Devo F12E User manual

DevoF12E User Manual

Probably the Devo F12E is the most versatile transmitter that you can buy.  You got everything: 12 channel, telemetry, 5.8Ghz 32 channel live video transmission and 5″ LCD screen.

To explore all the features of this high end remote controller, you must download and read the Walkera DEVO F12E user manual.

Maximum transmiting distance of the Devo F12E can be up to 1.5Km, probably this is the longest fly range that you can reach with a consumer quadcopter.


This transmitter adopts 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) that features fast reaction and strong anti-jamming protection.

The telemetry function of this transmitter allows to monitor simultaneously three battery voltages and four temperature sensors.

This Walkera Devo F12E FPV transmitter is perfectly combatible with any type of aircraft, from airplanes, helicopter to quadcopters that are using the DEVO-RX1202 receiver module.

Some interesting chapters from the Devo F12E User Manual:

  • Definition of DEVO F12E:  Panel definition, Rear definition, Wiring Diagram and Function keys;
  • Control Stick Adjustments: stick length adjustment and control stick tension adjustment;
  • Training function: Two DEVO F12E transmitters working together can execute the training function to meet the requirements for the beginners;
  • Switches between left-hand and right-hand throttles;
  • Upgrading the DEVO F12E firmware;

The DEVO F12E user manual is split into four separate parts according to your aircraft type.

For someone who can afford a high end quadcopter like the Walkera Scout x4, probably this DEVO F12E will be the best paired first person view transmitter.

Download Walkera DEVO F12E user manual here:

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