C-Fly DREAM drone: DJI Spark for less

C-Fly DREAM Drone

It seems that finally C-fly, announced their own DJI Spark clone, called “Dream”. It is advertise in two variants, BNF (without RC) for $219 and RTF (w/ transmitter) for $299. Like its contender, the C-Fly DREAM quadcopter will be also available in many outstanding colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & White).

C-Fly DREAM drone colors

In front of the drone is located a Full HD camera, which allows to take aerial video with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The 2-axis gimbal ensures very stable captured footage.

Thanks to the Dual GPS positioning system and advanced optical flow sensors, the C-Fly DREAM drone will hover perfectly stable in any environment.

According to the manufacturer’s specs, the C-Fly DREAM’s 1000mAh battery allows about 15 minutes flying time. 

C-Fly DREAM features and specs

  • Spark alike design;
  • Available colors: yellow, red, white, green and blue;
  • Dual GPS positioning system (GPS&GLONASS);
  • Advanced Optical flow positioning system;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Way-points, Follow me and Fly around);
  • Precise one key return to home (RTH);
  • One-key Take-off/Landing;
  • Fail-safe return to home (low battery and RC connection lost);
  • Full HD camera with 1920×1080 video recording;
  • 2-axis gimbal for stable aerial footage;
  • WiFi real-time image transmission (5.8G);
  • Up to 20KM/h flying speed;
  • About 15 minutes flight autonomy.

Included accessories with the C-Fly Dream quadcopter:

  • 1080P camera w/ 2-Axis gimbal;
  • 3s 1000mAh flight battery;
  • Remote controller (only RTF package);
  • Transmitter battery and USB charging cable (only RTF package);
  • 1 Pair of spare propellers;
  • User manual.

Here are the first test videos with the C-Fly Dream drone

  1. C-Fly Dream maximum flight height test

2. C-Fly Dream battery life test

3. C-Fly Dream camera test (RAW video)

Video credit to Libor Stolc

last updete on 7/19/2018


  1. Anyone knows where to find spare battery for the C-Fly drone? In Europe I mean ….I would avoid buying them from China because i really don’t wanna wait 40 days for them :(

  2. Definitively go for a Spark or wait a bit for the Spark 2 with 4K camera. This C-Fly Dream has poor FPV quality and short flight range.

    • I mean, you are comparing a 230 euro drone with a 500 / 550 euro… and my guess is that the Spark isn’t worth more than double the price of the C-Fly Dream …. a 100 euros more for sure, not more than that though IMHO.
      The spark 2 instead seems to be still in the making … when it will be launched, the spark will probably go down again in price , getting closer to its true value.

    • thank you for the videos! Would you be interested to send us a in-depth C-Fly Dream review with photos and videos?

  3. not looks too good! you should wait for the Spark 2, it will be announced on 18 of July by DJI! Probably will have 4K camera :)

  4. Hello Libor Stolc, I would be interested in seeing your review of the Dream c-fly.
    Hola Libor Stolc como se llama tu canal de Youtube estaría interesado en ver la review del Dream c-fly.

  5. Hello Robert,

    thank you for your first information about new DREAM. I ordered it on RC-MOMENT and I received it two days ago. I have to buy a new smartphone with 5G WiFi. And so I did only basic tests without a flight including capturing pictures and videos from my hand. The quality of both pictures and videos are very good.

    After I get my new smartphone, I am going to publish videos to my YouTube channel.

    I am very looking forward to my first flights. And I write my customer review to DREAM on their web page. I have a lot of experiences with my JYU Hornet S and Hornet 2 drones.

    • Great, we will wait for your flight video!

      BTW, you should get iPhone. Samsung also has 5.8G & 2.4G WiFi but, US phones have different channels.

      I know, I had the same issue with a Hubsan drone…


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