YUNEEC MANTIS Q drone: First rumors

YUNEEC Mantis Q drone

While the little Breeze was Yuneec’s answer to DJI’s Spark, the MANTIS Q wants to be the contender of the popular Mavic Pro. Equipped with 4K camera and up to 33 minutes flight autonomy, the YUNEEC MANTIS Q seems to be one of the best foldable drones of 2018.

When it is folded together, the Mantis Q measures only 168 x 96 x 58 mm and weights about 480 grams (including camera and battery).

Instead of a real motorised 3-axis gimbal, the YUNEEC MANTIS Q’s camera features only optical image stabilisation. The angle of the camera can be remotely adjusted.

YUNEEC Mantis Q core features

Unlike most in its class, Mantis Q comes equipped with advanced indoor stabilization technology. Down-facing dual sonar sensors and infrared detection make it safe enough to fly indoors and outdoors.

Both, FPV and control range are up to 800 meters for Europe (CE standard) and up to 1500 meters for US (FCC standard). I know the Mavic Pro has much longer control\video transmission range for both standards.

Surely, with top speed of 72Km/h the YUNEEC MANTIS Q is currently one of the fastest cruising drone around world. It is 7km/h faster than its contender.

Yuneec Mantis Q features & specs

  • Innovative foldable design;
  • PX4 based flight controller;
  • Indoor & outdoor operation mode;
  • Voice control and Visual tracking;
  • Face recognition & instant sharing;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Journey mode, Point of interest, RTH);
  • Fail-safe auto return tome;
  • Dual satellite positioning system (GPS & GLONASS);
  • 4K camera with remote angle adjustment;
  • 4800×2700 (16:9) or 4160×3120 (4:3) video resolutions;
  • Up to 13Mp photo resolution (JPG & DNG);
  • Electronic image stabilization at 1080P;
  • Maximum flight speed: Angle/Manual Mode: 21.6 km/h, Sport Mode: 72 km/h, IPS/Phone Mode: 14.4 km/h;
  • Transmitter range: 800 m (CE standard, optimum conditions), 1.5 km (FCC standard);
  • FPV range 1.5 km (FCC standard, optimum conditions), 800 m (Ce standard, optimum conditions)
  • Up to 33 minutes flying autonomy.

YUNEEC Mantis Q tranmistter

Included accessories with the Yuneec Mantis Q travel mate drone

The Mantis Q drone comes in a standard setup that includes a remote, 3.7V/3000mAh flight battery, spare propellers and a serial triple charger that charges up to three batteries in a row. The X Pack (aka Fly more combo), which is also available, contains the aircraft and transmitter, as well as three batteries and two sets of spare blades. It comes in a small, practical transportation & storage bag.

Yuneec Mantis Q promo video

Price & availability

  • Mantis Q – $499.99: MantisQ, controller, one battery, spare propellers (one set) three-port charger, power and USB cable.
  • Mantis Q (X-Pack) – $649.99: Mantis Q, controller, three batteries, travel shoulder bag, spare propellers (one set), three-port charger, power and USB cable.

For now, both models are available only for pre-orders. Frankly, in my opinion the Mantis Q is a bit overpriced taking in consideration the lack of a mechanical camera gimbal and short flying distance.

Image & video credit to Yuneec

last update on 8/17/2018


  1. just another garbage from Yuneec, no real gimbal – only electronic image stabilisation. save your money for a DJI drone!!!

  2. I wonder if this drone has obstacle avoidance like the Dji leaving out the small things like this is the difference between the King and the also ran’s

  3. Similar design, functions and price. Very pale creation from Yuneec. As i know it’s still the first step in drone market. Why not break it up and stop copying others. Indeed DJI is chief, and it’s enough unique, perfect tech.
    Go ahead,guys.

    • @Mark You are totally wrong!!! IMHO, Yuneec is the second best drone brand. The have many popular drones, from toy ones (Breeze) to professional grade ones. Yes, the Mantis Q will, their first compact foldable drone.

  4. It was always a “war” between Yuneec and DJI and looking on the specs of the Mantis Q, this battle is lost (again)

    • It´s always a question of personal specific needs and of price. As for the latter the comparable DJI product is the Spark, which is more expensive, has half the battery time but a two axis gimbal (still, also only 1080p, so one would have to see the results) and front obstacle avoidance. Good reasons to buy each, if photos and videos are halfways comparable, I´d prefer the Mantis. (Btw, as for the law, range in the USA is also limited.

    • You have perfectly right! DJI was always one step ahead against Yuneec. Their MantisQ can be a success only if its price will be under 500 US dollars (including remote).


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