JJRC X9P GPS enabled 4K drone for less than $300

JJRC X9P 4K drone quadcopter

Surely, the biggest upgrade of the JJRC X9P compared to its predecessor is the 4K camera and optical flow positioning. The “Pro” version comes with 4096 X 3072 photo and 1920 X 1080 video resolution. In order to allow super smooth footage, the 4K camera is mounted on a 2-axis gimbal. The camera’s FPV range is around 800 meters which is close to the advertised 1km control range.

Unfortunately, in terms of flight time there is no improvement. Just like its predecessor, the X9P also has about 15 minutes of airborne time. IMHO, the 3s/1000mAh battery is too small for a 258 grams aircraft.

Thanks to the GPS assisted fail-safe return to home feature, the JJRC X9P quadcopter will autonomously return to the take-off point if the flight battery is near empty.

JJRC X9P features

  • Dual-satellite positioning system (GPS/GLONASS);
  • Optical flow positioning system;
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • On-board 4K camera with 2-axis gimbal;
  • Photo/Video gesture shots;
  • 5G WiFi real-time image transmission (up to 800 meters);
  • Fail-safe return to home (Low battery & RC signal loss);
  • Intelligent flight mode (Follow me & Point of interest);
  • Max. Flight Speed: 18km/h (GPS Mode);
  • About 1KM control range 
  • Up to 15 minutes flying time.

JJRC X9P camera specs

Camera specs:

  • 2-Axis (Pitch,Roll);
  • Remote angle adjustment (tilt: -90°-0°);
  • Effective Pixels: 4K 12MP;
  • Video Frames: 25FPS;
  • Sensor: 1/3.2 CMOS;
  • Photo Taking Mode: Single Shot/Gesture shooting;
  • Max. Stream: 13Mbps;
  • Digital zoom: 50 times max;
  • Support File System: FAT32;
  • Max. micro SD card size: 32GB;
  • Image Format: JPEG;
  • Video Format: MP4;
  • Photo Resolution: 4096 X 3072;
  • Video Resolution: 1920 X 1080.

Included accessories with the JJRC X9P drone

  • Remote controller;
  • Phone holder clip for RC;
  • 3s/1000mAh flight battery;
  • USB Charging Cable;
  • Balance charger;
  • 2 spare propellers;
  • Drone guide.


  1. Hi I am currently thinking about buying this drone or the SG 906 Pro 2. The price is nearly identical but the X9PS has the advantage that it is below 250g. What is your opinion about these two models? Which is better and takes the better videos and pictures?

  2. I take photos with my collection of quadcopters and hexacopter so “Trust” me, because I Know what I’m talking about! In the spec’s it even states it’s videos are 1080p and only the camera photos are 4k. Some people need to read first! If they can.

  3. just another fake 4k drone. they increase the photo resolution, but videos are still only FULL HD. Lets be fair, who takes photos with drones? No one trust me….


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