotor start spinning, doesn’t matter if the drone is on or off when i plug battery start spinning, maybe someone can help me!!!!!!

  50. In flight over the thick vegetation x5C-1 battery discharge and falls quickly, so that I do not know exactly where it landed.
    There is a system via transmitter to find it?
    Thanks a lot.

  51. I just got my Syma X5C and can’t get it to sync everything is charged an the lights are all working but it won’t sync.

  52. I’m trying to download my videos and pictures from the SD card that came with my X5C with the included SD card reader, which is orange in color.
    When I connect it to my computer with the same cable I use to charge it, my computer can’t find it. Should I just get a regular SD card reader or am I doing it wrong. I’ve tried it on Windows and OS X.

    • I had the same problem and found out that the card was bad. I bought a new card and it worked fine. Make sure the indicator light on the camera is blinking as it should when you record.
      Good luck.

  53. Hi I ordered a motor because one A motor died. When I make contact with the board this motor spins, even though my syma is off.
    Please help.

  54. I got a new X5C, charged the battery but the copter does not have any signs of life – when turned ON, not lights or sounds. Please help :-(

  55. I have a X5C with a camera, and I was wondering if and how u could get live feed through it. I tried an app but it apparently only works for the W models.

    • First of all your quadcopter LED’s should blink couple of times then better just land.
      If your battery is warm or swollen be careful.
      If battery is low … you will see it ;)

  56. My x5c will not lift off. All props spin but it won’t lift the copter into the air. One side will raise up maybe a couple inches but that’s it.
    I’ve tried recalibrating it but no luck.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • You may have something in one of the four “drivetrain” in a bind. Do all the motors make the same sound and have similar durations when you spin them by hand?
      If one is different, look for gear issues, gear on spindle issues, propeller screw tightness, and adjust until it has the same characteristics as the others.
      Over-exuberance here can cause chronic headaches, so make infinitely tiny adjustments.

      • I took it apart and everything seems to be fine. After some experimenting I’ve determined that only one side is trying to lift the copter, the other side only spins or will try to push the quad copter down. It’s not the front or back (2 red or 2 green lights) it’s one red and one green on the side of the copter with the “S” of Syma. Frustrating!!!
        Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

        • Hi,
          I have the same problem with my X5C fly one side only when try to lift the quad-copter, have you solve the problem?
          Any help will be appreciated


  57. Hi,

    I ordered the syma x5c (from ebay, new) and from the start I haven’t been able to get the camera to work. I’ve read over the internet and tried the possible button scenarios (LHS slide switch up and down for photo and video – this does beep on the remote but the camera doesnt engage), other forms said the top right hand button but it didnt work either.

    I’ve tried two different memory cards (the 4gb included and a 2gb higher quality one i had about), both were empty but had the files photo and video on it.

    When you switch it on it flashes red then stays a constant green – I’ve gathered it goes red when recording?

    I’ve contacted the seller who has offered a partial refund to buy the parts necessary but i do not know which parts to get? Would it likely be the camera unit only or would there be something wrong with the quadcopter circuit board or maybe the remote?

    It’s quite expensive to post back and forth for returns which is why he offered the partial refund (and saves me time as well really).

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

  58. Hi,

    I lost my syma x5c1 couple of days back I’m still looking for it though.. It has been raining past two days. Question is if its sitting somewhere and getting rainwater on it would it still be possible to use it if found? Thx

    • My very first venture outside at night lasted about 3 minutes and ended with the quad 60 ft. up a tree in 20˚ weather. I pondered the situation heavily and surveyed my options. I went inside and went to bed. In the light of the next day I got my binoculars out and did a more precision assessment of the situation.
      I went inside, sat down at the computer, and quickly ordered another. That machine served its purpose admirably, but I still examined the tree-dweller daily, hoping that the elements might provide a little incentive for movement.
      Day after day, it just sat there. Through multiple snowstorms, multiple ice storms, and as the days marched on, spring rains.
      About 4 months in, the routine of the daily scrutiny was broken when the drone had ceased to be a familiar feature in the landscape. I calmly walked into the trees to the area where it should have fallen. It was sitting there, I picked it up and it looked none the worse for wear.
      Took it inside, peeked at her insides, connected a battery, and she came to life. Synced without difficulty to the controller, we flew around in the house for awhile, went outside and although she seemed to take a short time to get the cobwebs out, she ultimately flew like a champ.
      Is still flying like a champ, as is her subsequent replacement. Lessons learned? Take the prop guards and landing gear off and put them in a box somewhere because you’ll never use them, they’re just dead weight and removal favorably impacts the handling characteristics of the craft, and maybe the flight time as well.
      With said “hooks” attached, trees are your worst enemy. Even without the hooks they’re your enemy, but with all the needless gear attached, they’re like velcro.
      Don’t fly outside at night unless you have a large, unobstructed field to fly in.

  59. When I turn on my quadcopter, the lights don’t blink any more they just stay ON and it will not do anything at all, what is happing?

  60. I just got my X5C today. I was flying it great with no issues. I let all my batteries charge and went back out but now it won’t take off, even at full throttle. I’ve tried the both sticks to the bottom right recalibration but still nothing.

    Any help?

  61. Hi. I just bought my X5C-1. I’m a newbie still learning how to fly this quad.
    Only 2 propellers are currently working. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

  62. I have a 4gb card and my computer sees no files under video and photo folders even tho the controller beeps like it should when I hit the camera button. Its brand new and the camera has never written a photo or video to the card. The card came with the copter. The camera has the solid green led so that seems correct. I tried 2 different computers and same thing.

    • The green light, solid, means the camera is on and ready. On the new version, hit the button beside the left joystick, down, it will start recording, the LED will flash red, while recording… should also hear 2 beeps to indicate that it started recording.

      • My camera flashes red and green light then goes off. It’s not showing any lights when I click record. I’ve tried another camera and the same. Is this a problem with my drone can you help

    • Had same problem. We were not correctly closing / ending the video just turning the X5C drone OFF. When we ended / closed the video it would play. Windows media player .avi

  63. Hey I need help! I was flying my Syma x5c outside and it was working perfect until it kind of lost signal and came down like 20ft and hit my driveway. Now after that it doesn’t seem to reading my signal from my transmitter 100%. I’ve put new batteries recalibrated it by resetting on the transmitter. But it still won’t go any higher then like 5ft and real choppy. Any ideas please? Thank you

  64. Gostaria de uma ajuda meu drone syma 5xc funcionou bem no primeiro dia no segundo ele começou a soltar a hélice e o eixo , resolvi colar para não soltar mas , mas agora ele não levanta mas voo so fica puxando para um lado, o que faço?

  65. Hi,
    I bought a Syma x5 quad. I would like to now how to install a camera. Is this easy? does it require soldering or is there a plug ready to attach the camera to?

  66. Buenas noches, alguien me podria decir en donde puedo comprar un mando para un quadricopter SYMA X5C de 2.4 G y el precio del mismo. Gracias

  67. Need some help please.
    I was flying my X5C indoors at about head height when it lost power. Not a slow loss, sudden as if the power was switched off. I have tried everything I can think of but can’t get power to the quad. Plug in new/recharged battery – nothing – no lights, zilch!
    I’m getting withdrawal symptoms has anyone else had this problem?

  68. Hello, I received today my x5c, and I try it in my home. It fly very well but I can’t put on the camera. No picture & movies how can I do ?

  69. You can use them. I’ve actually converted my Syma to JST connections.

    Using 800-1000 mah batteries will work
    but It’s relative.

    The more mah, the heavier. The more the quad has to work on keeping flight.
    You will have a little more time flying, but at the cost of your motors burning out early. So is it worth the extra 1 min flight time?

    Meh,,, try it anyway :} Motors are cheap

  70. I have a few 800-1000mah 3.7v li/ion cell phone batteries laying around. Granted I can solder the connections correctly, would there be any problems with using these? They have almost twice the juice but less than 3g more weight.

    • Probably will not work, because the Syma X5C will need battery with least 15-20C discharge rate.
      The “C” rating is the maximum safe continuous discharge rate of the battery. If you your smartphone battery has 5C, it means it can be discharged at 5 times that battery’s capacity.
      Usually the smartphones batteries are not marked with the typical discharge rate.
      Don’t forget, Li-Po batteries can be very dangerous! You don’t want to burn down your house just for extra 1minute of flight time.

  71. hi, I have a problem with my syma x5c-1, it was flying perfectly, until one of the motors don´t works good, it keep spining, but suddenly stops when start to flying, somehow it can´t move freely, and the motor get really warm, someone can help me please.

  72. If and when your X5C takes on water. This is the most important step – disconnect the battery immediately. This could save your electronics from permanent damage. The next step is to remove the contaminated water from your electronics.
    There are two methods to removing the contaminated water from your electronics:
    (1) purchase a can of contact cleaner spray from your local electronics store. (make sure it is safe for use on plastics) spray your electronics with the contact cleaner to remove contamination that could destroy the circuit board. If you can’t find contact cleaner locally, then you can order it from ebay, mouser.com or digikey.com.
    (2) Remove electronics from X5C and clean it with distilled water and let dry completely. Distilled water has no contaminates in it, for that reason it does not conduct electricity or leave a residue on the circuit boards. My preferred method is to use contact cleaner.

  73. My X5C quad fell into a canal, not surprisingly it was damaged, however it still gets about 6 feet off the ground but then cuts out, any one have any ideas??

  74. I’m quite happy with the X5C that I’ve bought just this week. I have a question regarding charging.
    Instead of charging it via USB ports on my laptop, can I use my (smartphone) charging adapter (100-220V) which has a USB port in it? I would plug in the X5C’s USB into that adapter, and then the adapter directly into the power outlet.

    Any comments will help. Thanks!

  75. I have been flying this thing all over the place, and have had lots of fun, until this weekend, when it just stopped flying correctly. Initial flight setup yields stable takeoff and ascent, but input on the control does not stop the copter. I am thinking the gyro is to blame. It does not right itself when the stick is released, it just keeps going in the same direction it was going.

    • Figured it out. After initialization of gyros, and binding, moved both sticks to the bottom right corners and reset the gyro calibration. Done! Yay, me!

  76. I’ve got problem with my Syma X5C…the controller didn’t detect the quadcopter. What should I do and what the solution for this problem?

  77. I have the Syma x5C-1 and every time I put the SD card that came with it in my pc, I get a message that says I won’t play. Do I have to download anything so it will work? Thank you. Jaymes

      • Thank you so much for this info. we had purchased the X5C and took a few photos…then viewed them. went back out to record more footage and began having trouble with the sd card when loaded into computer, it would not read even though the content had been erased earlier. this helped with the photo s but we are still having issues when we try to video things…why is that…please help

  78. I got my Syma X5C quad copter with the camera and ive used it a few time and worked great well i decided i wanted a bigger sd card so i got a 64GB card to use and it worked fine a few times but then my videos stoped working right on the card so i tried clearing everything off of it and placed it back in and it flashed red one time and nothing happened so i took it out and laced it back in and it continously flashes green now but has no response when i try and take a picture or video now… the old 2GB card still works fine but i cant get this one to work any tips? what am i doing wrong thaanks

    • Usually these cheap quad cameras can handle only up to 32GB.
      Anyway, why you need 64GB?? 1 minute of X5C video takes ~100MB, that means you can record 640 minutes on a 64GB memory card.
      Usually longest flights last 6-7 minutes resulting more then 100 flights on a 64GB memory card.
      I recommend you to buy an 8GB SD card for your Syma X5C and keep the 64GB card for something else.

    • 64GB may be too much, even Windows XP cannot handle it. Try something smaller like an 8GB or 16GB. Hopefully you have figured this out yourself :)

      • I have an SJ-x300 and I need a cam so the Syma x5c look like the same cam so I bought it.

        The wires on the syma are 4 pin and mine needs a 4 pin any idea where i can get the pin out info so I can convert it

  79. Only 3 of my 4 props turn on my syma x5c. A few of u here graciously suggested replacing the rotor/motor. Looking on Amazon there is # x5-07 and # x5-08…..which should I get? Thanks.

    • I’m sure that you don’t need to do that. Just check whether the motor drive gear is rotating. If it isn’t then you may need a new motor. However, if the motor is running then the gears are just misaligned. Then The gears are misaligned because the propellor is too loose. If you pull up on the propellor the gears will become aligned again. You can see this from underneath. Remove the propellor screw. Push down on the propellor to reseat it and realign the gears. Replace the propellor screw. Fixed.

  80. Hi. I am very happy with my X5C. But I have a doubt. What would it happen if drone flies beyond radio cobertura?
    Would engines stop or drone would go away?

  81. Only 3 of the 4 propellers turns. I took off the 4 propellers, gave it some throttle, and only 3 of the 4 shafts/axis turn.
    Does anyone have a suggestions?

    • The gears are misaligned because the propellor is too loose. If you pull up on the propellor the gears will become aligned again. You can see this from underneath. Remove the propellor screw. Push down on the propellor to reseat it and realign the gears. Replace the propellor screw. Fixed.

      • Sorry about my earlier reply. I just carefully read your question. Seems that you have already determined that a motor is bad.

        Now if I can just determine why my camera has stopped working after 1 week and my computer can no longer read the 2GB card

  82. I would like to know if there is a way of resetting the camera’s date/time stamps to show videos current date and time?

    • Hi Robert,
      I’m afraid that the Syma X5C-1’s camera is not that smart.
      You don’t have any possibility to set or reset da camera’s date and time.

      • Is there a way to adjust the LVC? Mine wont fly for more than 1 min and it shuts itself down. Troubleshooting suggests the LVC is bad.

    • Someone posted the trick on the Amazon reviews –
      Create a text file using note pad or word on the micro-SD card named “time.txt” with the content ( on one line ) and WITHOUT the quotes ! “yyyy/mm/dd hh.mm.ss” example: “2014/10/23 21.10.00” and one carriage return.

      This will re-time your videos; however, you will have to edit it each time if you want it to change!

    • Use notepad or other text editor, create a file on the micro-SD card named “time.txt” with the content ( on one line ) and WITHOUT the quotes ! “yyyy/mm/dd hh.mm.ss” example: “2015/05/29 23.16.10” and one carriage return
      then save the file.
      This file will set the camera’s clock – for as long as the Syma X5C is powered ON.

    • Actually there is a way to set it, when u plug your camera into your computer, it will open a file that shows different stuff, one being video another being a file that you open with notepad. Open the note pad and change date and time accordingly.

      • Just a bit of advice, put a bit of tape over the sd card to hold it in place and add some bright colored markings on (glow in the dark paint should be ok) to help you find it. I discovered this the hard way. Lost 2 sd cards when the X5C drone crashed in a grassy field and the card must’ve fallen out, virtually impossible to find.

      • I have several quadcopters, notably my NightHawk quadcopter. One of the reasons a motor does not spin, can be caused by an accident on it’s top ( pushing the pin into the motor ). One option, is pulling the pin gently with pliers out of the motor… NOT ALL THE WAY OUT, obviously. But just gently pulling it a bit. Try the motor, if it does not spin. You have to replace it. Otherwise, pulling gently can usually do the trick. A few NightHawk models had this problem which must have been caused during shipping, or in the factory after testing.

        Pulling the pin, is the easiest fix. If you have to solder a new motor in, this is where the sport and fun of quadcopters can get costly if you’re not experienced.

        Best of luck guys.

    • Check if the tiny gears at the bottom of the quad are on (below the blade). You could test this by spinning the blade and if it spins longer than the others than you would have to buy replacement parts.


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