iFlight Commando 8 ELRS radio transmitter

iFlight Commando 8

The upcoming iFlight Commando 8 radio transmitter follows a similar gamepad style design as the Jumper T-Pro and RadioMaster Zorro. According to the rumored specs, it features an integrated high-performance ELRS radio module and a 4.000mAh battery that allows 24 hours continuous usage. While the 915MHz version has up to 1W power, the 2.4GHz only 500mW. On the back of the RC is a fan for active cooling.

The iFlight Commando 8 remote controller has also a second 100mW radio module that is compatible with Frsky D8/D16 and Futaba Multiprotocol radios.

In addition to the high-quality hall sensor gimbals, on the front panel, there is a status LCD, five status LEDs, and two 4D mini joysticks.

Price, availability, and options

The C8 transmitter can be ordered now from Banggood with a starting price of $149.99 (12% off). You can opt from 2.5G ELRS, 915 ELRS, or Base 2.4G+915MHZ ELRS.

iFlight Commando 8 core features

  • Cool game-controller style design;
  • Stock OpenTX firmware, update for EdgeTX in work;
  • 8 radio channels;
  • Internal iFlight ExpressLRS (ELRS) transmitter
  • Highest quality hall sensor gimbals for maximum precision;
  • High-performance Dual Band 900MHz / 2400MHz radio antenna compatible;
  • Inbuilt 4.000mAh for up to 24h power (2x 2.000mAh 18650 batteries);
  • Charging: Type-C 20W Quick Charge.

Technical specifications

  • First module: Frsky D8/D16 and Futaba Multiprotocol transmitter
    • Supported Protocols: Futaba S-FHSS/Frsky D16/Frsky D8,
  • Second module: ExpressLRS 915MHz or 2.4GHz (inbuilt in back of the radio)
  • 2.4GHz system: CC2500/SX1280
  • 915MHz system: SX1276
  • Antenna: High-performance Dual-Band Antenna(915MHz+2.4GHz)
RF Power:
  • ExpressLRS 2.4GHz 10-25-50-100-250-500mW
  • ExpressLRS 915MHz 100-250-500-1000mW
  • Multiprotocol transmitter: Max. 100mW


  1. I bought the chimera pro7 bundle. came with commando 8 and the DJI goggles 2,. I have maybe 12 cheap drones you fly visually. This is my 1st try at goggles and the commando seems complicated! They tell me everything is just supossed to link together. Im having a hell of a time. Ive had this 2 weeks now and its killing me that i cant get this thing to take off. You go to DJI Fly app and the chimera is not listed or is it listed on DJi assistant. So could somebody with a little knowledge of my frustration Please Please help me so i can fly off into the sunset!

    • lol Alex. they announced to me that they were out of the goggles and receiver after i bought the chiera pro 7 bundle, but they said in 15 days they would ship it but actually they were a lot quicker than they had said so take a deep breath lol

  2. Looks really good & sounds promising controller, which has all the protocols I need including the long-range ExpressLRS future builds. 2022 I‘m ready, let’s begin, not getting any younger.

    Take care

    • Simon I am going on 63 so i hear you loud and clear, This is my first crack at these long range drones and I bought the chimera pro7 bundle, came with commando 8 and the DJI goggles 2, They say it pretty much links automatically. Well Im not used to a controller with so many functions. I ve had this 2 weeks now and its driving me nuts that i cant get this thing to fly. Is it possible well yes its possible i have move something in the commando 8 ? and i cant seem to find any info on where all the buttons on top of the commando are supossed to be set at? I know im a noob but im not getting any younger can you please help me?


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