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XK Detect X380 Firmware, driver and ground station

As I’m a XK Detect X380 owner I thought it would be very useful to gather all the important files related to this quadcopter (like:firmware, drivers and tools).

I’m also planning to add to this post gimbal and FPV connection diagrams and other useful details, guides and tutorials related to the X380.

I promise that I will try to keep this post as fresh as possible with the latest updates. If anyone has something new that would like share, you can contact me and I will add it to this post.

X380 Firmware update

First off all, upgrading the quadcopter’s firmware it’s a very risky process, it actualy can brick your favorite toy. Proceed only at your own risk!

The latest X380’s firmware will add a new feature called circle hovering or FAP (Fly Around Point).

Only few steps are required to upgrade the firmware on the XK Detect X380. Before you start, make sure that the quadcopter’s battery is fully charged.

  • Download the latest X380 firmware from here.
  • Connect your X380 by using the included micro USB cable (No battery, transmitter OFF);
  • Connect the quadcopter’s battery;
  • Copy the download and unpacked firmware file into the “UPDATE” folder;
  • Unplug the USB cable from the quadcopter;
  • The status LED will be blinking in RED for a minute;
  • Disconnect the battery.

Now you can test the new FAP feature:

  • The X380 must be in standard flight mode (not in headless mode!);
  • Fly over the object (building, tree, etc.) that you want to capture and hover above it;
  • Press the photo key on the transmitter (the gimbal dial knob) till solid green light is shown by the status LED;
  • Move elevator backwards to set the desired radius (minimum 5 meters);
  • For quitting the circle hovering mode just press the photo key again.

An additional feature to the FAP mode is the Panorama mode:

  • Press photo button till the status LED turns on solid green;
  • Release both sticks and buttons;
  • The X380 will start rotating around its axis.

BTW, the FAP mode works only with the newer transmitter (2 antennas and ensure 4 cables on the photo button).

Through the ground station software (FlightCtrlConfig) a lot of parameters can be fine-tuned. For example you can increase the altitude of the RTH mode. Don’t forget to be very careful with those settings.

  • Download the X380’s driver from here.
  • Download the XK X380 ground station from here.
  • Plug the micro USB cable into the X380’s USB port (not yet into the computer’s USB port!);
  • Turn on the remote controller;
  • Plug the X380′ battery;
  • Plug the USB cable into the computer (if it is the first time, install the X380 driver);
  • Start the ground station tool and change the language to English;
  • Click on the “open USB” button.

List of  all XK Detect X380 available downloads:


X380 Firmware Upgrade - WL380008 0.00 KB 3488 downloads

1. FAP will be disabled if there is no or not enough GPS signal. 2. Automatic decline...

X380 user manual v1.0 0.00 KB 9673 downloads

Download XK Detect X380 User manual in pdf format ...

X380 Factory Firmware 147.35 KB 20069 downloads

XK Detect X380 Factory Firmware Use on your own risk! ...

X380 Firmware Upgrade - WL380001 with FAP 150.27 KB 4088 downloads

XK Detect X380 Firmware Upgrade Use on your own risk! ...

X380 driver 2.15 MB 4941 downloads

XK Detect X380 driver. STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver. ...

X380 FlightCtrlConfig 6.19 MB 13813 downloads

XK Detect X380 FlightCtrlConfig XK Detect X380 Ground Station ...

    Updates 12.02.2015

    Added latest WL380008 firmware

    • FAP will be disabled if there is no or not enough GPS signal;
    • Automatic decline rate during RTH or Auto Land increased from 2 m/s to 3 m/s.


    1. Hello…

      I just installed a new FC board in my x380.
      Originally my x380 was the FAP panoramic version out of the box.
      With the new board will I have to do anything special to have those same features again?

    2. Hi i think i messed up with my x380
      What i done i just connect with ground station one
      Nothing changed
      And copy the wl 380008 file into quad update folder since my quad drifting away and bowling
      Auto take off not working and if i turn on altitude mode start dancing plz any help

    3. Hi all,
      thanks for this Page.
      My Questions: Is there a manual for the groundstation software?
      What is the differnce between Altitude and Hight in Advances settings?
      What means “FlightGain”?
      Why Pitch and Roll for Gimbal settings- there is only one signal for gimbal-plug?

    4. Hi all,
      I’m having trouble with my X380 stock 2d brushless gimbal that came with my x380, problem I am having is that the gimbal is off at an angle and would like to adjust the settings to level it out but when i plug the USB Data Cable into the gimbal box on the bottom of the quadcopter my computer does no recognise it.. it will recognise the x380 when plugged into the hardware of the quadcopter so thats ok.. so i just wanted to know if i need to download a driver for the gimbal and where i can download it…
      any help is greatly appriciated…

    5. Hi, hopefully someone can help. I got my X380 today and calibrated magnetic compass and done a first flight everything went really well so I decided to attach the gimbal, while attaching the gimbal I think I had left the battery connected while turning the my x380 upside down anyway I have a fast flashing red light and it seems as if it’s trying to calibrate the props but it’s kind of stuck in this mode?
      Any help greatly appreciated …

    6. I have the X380 as my first drone. Now i just want to know how to use the camera?
      I have the version with a black camera that says Phantom Vision F/#3.2 135.F0V. I just want to know how to take videos or photos while in flight…. I tested some things but i dont know how to use it.

      Can someone help me please?


    7. One of my x308 C stock gimbal motor wires got ripped out of its connector. Its an all black ribbon wire. so it would be nice to know which wire connects to which pin in the connector? Anybody?

    8. Hi This is Herman, Same body talk about an android application for the XK X380.
      Can you tell me what is the application he talk?

    9. Hello,
      I just received my XK X380 and want to know when installing the firmware you have listed, is hard to install!
      I am a disabled vet and I am worried if I can do it or not. My disability is 4 shattered disc in the back and uncontrolled jerks in legs and hands that comes on unable no used and last about 15-20 seconds.
      Also it would be awesome if this drone had the option for it follow me.
      If you can, jot down what I should expect from this drone and anything else I should know/learn.
      Thanks for your time with this.

      B. Morris
      aka quietstorm – USAF Retired

      btw….I am 60+ young ;-)

      • Hi Bart
        If you don’t have experience with things like firmware update I don’t recommend you. sometime can fail and brick your quad :(
        Unfortunately, the X380 not has follow me function. Such feature are in more expensive models.

        FirstQuadcotper team

    10. Hello,
      i’m search a driver flightctrlconfig for windows XP please ?
      I tried with the X380 driver for windows 7 but it does not work :(

    11. Hello I have the XK X 380 with no camera, My issue is it will not hover stable at all on take off . Can anyone please tell me how I can fix this problem. Many thanks

    12. I downloaded the 38001 firmware and loaded it into my X380.
      All went well but during first flight it started making a terribe noise 2minutes into flight, and started to fall to the ground.
      When placed on bench afterward my ccw motors had a lot of vibration with props off and testing under power ( also noisy) I replaced the ccw motors but it does the same thing.
      I have some ESC on order for the ccw motors but not sure if that will fix all.
      I tried reloading the 008 firmware, the factory firmware, the 001 firmware and all do the same thing.
      If the ESC doesn’t fix my problem is there some other reset and start over I can do

    13. I downloaded driver and original software installed on sisters windows 7 pc. plug in usb and nothing happens I also lost front and rear lights on drone, bottom lights just flash and nothing run once copter is powered up. I also lost connection with my transimitter so im grounded im on s borrowed PC any help would be much appreciated,

    14. Hello Geoff !

      After recent firmware upgrade attempt my X380 is not recognized by usb port or seen by controller. If I connect it to computer it has status let with red light continuously and makes short bips, while other leds continue blinking. On PC it says “Device on USB port is not recognized”.

      Without any usb connection, once I plug in the battery it makes one short and one long sound with blinking, then all leds are off.

      Please if there is any solution, point me into the right direction. Maybe someone had similar simptoms before ? Thanks !


      Have no problems updating firmware before, and I know “you told us so”, but please

    15. My Xk works great, but, while trying to fly in headless mode it fly’s at a 45 degree angle instead of forward or a 90 degree right. Plus forward is backward?
      I do understand headless!

      Any help

    16. I have one of this Quads, and have a problem, too. It can’t gain GPS lock… I left it powered more than 20 minutes trying to take GPS signal, but all the time remain green and red lights flashing. I can not get the GPS indicates all ok and able to fly with this function !!! It flies very well in “free” mode, but I can’t do that in GPS mode.
      Any suggestion or idea ?

    17. Be nice to get an Android version of the X380 APP so I could use my phone for field adjustments instead of bringing a laptop.
      Nice site though.

    18. When I get into the configuration i noticed my throttle and trim and aliean controls are not on zero one is -4 o -2 how do you get all of them to read zero or in the middle

    19. Hey there, I’m trying to load the latest firmware onto my X380, but I’m hitting some snags…

      I’m a Mac user. I have Bootcamp installed, and am running Windows 7 in a separate partition. I have the USB drivers installed, so I can ‘see’ the X380 when I plug it in, and I am able to read the files contained within it.

      If I try to install the latest WL380008.FIW Firmware update (a 153kb file), I receive the following message: “There is not enough space on URSAMAFC. You need an additional 152kb to copy these files”

      The “update” folder on the quad is set by default to “Read Only”, so I unchecked that box, but I have no idea how to increase the size of the folder such that I can write the update file to it…
      Anyone have any ideas?
      Please & thank-you!

    20. Can you help me find the stock firmware wl2010320 .. I REALLY NEED IT:P
      Help me i did the update but it keeps on toilet bowling it have nothing to do with callibrations all done well, problem have start afther update 380008 it don’t work it keeps on circeling , now i want to try install wl 2010320 can some one tell me where to find , i already try the factory firmware wl 32395 and it still wan to toilet bowling, some one pleas help me out.

    21. Hi Cezar D if you go on to xk-innovations dot com and tap on link Multirotor-XKInnovations you will find a video for X380 showing how to calibrate your quad and transmitter, also there is the latest firmware under X380 152KB 2015 11 28 its a zip file hope this helps and good luck ..

    22. Good afternoon, my drone xk x380, flashing yellow led after firmware update. It is no longer binding. what can I do now?

      Can someone help me.

    23. Ive been having trouble with the xk380 factory gimbal tilting when I yawed the copter I had set the vertical and horizontal gimbal settings but still behaving strangely, So after I got a GPS fix and calibrated the compass I tried again ? No joy so out of desperation I unplugged the signal wire from the quad turned TX then the xk the camera set itself in vertical and horizontal perfectly, So I carefully plugged in the signal wire with the power on and that fixed the gimbal problem, although this worked please do a your own risk has ive heard many sob story’s about this xk380 .

    24. Hello,
      Ii have out on the update on my XK 380008, but when i push 4 sec camera button i get a solid green then it go first a half round panorama then the circles get larger and go faster, when I plug it then to flight control, factory settings on advanced screen and writhe then it all OK and don’t go out control, then i turn on panorama and then it go’s circling and when I put panorama off it keeps on circling don’t hold its position.
      I need to plug again to flight control to revert factory settings.

      what can i do my friend :P
      help me

    25. If anybody is getting constant red flashing lights on the X-380, with no response, then try this link. It’s save my drone !
      I had the same problem.
      Tried recalibrating remote & magnetics, but failed.
      Your link helped me fix it. https://www.firstquadcopter.com/downloads/x380-firmware-and-driver/
      Follow this site instructions EXACTLY word for word.

      I performed a Firmware upgrade to the version in the link first.
      Then I used the Ground Station utility to do a FACTORY SETTING (On the Advanced Tab).
      You will get a “Write successful” message.
      Then unplug battery from drone. Turn off transmitter & try again.
      I am extremely relieved !

    26. hello,
      With WL380008 firmware the flight limit is not displayed on the LCD, So I come back with first config and the flight limit come back on the display.
      However, height limit and distance limit are not taken into account, fly higher, farther

      do you know why, and is it a new firmware ?


    27. Hello I am Francis, I have a Detect XK X380 already installed the new firmware and everything works fine as described here. A question is there any firmware for this model with Follow me?

    28. I upgraded to Windows 10 and since have not been able to get the computer to recognize the connection to the X380 quad. So needless to say, the ground control software does not work without the connection to the quad.
      Have you heard anything about others having trouble with Windows 10? Is there any kind of new driver for Windows10?
      I need to change some quad parameters but can’t because it won’t connect anymore.
      Any ideas at all?


      • I have an XK X380B complete with 1080P camera but I have Windows 10 and I cannot download Video’s that I have taken for the last two days, am slowly getting peeved off and Gear Best have been NO help at all

    29. I just received my X380C, The controller has “PHOTO” on it rather than “FAP”.
      I have not flown it yet.
      Is there a way for me to tell if they sent me an early one with the older Board that caused a lot of problems, and which you can not upgrade the software?
      Can I check via USB to the Quad and check firmware, or do I need to physically examine the board ?
      I once saw the difference between the two boards but I can find the pictures again.
      I intend to send it back if they sent the old problematic one to me.

    30. First, thank you for your informative article on updating X380 frimware. I just recently obtained my X380 and have only 3 flights under my belt but I am having problems engaging the Head Lock mode.

      I’m have updated to the latest firmware, performed the necessary calibrations but when I engage headlock my quad starts moving sporadically.

      I have even installed the Ground Station software and my transmitter sticks and buttons are all recognized via the software.

      I also placed my X380 on the bench (propellers removed) and engaged Head Lock as I move around the unit but the motors responded normally. I’m not sure if Head Lock requires a certain distance from Quad to be engaged, if so then this test would be invalid.

      Any ideas? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    31. Hello Bob, I need your help
      I lost my x380c, it crash landed ~ 1km from where I was.
      I bought two new motors and ESCs, I made the adjustment as expected with the software and gives me all the correct parameters and the remote control works perfectly.
      I tried to take off, without success. I would need to understand how to install new drivers or whether it is another problem.
      look forward to your help

    32. hi, great info here thanks, 1 question, when i have tried to update the firmware to the latest version all seams to go ok,
      but when i read the quad in the fc software it still says version 2010320. is this normal or has the new version not installed?

    33. michael

      prejudice I had an accident with due X380 believe the Earth’s magnetic fields , I’m waiting for spare parts but nn I think I had damage to the hardware system as everything is OK, check it is physically disconnected the cables leading to the GPS

    34. Great site!

      My son and I just got an x380. Actually it is his and I’m helping him out. We are trying to get up to speed on all the software, control and options etc… Generally new to drones.

      After a few initial flights we had a crash and now when he tries to start it up, the LED flight indicator light doesn’t turn on, and the front and tail indicator lights blink and beep continually. The props move slightly each time, but nothing else will happen.

      We are trying to figure out if there is a configuration or firmware issue, or if the crash has caused a larger problem.

      Any thoughts and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
      Thanks for your great page on these!


    35. Thanks for XK X380 User Manual.
      Someone can tell me the difference between firmware WL380001 and WL380008 ???
      I just upgraded to WL380001.
      If you know that WL380008 has some improvements, Please tell me

      Thank you

    36. Hi,

      I am just awaiting a new X380 to arrive. I have downloaded X380 FlightCtrlConfig. I was wondering how the adjustment of speed (m/s) (or other parameters) works? There is a factory setting 6m/s at horizontal speed and 4m/s at vertical speed in Advanced config. But the scale is from 2-12 and 2-6m/s. Can this be changed, once drone is connected? E.g. can I set horizontal speed to 11m/s – will it not cause any problems (in stability, engine/battery life etc.)?


    37. Hi,
      I have connected to the configuration screens and wonder whether you can shed some light on a couple of things, page 3 shows an ID of 2293-808666887-842085686 and Firmware as 2010320, i was looking to see whether I had WL380008, page 2 trapped me, I clicked on Read and it defaulted the RX to S Bus It was only when I closed out that I found the TX and RX where not talking, went back in and noticed what had happened, selected PPM and Write went out and everything fine, maybe something to keep in mind, the Firmware Number has me bluffed though.
      Regards Geoff.

    38. Good evening my name is joseph and I purchased a x380c quadcopter. Wanted to know if I can configure the flight controller to return to home automatically when the battery is near empty.

    39. Really appreciate You taking the time to compile all this XK X380 info and software and posting for all to use and enjoy, absolutely Awesome!


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