Yuneec Typhoon price drop

Yuneec Typhoon price drop

Typhoon 4K quadcopter for only $847

After few weeks from the moment DJI announced their price drop it was time for Yuneec to announce more attractive prices. The guys from Yuneec revealed at CES the new Typhoon H with obstacle avoidance and it was clear that they will reduce the price of the existing product line.

It is a “fierce war” between these two manufacturers in order to grab more consumers and fans around them. Over the time Yunnec became a well known quadcopter manufacturer through their extremely good customer support while those from DJI are recognized for the latest innovations brought in their products. Frankly, I do not know who will win this battle but certainly the customers are happy every-time the prices go down.

I’m looking for some time to buy an affordable quadcotper with 4K camera. I would like this summer to roam my country and capture some amazing aerial videos. I think, at this moment, the Typhoon 4K quadcopter with steady grip and extra battery pack for only $847 is a bargain. I will check if Yuneec’s price drop is also valid for Europe because ordering from US is very complicated, there are extra taxes like VAT and custom duties, not to mention and postal costs.

Amazing Yuneec Typhoon price drop

The actual price for the Yuneec quadcopters are collected from B&H website and you can check them here.

  • Yuneec Typhoon 4K with CGO3-GB Camera, SteadyGrip, and aluminum case – $999 ($300 savings);
  • Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon with 4K camera, extra battery and 64 GB memory card – $847 ($300 savings);
  • Yuneec Q500+ Quadcopter with HD Camera, SteadyGrip and deluxe case – $699 ($400 savings);
  • Typhoon G with GB203 Gimbal for GoPro cameras – $499 ($400 savings);
  • Yuneec Typhoon H Hexa-copter with 4K Camera and ultrasonic proximity detection – $1799.

I know the latest hexa-copter’s price is still high but I hope it will drop few month after they released it on the market.


  1. The Typhoon 4K has shorter FPV and flight range than the PH3P, but it comes with a nice android transmitter and extra battery pack.


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