Walkera W100S User manual

Walkera is a quadcopter manufacturer that certainly knows how to make great palm-sized aircraft like this QR W100S.

The Walkera QR W100S’s most important feature is the Wi-Fi support that allows you to control the quadcopter directly with any iPhone or Android device.  Through the Wi-Fi signal you can view live feeds from the quadcopter’s camera on your smartphone. The W100S is also compatible with all types of DEVO transmitters.

Using a high precision 6-axis gyro the W100S quadcopter offers an extremely stable flight capability that will be very useful for beginner pilots.

Regarding the control range of the QR W100S, I can see that is spectacular but is relatively far considering it’s size.

Did you become interested in the Walkera QR W100S quadcopter now? Do you want to learn more about this aircraft? Then download and read the Walkera QR W100S user manual.

Some interesting chapters from the Walkera W100S User Manual:

  • Setup of the RX2646H-DS receiver and RX2646H-DS receiver features;
  • Instruction for GA006 battery charger;
  • WK-REMOTE software control: Installing, Control interface, Manual flight control, and Gravity sensor control when flying;
  • Using the Walkera QR W100S quadcopter with DEVO-6/7/7E/8S/10/12S/F4/F7 transmitters;
  • Flight practice with the QR W100S, very helpful for beginners.
  • Binding with the transmitter;
  • Walkera QR W100s software upgrade.

Walkera QR W100S User manual Download

Happy flying with your Walkera QR W100S quadcopter!


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