SKY Hawkeye HM1315 User Manual

SKY Hawkeye HM1315 User Manual

SKY Hawkeye HM1315 user manual download page

SKY Hawkeye is a new name on the quadcopter market and their first model is this HM1315 FPV multi-rotor.

Recently were launched many FPV models but this SKY Hawkeye HM1315 is on top of my wish list. It has a battery with bigger capacity than others have and the package also includes a 1Gb microSD TF memory card.

The 5.8Ghz remote controller of HM1315 has a built-in LCD screen in order to display the live video feed from the quadcopter’s camera.

Trough the remote controller you can record the journey of your first flight with this quadcopter and also you can take still images from the air.

If you are interested in more details about this quadcopter please download and read the SKY Hawkeye HM1315 user manual. The PDF file contains only four pages, hopefully useful pages.

SKY Hawkeye HM1315 User manual Download

Of course, the SKY Hawkeye HM1315 is only a toy and you can’t expect nothing spectacular regarding la flight specs or the quality of the camera.


  1. Where can I find the information that will help me to reset the controller & quad back to factory settings?

  2. I acquired the Sky Hawkeye drone without the controller. How it possible can I controller it from the app on my smart phone?

  3. Straight out of the box this thing flipped off the ground with inly two propellers operating and the other two pulsing on and off. What can i do to rectify this issue?? Is this thing just absolute garbage or what?


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