DJI Mavic Pro the ultimate flight adventure

DJI Mavic Pro drone quadcopter

DJI Mavic quadcopter with unlimited possibilities

This year DJI already announced a nice model which completely changed the consumer drone market segment by adding collision avoidance feature. This DJI Mavic Pro with completely new foldable design seems to make a brake down again.

Lately, other two selfie drones with similar functionalities were announced. You can read my features and specs comparison of them here: DJI Mavic vs GoPro Karma vs Yuneec Breeze.

In my opinion the biggest advantage of this new DJI drone over the Phantom series is the foldable design which allows a more convenient storing and transportation. Thanks to the compact design you can take with you the DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter almost everywere.

Based on my experience reviewing the Phantom 3 Advanced, I can say that the DJI is currently one of the most innovative quadcopter manufacturer. They always try to introduce new features in order to make their aircraft safer and more operation friendly.

Powered by a 3830 mAh battery, the advertised flight autonomy is up to 27 minutes. About 15 minutes longer that Yuneec Breeze has.

In order to allow smooth and vibration free aerial videos, the Mavic’s 4K camera is mounted on a 3-axis brushless gimbal. Unfortunately the camera is not removable so you can’t do the same tricks as you can do with the GoPro Karma.

DJI Mavic Pro features and specs

  • Foldable design;
  • Automatic flight logs;
  • Obstacle Avoidance combined with sensor redundancy increases flight safety and reliability;
  • Vision positioning system;
  • Intelligent positioning system (GPS and GLONASS);
  • Intelligent flight modes (follow me, holding mode);
  • Fly by phone;
  • 4K video resolution (4096×2160 @ 24p);
  • Up to 7 km HD real-time image transmission;
  • In photo mode, the camera can shoot images with 12MP in Adobe DNG RAW format;
  • 3-axis gimbal (mechanical);
  • About 27 minutes flight time;
  • Ultra high capacity 3830 mAh Li-Po battery;
  • Max flight speed: up to 64 km/h;
  • Compatible with DJI goggles.

Should I replace my Phantom 4 quadcopter? In my opinion this new model has a completely different market segment so you don’t need to change your “old” model, maybe just add a new one to your collection :)

Exclusive images with the DJI Mavic drone



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