Syma X5SW Explorers 2

Syma X5SW Explorers 2  – WIFI FPV quadcopter

Meanwhile every one waits for the new X8C for GoPro and alike cameras, a new improved model of the X5 series was announced, the Syma X5SW Explorers 2.

My first quadcopter was a X5C that, after one year, I still own and it is always ready for flying. That’s why I’m happy to hear that Syma didn’t forget this old model and still wants to improve it.

The X5SW’s Wi-Fi camera will send live images directly to your smartphone (Android or iOS) after they are paired. This will bring more fun to your recreation, flying in first person view is like the cherry on top of the cake.

With WI-FI FPV camera and headless mode the X5SW Explorers 2 will be probably the new most popular Syma model.

 Syma X5SW features and specs

  • Headless flight mode;
  • 6 axis gyroscope;
  • Upgraded receiver board for more stability;
  • Completely new design with shiny painting;
  • 2MP Wi-Fi first person view camera;
  • Remote distance up to: 50 meters;
  • 1 cell 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po battery.

In the beginning of this year, at the Nuremberg exhibition center, were announced the latest quadcopter models from Syma.

For those who were not there, DronnieGeek shared this video with the presentation of the latest Syma multi-rotors, including this Syma X5SW quadcopter.


  1. I downloaded the Syma FPV app but my wifi is not detecting it. I’ve followed the instructions but there is no FPV wifi option appearing…

  2. I flew my X5SW about 4 times no crashes now when I turn it on the lights stay on, no flashing and it won’t connect to the transmitter. Is there any fix?

  3. Hey I’m having trouble getting my x5sw to show images from the camera? Connects to the WiFi fine and flies fine but the camera won’t connect to my phone? Why?

  4. I purchased a Syma X5SW drone a short while ago. Only two weeks old. It’s been great for learning.
    I’ve had a good experience learning to fly. I never had any remote toys before. It was flying beautifully then i put it in the case. Brought it out again and now the camera doesn’t work. I looked through my microscope and one of the resistors has fallen off the board. I am able to repair this myself but I need a detailed picture of the board for the camera. LOG1421-4B or a schematic.
    The WiFi still works fine but the camera stopped sending a picture. Is there any way you could send me a picture of the the board?
    I mainly need it’s orientation and what part it is. I have a collection of spare resistors from cell phones that should work. I’d like to take a stab at repairing this instead of buying another wifi camera to strap on it.


  5. I have the FPV REAL-TIME X5SW 4 channel control quad-copter!
    I had a minor accident and lost a leg. wondering if there are or is a replacement kit?
    Would really love to continue enjoying my drone!
    Thank you so much for your time!

  6. I just received the syma x5sw. The red and green light are flashing to say it’s transmitting. Iv downloaded the app, etc but it will not connect to my wifi at all. I was told to try pulling out the camera plug and back in, still no luck.
    Any help appreciated

  7. Bought Syma x5sw quadcopter for my son. He can fly it with no problem but the camera WiFi address doesn’t come up in his iPhone WiFi settings.
    Can you give us instructions so the quadcopter filming can be seen on his Iphone 6 ?

  8. Hi, Started flying this model about a week ago with MAYBE 5 flights to date and no significant crashes (a couple of rough landings, but nothing ‘Evil Kneivel’). Now suddenly it doesn’t want to fly. On throttling up, it flips to one side. I have tried the obvious – re-calibration, etc. I inspected it for interior debris, and so on, and found nothing.
    I put everything back together and installed the fully-charged battery. Then I turned it on. The lights started blinking fast. I turned on the remote and performed the start-up ritual.
    Now, instead of doing the ‘flip on its side’ issue, it doesn’t seem to recognize the remote – the lights just continue to blink fast and nothing else.
    I understand there have been a lot of other folks who have shared this or a similar experience. Short of tossing it in the trash, what are my options? If you would like to reach me by cell, i sent you my phone number by email.

    I appreciate any assistance you can provide.
    Thanks, Ione

  9. You will need some basic electronic skills to replace the motors. Also some tools like soldering iron.
    If you have these and spare motors it takes about 15 minutes to replace all 4 motors.

  10. Syma X5SW motor problem
    It’s not straight, should I return it to the dealer or repair it myself?… It still fly’s but.. I don’t want it getting any more messed up….

  11. Got this for Christmas, had trouble to get it flying the first time but then when I got it to it went perfectly fine for about 5 minutes, then I charged it for about an hour brought it out it didn’t work. It hasn’t worked since I’ve calibrated it and it still doesn’t work there’s no flickering lights they just stay lit

    would like response.

  12. Turn on quad first then controller. Move left side lever up then down. That fixes won’t spin problem.

    My camera won’t generate a hot spot (no red light) no matter how long I wait. Have the green light but no red. Any suggestions?

  13. I have just now recieved a X5SW with 2 Megapixel camera, and I try to take a picture.
    I’m very disappointed because the photos resolution it’s only 640×480!
    I think that HD camera will give me a 1280×720 photos.
    Can you explain me this?
    Maybe something is strange! maybe the vendor sended me another camera with lower resolution?
    Please help me because I have only 3 days to send back the Syma to vendor!
    Thank you very much. regards

    • The same problem here – camera is only 0.3MP even if it says 2MP on the box. Got replacement from seller (the whole package) – still 0.3MP camera inside. Did you get it sorted? How????

  14. Just bought Cheerson CX 20 open source. Getting different expert opinions. How do I calibrate the compass and GPS.
    Please and thank you

  15. My quadcopter will not connect to the transmitter!
    The batteries are full, the transmitter batteries are new, the camera works, but it just won’t connect to the transmitter!
    Please help me, it’s a brand new quad and I badly want to fly it.

  16. I need help!
    I bought my syma x5sw yesterday and I charged the battery for a hour and a half but it still doesn’t connect to the transmitter
    WAT do I do?

  17. just got one of these, pretty cool, i’m really interested in connecting the X5SW’s camera to a network – looks like it has multiple modes of operation – connected to its AP from my computer and it has its own webserver and there is a typical wifi router configuration system there, but I would hate to screw it up so I can’t use it for what it is intended. Anyone hacking around with these cameras? Anyone know who actually makes the X5SW WIFI camera or the software that runs on it?

    • I’ve changed settings on that camera myself, and I did not encounter any problems. Some settings, like the SSID or the wireless mode will only apply after you manually restart the camera, by unpluging it and pluging it back.

      • I accessed the Syma X5SW by smartphone browser, IP address , the camera driver program FPV by WIFI to try to enable security risk protocol (WPA & WPA2 PERSONAL ) because the WIFI network is open , allowing anyone who has the APP the Syma installed on your Smarphone and signal range to access and record images transmitted by my drone . Made changes , including changing the name of the WiFi network (SSID), the WIFI network is invisible and inaccessible. How to make a physical RESET of the camera software, such as modems / routers WiFi, with the push of a button?

    • Seems like you’ve been doing what I’m trying to do JJB. Where did you access these things? I connected to my X5SW’s camera but tried and just got file not found. Any idea where I can access the real time video images?
      Im trying to bypass the app and feed the vid into my oculus through my laptop.

    • Have any of you guys made any further progress on this? I got the X5SW for Christmas, and I’ve been trying to play with the camera a bit as well.
      No markings legible on the big chip inside the camera housing, and I can’t find any references to the number printed on the board either (LOG1421-4B). Looks like it’s a pretty simple system-on-a-chip that’s used in other cheap IP based cameras from the looks of the menu options, but I can’t seem to nail down a manufacturer.


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