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Hawk Pro and Hawk Sport from EMAX (5″ FPV race drones)

EMAX Hawk Pro 5 & EMAX Hawk Sport 5
Following the great success of the first generation Hawk 5" drone, EMAX planning to release two redesigned successors. The main difference between the Hawk Pro and Hawk Sport is around the propulsion system and the video rig. While the Pro comes with Pulsar 2306 motors and Caddx Ratel camera, the Sport has ECO 2207 motors and Caddx Turbo Micro...

Heliway 905D affordable DIY quadcopter KIT

Heliway 905d quadcopter KIT for newbies
Heliway 905D cheap and easy to assembly DIY drone As features and specs of this Heliway 905D are very similar to the popular Syma X5C-1, basically, for half price you get the same quadcopter plus some extra fun. The Heliway 905D DIY KIT includes everything you need to build your first flying machine. Even the transmitter (remote controller) comes in parts. According to the...

VISUO XS809S Battles Sharks: More flying fun

VISUO XS809S Battles Sharks drone
Following the great success of the XS809HW drone, Siluroid announced an upgraded version called XS809S Battles Sharks. This new version comes with about twice more flight time compared to its predecessor. The VISUO XS809S drone was announced with two type of cameras, a basic 0.3MP camera and a more versatile HD camera. The price difference between the two variants is about...

RadioLink F121 Eneopterinae: Dirt cheap educative FPV drone

RadioLink F121
While we more known RadioLink as a remote controller manufacturer, they also have a couple of ready to fly FPV drones. The new F121 Eneopterinae is their 5th model and it is dedicated to newbie FPV pilots. RadioLink F121 Eneopterinae has two package options. While the ‘Basic’ version includes the drone, T8S remote controller, battery, and charger, the ‘FPV combo’...

HGLRC Carry30 CineWhoop drone

HGLRC Carry30
The HGLRC Carry30 is a CineWhoop-style drone with a unique feature. It has an all-in-one electromagnetic suction cup module on the belly that allows for carrying various things. This could be the drone that can recover your drone crashed on the roof of a building or a tree. Of course, having a wheelbase (diagonal motor-to-motor distance) of just 150mm...

SPCMAKER Leiteng115 Toothpick FPV drone

SPCMAKER Leiteng115
The SPCMAKER Leiteng115 adopts a similar Toothpick style design as the HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro. It has a wheelbase of 115mm and weighs just 39.8 grams without a battery and radio receiver. You have black or blue protective canopy options. Its tiny Galloping G1202 11000KV motors are matched with 3-leaf/3-inch propellers. The PCMAKER F4 flight controller comes with an integrated...

Happymodel Crux3NLR: Long-Range GPS ExpressLRS FPV drone

Photo of Happymodel Crux3NLR drone
Like the BetaFPV HX115 LR, the Happymodel Crux3NLR also comes equipped with a built-in SPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver. This new radio communication has become extremely popular due to its excellent stability and low latency. On top of the 115mm, carbon fiber frame has a 18650 battery bay. According to Happymodel, you can have up to 17 minutes of crossing time...

DJI FPV drone spare parts and accessories

DJI FPV Drone Spare Parts and Accessories
If you ever own an FPV drone before, you probably already know that they do not last forever. During a risky maneuver, you can hit a tree or a building which can produce serious damage to your aircraft. These situations are covered by a paid DJI FPV drone Care Refresh premium service, but only 2 times for a 1-year...

JJRC X16: Cheap Mavic Mini alternative under 100

JJRC X16 drone under 100
On paper, the JJRC X16 looks like the ultimate Mavic Mini alternative under $100. It claims to have a 6K camera, GPS positioning, reliable brushless motors, and lots of intelligent flight modes. Furthermore, its 2s/1450mAh battery allows up to 25 minutes of flight time. By comparison, the DJI’s smallest foldable drone has 2s/2400 mAh battery and 30 min playtime. Its...

Eachine E57 quadcopter: Thinnest selfie drone

Eachine E57 drone
Having a thickness of just 9.5 mm, we can say easily that the Eachine E57 is one of the thinnest selfie drone on the market. The transmitter is also very thin, it measures only 1.8 cm. Additional to the innovative design, the Eachine E57 drone  comes with all the latest features. Thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor, the aircraft is...

Inside the JJRC H8C transmitter

Looking inside of the JJRC H8C remote controller Today I opened my JJRC H8C 2.4Ghz remote controller to find out how I can improve it. The default control range is around 80 meters and I want to extend this range adding a true 6db 2.4Ghz antenna. It was very easy to open the transmitter. I used the screwdriver that comes in the package with the JJRC H8C quadcopter. Inside...