DEVO 10 User manual

Walkera DEVO 10 User manual download page

This DEVO 10 remote controller has an easy to read and intuitive menu. The screen is viewable even in the sunniest days because the display of the transmitter has a powerfull backlight.

The transmitter has 10 real channels that you can use and it can be paired with the RX1002 10-channel receiver.

Like other professional transmitters, the DEVO-10’s firmware can be updated also via the USB port. Using the latest firmware will ensure a more accurate and more stable operation.

The Walkera DEVO 10 uses 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and adopts automatic ID binding, automatic ID assignment and also fixed ID that can be set by the pilot.

Some of the Walkera DEVO 10 feautures:
  • Adopts 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS);
  • USB online update makes you always enjoy the latest firmware;
  • Adjustable output power;
  • Training mode between two transmitters;
  • Up to 30 aircrafts settings can be saved;
  • DEVO-10 can be freely switched among Modes 1, 2, 3, and 4;
  • Telemetry functions;
  • Walkera DEVO-10 transmitter is suitable for helicopters, airplanes and quadcopters.

 Some interesting chapters from the Devo10 User Manual:

  • DEVO-10 transmitter Specification: 10-channel micro computer system, 2.4GHz DSSS, up to 100mW output power and amazing 2Km control range;
  • Wiring Diagram of the DEVO-RX1002 receiver;
  • The stick length and tension adjustments;
  • Operation mode switch: There are total 4 operation modes from MODE 1 through MODE 4. The left-hand throttle includes MODE 2 and MODE 4, and the right-hand throttle includes MODE 1 and MODE 3;
  • Training function: Two DEVO-10 remote controllers can work together and execute training flights to meet the requirements for the beginner pilots;
  • DEVO-10 Battery Charging: Be careful the CHG socket can be used only together with rechargeable NIMH batteries;
  • Walkera DEVO-10 output power: The power can be set between six values. Lower transmission power means shorter radio range and better battery life;
  • Function menus: Reverse switch, travel adjust, sub trim, dual rate, throttle hold, throttle curve, gyro sensor and many more.

Download Walkera DEVO 10 user manual here:

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The instruction manual of the DEVO 10 has 80 pages, please read it before the first usage of the transmitter.


  1. I have an “almost new” little used Black Devo 10, with 2200mh lipo white RX1002 and black RX601.
    Never was able to cope with its settings! Bought a Tunigy i10 and the Devo got put away and forgotten. Bought August 2015 not used after September 2015.

    Just wondering what it would bring and a good place to advertise it.

  2. Hello,
    I have a question, can i use a Walkera Devo 10 transmitter with the XK DETECT X380 Quadcopter
    maybe with this remote controller we have a litle more range compared with the original controller of the XK X380.
    thank you so much for your answer.

    Best regards


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