HGLRC Rekon 7 PRO: Long range GPS FPV drone

Rekon 7 Pro drone

HGLRC’s largest and most versatile long-range FPV drone, the Rekon 7 PRO was just announced. While the analog edition is equipped with Caddx Ratel 2 camera and Zeus 5.8GHz 800mW VTX, the HD digital version with Caddix Air Unit and Polar camera. Both variants feature the same Zeus F722 fight controller and powerful Zeus 48A BL_S 3-6S 4in1 ESC board.

The low-profile carbon fiber frame has a size of 337 x 246mm and a wheelbase of 324mm. Without battery, receiver, and additional camera weights 464.3g – analog/516.9g – digital. Its powerful AEOLUS 2806.5 1250KV motors can be equipped with HQProp DP7X4X3 7″ 3-leaf or DALPROP Fold 7″ 3-leaf propellers.

Designed for long-range flight, the Rekon 7 PRO comes with an M80 PRO GPS transceiver and Soter FPV Drone Buzzer.

Price and availability

Both FPV variants of Rekon 7 Pro can be ordered from HGLRC and Banggood. While the digital version is priced at $549.99, the analog version at $351.99.

HGLRC Rekon 7 PRO features and specs

  • Designed for long-range GPS-assisted flights;
  • Very powerful -Can carry a full-size GoPro camera of large capacity LIPO packs;
  • 324mm size carbon-fiber frame (337 x 246mm – 516.9grams);
  • Zeus F722 Flight Controller;
  • Zeus 48A BL_S 3-6S 4in1 ESC;
  • Caddx Ratel 2 camera + Zeus 5.8GHz 800mW VTX (Analog FPV) or Caddx Air Unit +9 Polar camera (Digital FPV);
  • AEOLUS 2806.5 1250KV brushless motors;
  • HQProp DP7X4X3 7 Inch 3-Blades or DALPROP Fold 7 Inch 3-Blades propellers;
  • M80 PRO GPS transceiver and Soter FPV Drone Buzzer;
  • 6S LIPO compatible (1800mAh-4200mAh).

Product photos

Frame design
Frame design
Arms mount
Arms mount with extra sturdy
Motors and Propellers
Motors and propellers
Folding propellers
Folding propellers
M80 GPS module
M80 GPS module



    • Hi Saeed, these are the Rekon7 LR Frame specs:
      Material: 3K Carbon fiber
      Type: 7 inch
      Wheelbase: 324mm
      Size: 337 * 246mm
      Top plate thickness: 2mm
      Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
      Middle plate thickness: 2mm
      Front arm: 6mm
      Rear arm: 6mm
      Frame protection bar: 2mm
      Camera side plate: 2mm
      Top and middle plate space: 20mm
      Flight controller mounting hole: 20x20mm
      Camera mount: 19 * 19mm
      Motor mounting hole: 16 *
      16/19 * 19mm Weight: 152.7g

  1. what is the suggested transmitter… As well, I assume, for the Digital version you need the Dji goggles and V3 version is the only one available?


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