DJI AVATA upgrade with Axisflying C157 motors

Axisflying C157

AxisFlying’s C157 motors are particularly intended for the DJI Avata drone to give it even more power. These 1507 type upgrade motors have 3650KV and weights 14.5grams each. Many say that replacing the stock 1408 2400KV motors will give you extra power for freestyling, about 50% more thrust. The Axisflying C157 motors are compatible with the original DJI-5P propellers.

As you can see in Mr. CAMPS’s build tutorial video below, replacing the motors involves taking apart the AVATA drome and lots of soldering on the mainboard. Like the Avata Range Hack, this motor upgrade is also recommended only for experienced pilots.

Technical specifications

  • KV: 3650
  • Internal resistance: 84mΩ
  • Shaft diameter: 2mm
  • Rated voltage: 4S
  • Max power : 402W
  • Peak current: 25A
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Dimensions : ⌀19*18.9mm
  • Silicone wire : 24#100mm
  • Weight: 14.5g (without cable)

Test results

In the table below, you can see the power consumption, efficiency, trust, and RPM of the Axisflying C157 motors with DJI-5P propellers.

Test results table

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Performing any modification of the AVATA can lead to the loss of the DJI warranty!



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