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HGLRC Sector 150 drone

Following the great success of the Sector132 FPV drone, HGLRC came up with a larger and even more powerful model called Sector150. Like its smaller brother, it comes with 360° blade protectors and two power options. While the Sector132 can be powered by 2S and 3S batteries, the newer Sector150 uses 4S and 6S ones.

The HGLRC Sector150 comes with two types of FPV systems. The more expensive HD digital version has a DJI FPV camera and DJI FPV Air unit/Caddx Vista video transmitter. Analog edition features Caddx Ratel camera and MT VTX 600mW Mini FPV transmitter. Thanks to the included GoPro mount you can install a second camera for 4K recording.

By default, the Zeus35 flight controller has BetaFlight firmware. The board comes with an XT60 battery connector. The manufacturer suggests using 650~850mAh battery packs in case of 4S version and 450~650mAh ones on 6S.

HGLRC Sector150 drone lineup

  HGLRC Sector150 DJI HD HGLRC Sector150 5.8G
Flight controller Zeus35 3-6S AIO Zeus35 3-6S AIO
Power options 4S and 6S (XT60 plug) 4S and 6S (XT60 plug)
Motors KV3600 (4S) / 2400KV (6S) KV3600 (4S) / 2400KV (6S)
Propellers HQ DP2.9×2.9 2.9Inch 4-leaf HQ DP2.9×2.9 2.9Inch 4-leaf
Camera DJI FPV camera Caddx Ratel 1200 TVL
Video transmitter DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista MT VTX 600mW Mini
GoPro mount Yes Yes
Radio options DJI FPV, FrSky XM+, AC2000, and Crossfire Nano FrSky XM+, AC2000, FlySky A8S V2, and Crossfire Nano
Weight 222.7 grams 219.5 grams
Price $434.83 (PNP box) $261.88 (PNP box)

Sector150 main parts


  1. I have a Sector150 and am looking for a GoPro 9 mount. Would be nice if it was adjustable but can’t seem to find one. What angle do you suppose to this drone?


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