Scout X4 user manual

On the first flights with the Scout X4 you may experience the quadcopter drifting. This is normal and you have to continue to fly the Scout X4 manually while the system improves the calibration. After 5-10 minutes land and lock the motors. This will save the improved settings.

The pilots will notice a significant improvement in the GPS hold and stability after a few flights.

Looking at the ground station software (GCS) complex interface, I have no doubt the Scout X4 is a professional quadcopter. Beginner flyers must read the Scout X4 user manual and quick guide before their first flight.

The Scout X4 quadcopter can work perfectly together with the Devo F12E remote controller and the Walkera ilook+ 1080p camera. On the Scout X4 instruction manual you will find all the information that you need to bind the transmitter and install the iLook camera.

Some interesting chapters from the Scout X4 ‘s Quick guide:

  • Ground Station supported devices;
  • How to download and install the GCS software;
  • Installing the Propellers on the Scout X4;
  • Setting up the landing skids. Do not try to extend the landing gears by pulling on it;
  • Binding the remote controller;
  • Compass calibration: before start calibration makes sure all TRIMs are in the center position, the trim value should be “0” and all the motors are locked.
  • Walkera G-3D 3-axis brushless Gimbal installation;
  • Installing the iLook+ 1080p camera on the Scout X4 quadcopter;
  • Motor Lock and Unlock;
  • GPS indicator lights;
  • Ground station firmware settings;
  • FCS-X4 Main controller guideline;
  • DEVO RX707/RX709 Receiver guideline.

Scout X4 User manual download

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Scout X4 ground station quick guide pdf download

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When you assemble the propellers on the Scout X4 you have to know that the rotating direction is opposite to the arrow direction. The directions are the same when you take down the propellers from the quadcopter.

Two of the motors (M1 and M3) rotate clockwise and the other two motors (M2 and M4) rotate counterclockwise. If you accidentally reverse the propellers the aircraft will not take off the ground.

Have a pleasant flight with your Scout X4 quadcopter!


  1. Hi,
    I have a Walkera Scout X4 quad copter an are having problems with, is their a possibility to reset the scout x4 to start from scratch.

    Thanks in advance


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