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GENIUS NY, Drone and UAS-Based Business Accelerator, Gearing Up for Third Annual Competition

GENIUS NY Drone Based Business Accelerator
Today I wanted to let you all know about a really exciting competition for drone enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interested in starting or growing a drone-based business! GENIUS NY, the world’s largest business accelerator for drone and UAS-based startups, is gearing up for their 3 rd annual competition. GENIUS NY was started in Central New York in order to fuel the growth of innovative...

Summer’s quadcopter reviews

Summer's quadcopter reviews on www.firstquadcopter.com Being a Syma fan, I could not skip to test at least one model of the latest X8 series. Banggood already sent it to me and probably will arrive within two weeks. As soon as I get it and test it few times I will write my review. I want to compare it side by side with the Tarantula X6, that I...

TransTEC Demon: 95mm sized Ghost Whoop :D

TransTEC Demon 95mm FPV drone quadcopter
In addition to the cool Tiny Whoop alike blade protectors, the TransTEC Demon mini FPV drone features a nice Ghost shaped protective canopy. As Halloween is almost here, I bet kids will love to play with this Ghost Whoop. Especially that during night flights the canopy is glowing in bloody red :D Even if the ducted propeller design proved to be not...

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium quadcopter

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Quadcopter
Autel Robotics X-Star - DJI Phantom's fear I'm probably the only one who thinks that this X-Star Premium from Autel Robotics looks like a rebranded Phantom quadcopter. In my opinion it has very similar features and specs with the PH3 4K model. For sure, adding a small status LCD screen to the X-Star's transmitter was a great idea. The dedicated take-off/land button is another useful feature of the...

Upcoming quadcopter reviews in June

Upcoming quadcopter and quadcopter related product reviews - June 2015 Recently I ordered for my family members few small quadcopters and some other products and I'm planning to test and review them. Of course I will share all my positive and negative impressions regarding them. Small quadcopters like the Eachine H8 mini and FQ777-124 Pocket Drone are the perfect remote controlled toys for...

Eachine Wizard TS215: Racing drone for Prof

Eachine Wizard TS215 racing quadcopter
Last week when I wrote the news about Eachine QX65, I accidentally came across this Eachine Wizard TS215 drone. It is Eachine's latest and probably their best racing drone ever. It comes with the versatile F4 flight controller, 1200TVL camera and 72 channel VTX. In addition, Eachine includes an on-board DVR which allows to record the journey of your flights. Eachine...

SHRC H2 Locke: Tello alternative with 2k camera?

SHRC H2 Locke drone
At first sight, the SHRC H2 Locke is an excellent alternative for the DJI Tello, as it has similar design and features. Moreover, the SHRC H2 qudcopter has 2K camera and it is even cheaper! With installed blade protectors, the aircraft measures 180 x 180 x 35mm and weights about 80 grams. You can opt between white and black colors. According to...

Quadcopter Rim lighting in photography

As we know, over the time quadcopters became accessible for hobbyist and some industries. At the beginning, the main application for this kind of aircrafts was in the military. Quadcopters are used now in many applications like: aerial videography, aerial cartography, package delivery - in some luxury hotels even the champagne is delivered by quadcopters. More recently quadcopters are used for Rim lighting in professional photography. Usually, the subjects are...

Yuneec H920 Plus professional hexa-copter

Yuneec H920 Plus drone
Yuneec Tornad o H920 Plus drone for unmatched aerial filming After the HT520, Yuneec announced a more professional hexa-copter called Tornado H920 Plus. This new drone is suitable for industrial applications and professional aerial filming. In order to allow easy transportation, the Yuneec H920 Plus features foldable arms. The landing gears are retractable, which is a must have for professional aerial videos. The...

Swellpro Splash Drone 3: Fly in the rain, land on water

Splash Drone 3 quadcopter
The SwellPro Splash Drone 3 don’t just fly, it can also float and film underwater. Both, 2-axis gimbal and 4K camera can be immersed in water allowing to record incredible footage bellow the surface of the water. The dream of any fisherman :D When it comes about flying over a lake, I'm always afraid of what happens if the drone falls into...

HGLRC Mefisto 226MM FPV Drone: 2450KV (4-5s) & 1775KV (5-6s) motors

HGLRC Mefisto 226mm FPV drone
HGLRC announced their new Mefisto 5" FPV Drone with two type of brushless motors. While the HF2306 2450KV edition is optimized for 4-5s batteries, the FLAME 2207 1775KV one is suitable for 5-6S LIPOs. Both versions are compatible with 5 inch propellers. This dual type motor option is also adopted by the HobbyMate Comet racing quad. In front of the aircraft is...