HGLRC Petrel 120X (Pro) Toothpick FPV Drones

Photo of HGLRC Petrel 120X

HGLRC’s latest toothpick style FPV drone comes with four power options. While the 1S/2S, 3S, and 4S/6S HGLRC Petrel 120X are equipped with 3″ 2-leaf propellers, the 4S Petrel 120X Pro with 3″ 3-leaf blades. All versions feature the same CADDX ANT FPV camera and Zeus Nano 350mW FPV transmitter. The price of each power version is increased by $10 ($129.99-$159.99). According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between the following radio receivers: FrSky XM+, FlSky A8S V2, R9MM, Crossfire Nano AC200, or R-XSR.

The Petrel 120X’s unibody frame has a wheelbase of 120mm. All electronic parts, including the FPV camera, are well protected by a 3D printed TPU canopy. The frame kit it self weighs only 11 grams.

Petrel 120X series roadmap

HGLRC Petrel 120X series comparison

  Petrel 120X 1S/2S Petrel 120X 3S Petrel 120X 4S/6S Petrel 120X Pro 4S
Wheelbase 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
Flight controller Zeus5 AIO 1-2S Zeus13 AIO 3-6S Zeus13 AIO 3-6S Zeus25 AIO 3-6S
ESC 5A 13A 13A 25A
Motors 1202.5 KV11600 (1S)
1202.5 KV8000 (2S)
1202.5 KV5600 1303.5 KV4500 (4S)
1303.5 KV2500 (6S)
1404 KV4800
Propellers 3″ 2-leaf 3″ 2-leaf 3″ 2-leaf 3″ 3-leaf
VTX Zeus Nano 350mW Zeus Nano 350mW Zeus Nano 350mW Zeus Nano 350mW
Battery 300-520mAh 1S
300-520mAh 2S
300-520mAh 3S 450-650mAh 4S
350-500mAh 6S
300-550mAh 4S
Price $129.99 $139.99 $149.99 $159.99

Petrel 120X Pro mini-review (unboxing and test flight)


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