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GPS quadcopters like this UPair Chase are chosen especially for aerial filming. This model is equipped with a 2-axis gimbal which allows smooth – vibration free – videos. The tilt angle of the gimbal can be easily adjusted through a dial knob.

The Up Air Chase can be purchased together with a FULL HD camera or, for more demanding aerial videos, with a 4K camera. These cameras seem to be manufactured by Hawkeye. The 12MP looks identical with the Firefly S5 and the UHD camera with the Firefly S6. For GoPro fans, the Upair Chase quadcopter can be ordered also without a camera, this way the buyer has the possibility to install later their favorite GoPro model.

An integrated 5.8GHz FPV system allows to display real time images from the camera on the included 7″ monitor.

The built-in OSD allows to display many flight parameters such as: total flight distance, flight speed, flying altitude, time, battery voltage and number of satellites.

If you are interested in more details about this fist GPS Quadcopter please download the UPair-Chase User Guide, it contains many interesting chapters like:

Preparation for the flight:

  • Propeller installation;
  • Battery installation;
  • Motor lock and unlock.

Up Air Chase fail safe functions:

Low voltage return to home. During a flight, when the battery voltage is dropped under 10.6V, the “Auto Return” function will be triggered and the quadcopter will automatically  fly back to the take-off point.

Failsafe Auto Return. If the aircraft lost communication with the remote controller, will hover for 3 seconds. If the communication still can’t be reestablished during this period, the quadcopter will return automatically to the take-off point.

Unfortunately I didn’t found any section about how to calibrate the UpAir Chase. It is possible that all the calibrations are made automatically during the startup sequence.

UPair Chase user manual download

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My recommendation is that it is not enough just to download the UPair Chase’s user handbook, you must read it prior to your first flight!


  1. If it’s recording 1 or 2 second Videos hold the cam button for a few seconds and it should switch the camera to 720, that’s what I had to do and if the fpv screens black try cycle the channels on the back of your control

  2. hi just received UpAir one fpv screen worked for a couple of minutes then blank no upair on it or anything just blank I haven’t even put the blades on it to fly it can somebody give me an idea how to fix it what I need to check. regards mike

  3. UPair camera problem
    I can not record a video. All I get is a bunch of one second or two videos.
    Can you tell me if there is a possible solution.

    • I have the same problem: impossible to record smooth video, only hundreds of one second or two videos, with interruptions.

      Any suggestion would be appreciated.

      • Yeah, I’m having the same problems with my UPair Chase quad.

        1. I decided to reset the camera while the transmitter and quad copter is on. The FPV screen went blank.
        2. So I switched of the copter and then the transmitter.
        3. Removed the SD Card and inserted it again.
        4. Switched on the transmitter and then the quad copter.

        Now it records full videos, but only until you remove the battery for charge again, then you will have to do the routine all over again. I could even start / stop the video recording and could see the camera icon when taking a photo.

  4. I just bought one of these quadcopters. My BG order is 13689173. I have asked to return this product on the day I received it, but got no response or useful support from them.

    I have had a problem with range. Other owners report the same issue. My FPV range is about 35 meters max for me, and it clear for about 20 meters before it starts to flicker. Control of the quadcopter is quickly lost with associated issues if range goes beyond 20 meters. FPV is low res not HD as indicated.

    The build quality is poor where there is no serial number or ID label anywhere.
    Parts even a battery are NOT available (a battery is listed but has not come in stock after 9 months).
    There is no website. The manufacturer is Shenzhen Gten Innovation Technology Co Ltd and they will not take any calls or emails about this product.
    The product is not delivered in a plastic bag inside the box and was not even clean. My product was dusty when new.
    Mine has problems with solder and connections between the gimbal and the copter.
    This appears to be a very low quality unsupported product with a very short range.


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