HGLRC Rekon 6 HD: Ultra-light long-range GPS FPV drone

Photo of Rekon 6 HD

A few months ago, HGLRC contacted me regarding the possibility tor review their upcoming Rekon 6 HD long-range drone. At that time I didn’t own a compatible DJI FPV Goggles V2 so I turned down their offer respectfully. In addition to Caddx Nebula Nano camera, it can be equipped with a GoPro, SMO 4K, or Insta360 GO 2 camera.

The HGLRC Rekon 6 HD is built on a 242mm size ultra-light carbon fiber frame. For better crash resistance it comes with two side bracers. Its Aelous 2105.5 1500KV motors are matched with 2-leaf 6-inch propellers. It can be powered with 4S as well as with 6S lipo batteries. According to the advertised specs with a 4S/4000mAh Li-ION pack you can have up to 25 minutes of battery life.

Natively it is compatible with DJJ FPV transmitters. If you want to use a different controller you can opt for FrSky R9MM, Xm, or TBS Crossfire Nano RX radio receiver.

Designed for long-range flights it comes with an onboard M80GPS module and self-powered buzzer.

Update: There will be also an analog version of the Rekon 6 with Caddx Ratel 2 FPV Camera and Zeus 800mW VTX.

HGLRC Rekon 6 HD LR features and specs

  • 242mm size ultra-light death-cat style carbon fiber frame;
  • Side braces for improved vibration dampening and crash resistance;
  • Zeus F722 Mini Flight Controller;
  • M80 GPS module for fail-safe RTH;
  • Zeus 28A BL_S 4in1 ESC
  • Aelous 2105.5 1500KV motors with GEMFAN 6026 6″ 2-Blades Propellers;
  • Soter self-powered FPV drone buzzer;
  • CADDX Vista Nebula Nano digital FPV system;
  • Can carry a GoPro, BetaFPV SMO 4K or Insta360 GO 2 camera;
  • 6S for increased power or 4S for ultra-high efficiency cruising;
  • Up to 25min of flight time with 4s 4000mAh 18650 Li-Ion pack.

Product images

25min battery life
Battery life
camera options GoPro/Smo 4K/Insta360 GO2
GoPro/Smo 4K/Insta360 GO2
HD Digital FPV
HD Digital FPV
Self-powered buzzer
Self-powered buzzer
M80 GPS module
M80 GPS module
F728 flight controller
F728 flight controller
Aelous 2105.5 1500KV motors
Aelous 2105.5 1500KV motors


  1. I use the Hero8 on mine. I had to make a small stand for the battery so that I could place it a bit farther back when I have the Hero8 on, but besides that, flies great!

  2. I have the Rekon6 and it’s pretty amazing. The flight time is insane. I did 10 mins ripping around with a 4S and landed with plenty of juice left.

    For learning, I’d go for a whoop first. This is not a beginner drone at all.

    BTW, I run a Hero8 on mine and then post-process with ReelSteady and the video is amazing.

  3. I’m a newbie on the field, and I am still learning to fly FPV. Which quad would be best to learn effectively? A small 2.5-3″ CineWhoop or this 6″ LR?

    • I think a CW is much safer for the learning process. After you become comfortable flying through FPV goggles you will surely enjoy the HGLRC Rekon 6 HD!


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