Yuneec Breeze trendy selfie drone

Yuneec Breeze selfie quadcopter

Yuneec Breeze selfie quadcopter with UHD camera

First time I read about this Yuneec Breeze selfie drone I hesitated to publish a product news because I’m mad a bit on the manufacturer. One of my Yuneec 4K‘s battery started to swollen. Their service team requested me to send it back, even if its not safe to transport LI-POs in this state… Anyway, overall Yuneec products have good quality so it’s worth to mention at least few words about their new Breeze Selfie Drone.

The Breeze Selfie Drone is designed to be ultra portable adopting foldable propellers.

In order to allow to capture your best moments, the Yuneec Breeze selfie quad is equipped with a 4K camera which is capable to capture videos with resolution of up to 2160p @ 30fps.

Like other selfie drones (ZEROTECH Dobby and Wingsland S6), the Yuneec Breeze comes without a physical remote controller. The aircraft can be controlled through the Breeze CAM APP (available for iOS and Android mobile devices). The app allows to download the aerial photos and videos instantly and share them across many social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram). 

Featuring five automat flight modes, this quad can be easily operated even by first time pilots.

Yuneec Breeze selfie drone features and specs

  • Portable compact design;
  • Multiple flight modes (Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey and Follow me modes);
  • Indoor positioning system;
  • Propeller protectors;
  • 720P HD real-time video transmission;
  • 13Mp photo mode;
  • 4K video recording.

Yuneec just announced that their added live stream capabilities for their Breeze drone.

Users can now live stream to Facebook, YouTube, or your preferred output, making this flying camera even more convenient than before.Yuneec Breeze Live streaming to social medias

Breeze Live Stream Features:

  • New feature on Breeze Cam App, available on iOS and Android;
  • Stream in 720p HD;
  • Instant interaction with audience;
  • Facebook, YouTube, RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) compatible;
  • Video recording via Breeze drone;
  • Audio recording via mobile device;
  • Ability to name live stream recording.
First images with the Yuneec Breeze quadcopter

image credits to Yuneec

Last update on 4/10/2017


  1. The new DJI Mavic looks much better than this Yuneec Breeze.
    Now we have 3 contenders in the “Best selfie drone” contest.
    – Yuneec Breeze
    – GoPro Karma
    – DJI Mavic

    • Yes HeroFun, I would definitely go on the GoPro Karma or the Wingsland S6 instead of the Breeze selfie drone.
      BTW, the Wingsland S6 features obstacle avoidance!!!

  2. Nice selfie drone!
    Are you planning to review this Yuneec Breeze?
    If yes, my first question would be if it has obstacle avoidance like other this kind of drones.
    And my second question would be, if it features wifi FPV or something more reliable?


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