iFlight Commando 8 ELRS radio transmitter

iFlight Commando 8

The upcoming iFlight Commando 8 radio transmitter follows a similar gamepad style design as the Jumper T-Pro and RadioMaster Zorro. According to the rumored specs, it features an integrated high-performance ELRS radio module and a 4.000mAh battery that allows 24 hours continuous usage. While the 915MHz version has up to 1W power, the 2.4GHz only 500mW. On the back of the RC is a fan for active cooling.

The iFlight Commando 8 remote controller has also a second 100mW radio module that is compatible with Frsky D8/D16 and Futaba Multiprotocol radios.


In addition to the high-quality hall sensor gimbals, on the front panel, there is a status LCD, five status LEDs, and two 4D mini joysticks.

Price, availability, and options

The C8 transmitter can be ordered now from Banggood with a starting price of $149.99 (12% off). You can opt from 2.5G ELRS, 915 ELRS, or Base 2.4G+915MHZ ELRS.

iFlight Commando 8 core features

  • Cool game-controller style design;
  • Stock OpenTX firmware, update for EdgeTX in work;
  • 8 radio channels;
  • Internal iFlight ExpressLRS (ELRS) transmitter
  • Highest quality hall sensor gimbals for maximum precision;
  • High-performance Dual Band 900MHz / 2400MHz radio antenna compatible;
  • Inbuilt 4.000mAh for up to 24h power (2x 2.000mAh 18650 batteries);
  • Charging: Type-C 20W Quick Charge.

Technical specifications

  • First module: Frsky D8/D16 and Futaba Multiprotocol transmitter
    • Supported Protocols: Futaba S-FHSS/Frsky D16/Frsky D8,
  • Second module: ExpressLRS 915MHz or 2.4GHz (inbuilt in back of the radio)
  • 2.4GHz system: CC2500/SX1280
  • 915MHz system: SX1276
  • Antenna: High-performance Dual-Band Antenna(915MHz+2.4GHz)
RF Power:
  • ExpressLRS 2.4GHz 10-25-50-100-250-500mW
  • ExpressLRS 915MHz 100-250-500-1000mW
  • Multiprotocol transmitter: Max. 100mW


  1. Looks really good & sounds promising controller, which has all the protocols I need including the long-range ExpressLRS future builds. 2022 I‘m ready, let’s begin, not getting any younger.

    Take care


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