iFlight Defender 25: DJI AVATA clone?

iFlight Defender 25

For this Cristmas, iFlight prepared a new DJI AVATA-like FPV drone with O3 Air Unit onboard. The iFlight Defender 25 is the successor of the ProTek series. It adopts similar Whoop duct propeller protectors.

Defender 25 comes in my with durability and usability. Weighting less than 250 grams doesn’t require registration in most countries. It has a durable injection molded frame to protect the electronics and motors during minor crashes. Inside the frame, there is a BLITZ D25 F7 AIO flight controller. The 1404-type motors are paired with 2525 (2.5-inch) propellers.

Unlike most FPV drones, iFlight powers the Defender25 with a proprietary battery pack, not a standard LIPO pack. There are two options, 4S 550mAh (≤249g) and 900mnAh (≤280g), for longer flight time.

According to your existing remote controller, you can opt for TBS Crossfire Nano RX or ELRS 2.4GHZ/915MHz radio receiver. The PNP version is DJI FPV controller V2 compatible.

Pricing, availability, and options

The Defender25 is available at Banggood with an analog FPV system for $317.39 or with HD digital FPV for US$604.89. These prices include a charging adapter, one 500mAh battery, and two pairs of propellers.


  • [Ultralight & Free to Fly] At sub 249g weight, our Defender25 doesn’t require registration in most countries. The compact and lightweight design also make it easy to carry and store. It will be your best travel buddy to redefine your FPV adventure.
  • [Small But Mighty] The built-in 2.5-inch propeller guards were designed to fly bold. You’ll experience an entirely new creative freedom to fly whenever and wherever. The durable injection molded frame not only prevents damage to your motors or propellers but also protects the environment from minor flight errors.
  • [4K Stabilized Video with 155°Ultra-Wide Angle] Equipped with the latest tech from DJI, the O3 Air Unit HD transmission system. The Defender25 supports 4K video and shoots up to 155°super-wide FOV footage for stunning visuals. In addition, D-Cinelike color mode provides more creative freedom for color grading, allowing you to edit and adjust your footage.
  • [Jello free footage] iFlight also added a special vibration-damped camera mount to keep your raw footage as smooth as possible, as well as ensure good Gyro Data for the in-built or in-post camera stabilization.
  • [Crash Protected Quick-Release Battery] New innovative quick-release battery and charging adapter to make everything as easy as it can be. The Defender25 comes with a stock 4S 550mAh. An Endurance 900mAh battery is optional.
  • Inbuilt high-performance Video and Receiver antennas
  • Optimized Landing Gear for Take-off in Complex Environment
  • Countless easy-to-use features let you get started right away:
    • Turtle Mode pre-setup
    • Secured XT30 Battery Plug with Anti-Spark Filter
    • Motors with direction arrows
    • Props with positioning column for easy installation
    • All ports and buttons are easy to access
    • Mini camera mount (Naked GoPro, Insta360 GO2, etc.)


  1. US$633.89 for TBS version? I think iFlight is joking with us, is more expensive than the original DJI AVATA with tons of more features!

    • Yeah the upside to tbs is distance, but also moot point obviously. May give some elbow room so everything isn’t on 2.4/5.8. Sure there’s some benny I’m not thinking of but doesn’t make sense with Avata, though the new firmware update from Ma Deej kinda crapped that guy out too…bunch of people with their phones tucked in to a hat pocket now lol


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