ZHIYUN CRANE-M 3S gimbal for smooth vlogging and travel videos

CRANE-M3S gimbal

The newly announced ZHIYUN CRANE-M 3S is the successor to the CRANE M3 gimbal intended for Vlogging, travel videos, and live streaming users. It weighs 705 grams and features a higher load-bearing capacity so that mainstream mirrorless full-frame cameras and lens combos can be used.

When used with compatible cameras, the CRANE M3S gimbal features Bluetooth shutter functionality that enables wireless control of zoom and recording without the need for a cable connection. Thanks to the upgraded arm, it can accommodate full-frame mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and smartphones. Its built-in 1150mAh battery provides about 7 hours of working time and can be charged via a PD USB Type-C port in just two hours.

Just like its predecessor, the M3S boasts a small built-in bi-color fill light no bigger than a fingernail. Powered by ZHIYUN’s own Lumen Amplifier technology, the modular light enables step-less/temperature adjustment and is claimed to emit up to 1,000 lux brightness. It is Kelvin color temperature adjustable between 2,700K-5,500K.

The 1.22-inch touchscreen features an all-new intuitive UI that offers easy adjustment of functions.

Key features

  • [Ultra-Portable Powerhouse Design] Weighing in at just 705 grams, this gimbal strikes the perfect balance between portability and high load-bearing capacity with mainstream cameras and lenses
  • [Optimized Arm for Full-Frame Lenses] The large camera arm is compatible with most DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market and mainstream lenses. It can also accommodate mobile phones and action cameras.
  • [Improved Quick Release Camera System] The two-in-one quick-release system with plates for each camera model allows camera batteries to be changed without camera assembly or disassembly. According to ZHIYUN, once the gimbal is balanced, it won’t require rebalancing again.
  • [Wireless. Hassle less] Say goodbye to the complicated cable connections. With the Bluetooth shutter control, you can control the camera to start/stop recording or trigger photo-taking functions with just a touch. Shooting experience elevated
  • [Fill Stunning Light Clarity for Your Shots] Nights won’t stop your shooting. The Lumen Amplifier technology created by ZHIYUN boasts a tiny yet powerful light source that is no bigger than a fingernail to emit up to 1000 lux brightness.
  • [Long lasting] Power Delivery (PD) fast charging means that a full charge of the 1150mAh battery takes just two hours, and the maximum working time is up to 7.5 hours.


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