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Kaifeng KF600 camera drone

Coming soon: Kaifeng KF600 WiFi camera drone

In addition to the nice futuristic design, the Kaifeng KF600 brings some cool features too. Besides the usual stuff (altitude-hold and headless mode) it also...
SIMTOO Rainbow XT198 drone quadcopter

SIMTOO XT198 Rainbow drone: Optical flow & Gyro control

The XT198 Rainbow is a new foldable drone from SIMTOO. It features on-board 720P camera with WiFi real-time image transmission. Thanks to the optical...
Flying3D FY919 quadcopter

Flying3D FY919 drone with optical flow sensor

After the Cheerson CX-OF, here is another toy drone with optical flow sensor called: Flying3D FY919. Optical sensor combined with air-pressure sensor allows perfectly stable...
Cheerson CX-OF quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-OF review: Unmatched hovering stability

In the past mini drones were nice but with no fancy features. Now, the Cheerson CX-OF, with optical-flow sensor and intelligent flight modes, changes the rules....