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Here you can find the latest firmware for many flight controllers.

Wltoys V303 firmware and driver

Wltoys V303 driver and YS-S4 firmware download page The Wltoys V303 using the Zero UAV flight controller is a very versatile and easy to fly quadcopter. If you have any prior experience with mini quadcopters, I think you will be able to pilot the V303 without any problems at all. Through the USB port the owners can update the V303 Seeker firmware but first...

DEVO 10 User manual

Walkera DEVO 10 User manual download page This DEVO 10 remote controller has an easy to read and intuitive menu. The screen is viewable even in the sunniest days because the display of the transmitter has a powerfull backlight. The transmitter has 10 real channels that you can use and it can be paired with the RX1002 10-channel receiver. Like other professional transmitters, the DEVO-10's firmware can be updated also via the...

SKY Hawkeye HM1315 User Manual

SKY Hawkeye HM1315 User Manual
SKY Hawkeye HM1315 user manual download page SKY Hawkeye is a new name on the quadcopter market and their first model is this HM1315 FPV multi-rotor. Recently were launched many FPV models but this SKY Hawkeye HM1315 is on top of my wish list. It has a battery with bigger capacity than others have and the package also includes a 1Gb microSD TF memory card. The 5.8Ghz remote controller...

Walkera QR X350 PRO User Manual

A few weeks ago, in the download section, I shared the user manual for the older X350 quad. Now is time to help those who purchased or just are interested in the new Walkera QR X350 Pro. Walkera QR X350PRO quadcopter has the same size as it has the previous model, occupying a square of 289mm x 289mm. The ground clearance is a bit higher,...

Scout X4 user manual

On the first flights with the Scout X4 you may experience the quadcopter drifting. This is normal and you have to continue to fly the Scout X4 manually while the system improves the calibration. After 5-10 minutes land and lock the motors. This will save the improved settings. The pilots will notice a significant improvement in the GPS hold and...

Walkera W100S User manual

Walkera is a quadcopter manufacturer that certainly knows how to make great palm-sized aircraft like this QR W100S. The Walkera QR W100S's most important feature is the Wi-Fi support that allows you to control the quadcopter directly with any iPhone or Android device.  Through the Wi-Fi signal you can view live feeds from the quadcopter's camera on your smartphone. The W100S...

Devo F12E User manual

DevoF12E User Manual
Probably the Devo F12E is the most versatile transmitter that you can buy.  You got everything: 12 channel, telemetry, 5.8Ghz 32 channel live video transmission and 5" LCD screen. To explore all the features of this high end remote controller, you must download and read the Walkera DEVO F12E user manual. Maximum transmiting distance of the Devo F12E can be up to 1.5Km, probably this...

Galaxy Visitor 3 User Manual

The Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 quadcopter has many important futures as other similar aircraft. To explorer all, its features you should download and read the Galaxy Visitor 3 's user manual. An advanced feature called "Auto-return" ensures that the quadcopter comes straight back to the pilot. You can make it return whenever you want in order to avoid hitting something. Another useful function is...

Walkera QR X350 User manual

Walkera QR X350 User manual download page Walkera have been manufacturing a lot of radio controlled helicopters and quadcopters over the years. One of their cheapest First Person View and GoPro ready models is the Walkera QR X350 quadcopter. They also developed a newer version, the QR X350Pro, with extended flight time. The Walkera QR X350 has an onboard altitude sensor and GPS module that allows to hover in a...

WLtoys V303 user manual download

WLtoys V303 user manual download page WLtoys have been manufacturing a lot of radio controlled aircrafts (helicopters and quadcopters) over the years, one of their best GoPro ready models is the V303 Seeker quadcopter. This aircraft is another ready to fly quadcopter that want to be a successful DJI clone. With powerful 3S Lipo battery, GPS functionality, position hold, return to home and a very attractive price, the V303 probably...

Cheerson CX-20 User manual

Cheerson CX-20 user manual download page. You will find in this user manual everything you need to operate and fly this GPS quadcopter. This aircraft is a DJI Phantom clone with a better price, has GPS, one button return home, altitude hold, headless flight, GoPro camera mount, stable mode and manual mode. This is the ultimate quadcopter in it's price range for first person flight and aerial...