Wltoys V303 firmware and driver

Wltoys V303 driver and YS-S4 firmware download page

The Wltoys V303 using the Zero UAV flight controller is a very versatile and easy to fly quadcopter. If you have any prior experience with mini quadcopters, I think you will be able to pilot the V303 without any problems at all.

Through the USB port the owners can update the V303 Seeker firmware but first they need to install the V303 driver. The PL2303 USB-to-Serial driver is available for most common operating systems (Windows, OS X and Linux).

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Upgrading the YS-S4 flight controller’s firmware can improve the control sensitivity and the flying stability.

Upgrading the Wltoys V303’s firmware is a very risky process, it can brick your quadcopter, proceed only at your own risk!

Wltoys V303 PC connection steps:

  • Download and install the latest V303 USB driver, this quadcopter uses the Prolific PL2303 USB-to-Serial bridge;
  • Download and read the PL2303 users manual;
  • Download and unpack the PC-GCSsoftware-S4V2 tool;
  • Download and read the Zero Tech YS-S4 multi-rotor autopilot users manual;
  • Download and read the Wltoys V303 users manual;
  • Turn on the remote controller;
  • Load the battery in to the quadcopter;
  • Wait until the LED lights flashes red / green;
  • Connect the Wltoys V303 to your PC through the USB cable;
  • Run the S4-GCS-USB tool and open USB (the tool works only under Windows).

Now you are ready to adjust your Wltoys V303 flight parameters and install the latest firmware.

Wltoys V303 firmware and driver downloads:

V303 Seeker driver download (for Windows, OS X and Linux)

[wpdm_file id=20]

PL2303 user manual download

[wpdm_file id=21]

YS-S4 flight controller user manual download

[wpdm_file id=22]

Download the PC-GCSsoftware-S4V2 V303 software

[wpdm_file id=23]

Download the latest 4v2-Standard-20140902-v068-abroad V303 firmware

[wpdm_file id=24]

s4v2-Standard-20140902-v068-abroad firmware release notes:

  • increase flying stability;
  • increase sensitivity of controlling;
  • eliminating drafting when flying indoor;
  • modify the LED indications;
  • adds magnetic compass protection (if the magnetic compass has error, the motors can not be armed).

Happy fly with your Wltoys V303 Seeker quadcopter!

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