Syma X8HW quadcopter with altitude hold

Syma X8HW Quad

Syma X8HW WIFI first person view quadcopter

Just found on SymaToys website that they decided to upgrade the popular X8 quad series with barometric sensor. The Syma X8HW, compared to the previous X8W quadcopter, will features altitude hold function which is useful, especially when you are using your quadcopter for aerial filming.

This X8HW comes with a small FPV WIFI camera but, being very powerful, it can lift almost any GoPro alike camera. Actually this is proven by the Syma X8HG quad, which is the same aircraft equipped by the manufacturer with an action camera.

Few months ago I reviewed its predecessor and I can say that I was impressed by this aircraft. It looked vey nice and well built. My only disappointment was on the poor image quality of the camera, hopefully this new upgraded model comes with a better WiFi camera.

Being powered by a 2000 mAh battery, the Syma X8HW has up to 7 minutes of flight time, which is not impressive at all.

Syma X8HW features and specs

  • Very powerful, suitable to lift GoPro alike cameras;
  • 6 axis gyro;
  • Barometric altitude hold;
  • Headless flight mote;
  • 360 degree eversion;
  • Colorful status lights for better orientations;
  • Near 70 meters control rage in open field (without range hack);
  • About 5-7 minutes of flight time.

Included with the Syma X8HW quad

  • 2.4GHz remote controller;
  • Phone holder clip;
  • WiFi FPV camera;
  • 2000 mAh Li-Po battery;
  • Battery charger and power adapter;
  • 1set of propellers;
  • 1set of propeller protectors;
  • Landing gears;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Syma X8HW user manual.


  1. Hi,

    I used it a couple of time to setup. And now, i cannot connect it ! All leds are flashing fast ! No response….Any ideas or suggestions

  2. You are right… parallel. My error.
    Easiest way would be to make a short circuit board with 3 female connectors (in parallel) on one side and a male connector on the other side to plug into the quad-copter recptical.
    Why hasn’t any one else come up with this?

  3. Regarding the Syma X8HW quadcopter
    There has to be a way to put two or more batteries in series, yet keep the 7.4 volts & 2000 ma output the same without burning the unit up and creating double or triple flight time…
    Adding 3 blade props should help carry the extra weight of a GoPro camera?
    Think it can be accomplished?

    • You must put the batteries in parallel NOT in series!!!!
      The capacity is doubled when batteries are in parallel
      The voltage is doubled when batteries are in series
      But DON’T forget playing with Li-Po batteries can be very dangerous!!!!!

  4. Im trying to decided between the Syma X5HW, the X8W and the X8HW.
    It seems like the X8W and X8HW are very similar, the only difference being the altitude hold on the X8HW.
    I have been reading up on both and the X8W seems to have better reviews. This is interesting because the X8HW is a newer model, and has the altitude hold capability.
    Is there a reason why the X8W still has better reviews?

  5. I’m new to drones and after doing hours of review reading and youtube watching I decided in the Syma X8HW. I’ve had it for a little over a mon th now and am still loving it. Overrall I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. Great starter quad copter

    Syma X8HW strengths
    1. Very durable
    2. Easy to fly
    3 Takes reasonably good video for a beginner
    4 FPV works great

    1. Battery takes a bit longer than I’d like to charge
    2. Dependending on if your using the camera flight time can seem a bit short.

  6. Flight time and control range of the X8HW are bit disappointing but overall it looks like a good value for the money.
    I can’t wait to test one :)

  7. Hey there,

    Advanced flyer, I’d like to ask you about this new Syma series. They are coming on market next month, will you review them?
    I’m very very interested in Syma x8HW and X8HG, it looks like a good update of old Syma X8C model, which I own.
    I’d be very happy to read your review of X8HW (WIFI FPV).

    Kindly regards!

  8. 7 mins of flight time is actually false. Many people have had around 11-13 mins of flight time with the stock battery and around 9 mins with a Gopro-style camera. The range will likely be the same as the original X8 as well which has a 400m range unmodded. I doubt much will change except for the addition of altitude hold.
    I find it confusing that some manufacturers post one piece of info and then once the product is tested the specs are proven wrong.

  9. there are other differences than the altitude hold on this new X8 series?
    The camera on the X8HG will be the same 5MP? or something better with 4K?

    • It’s most probably the same camera as the X8G but with added wifi which I think is kinda useless.
      Would be cool to have 4K but the price would have skyrocketed as a result.


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