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iEagle Explorer 6 FPV GPS quad

iEagle Explorer 6 all-in-one GPS FPV quadcopter About this new iEagle Explorer quad we can't say that is cheap, but we also can say that is a very high-end quadcopter with 16MP camera, GPS navigation system and first person view (FPV). The only lack, that I found at the first view, was regarding the FPV system that uses the 2.4 GHz Wifi band and probably will have some video latency. The iEagle Explorer quadcopter has...

DROCON Bugs 6: Racing drone for intermediate pilots

DROCON Bugs 6 brushless drone
Honestly, about the "Drocon" brand I heard for the first time one week ago. Besides the Bugs 6, they have couple of other nice drones. The following weeks I want to introduce you the most exciting ones in our news section. At first look, the DROCON Bugs 6 quadcopter is an intermediate step for those who want to migrate from toy drones to...

Mirarobot S60, a rethought TinyWhoop

Mirarobot S60 Micro Racing quadcopter
Reaching speeds only up to 20 km per hour, the Mirarobot S60 drone will not win any race but for sure is a good start for newbies. Allowing to switch between 3 and 6 axis stabilized mode, they can accommodate not just with the basic flight movements but also can learn to do some flip tricks. As I can understand from...

Best deals for MJX Bugs 3H & Bugs 5W (flash sale & coupon code)

Coupon codes for MJX Bugs 3H & Bugs 5W drones
MJX drones are becoming very popular due to their great flight capabilities and friendly price tag. Currently, the MJX Bugs family has 4 series. Bugs 2 (B2W & B2C), Bugs 3 (B3, B3H, B3Mini & B3Pro), Bugs 5W, Bugs 8 (B8 & B8Pro) and the latest member of the family is the series 10 with the Bugs 10H which seems...

FLYCKER X4-550 Explorer

FLYCKER Explorers Series X4-550 Quadcopter After testing many 350 mm size quads I think it would be interesting to review something bigger like the FLYCKER X4-550. This new quadcotper from Flycker Intelligence is built based on the Scorpion-X4 550 mm carbon-fiber frame. Those who are interested to build their own quad, this can be also purchased separately. The biggest advantage of this lightweight air-frame...

Eachine E51 new sElfie drone with high-tech design

Eachine E51 quadcopter
Even Eachine advertises their new E51 as being the world's smallest "sElfie drone". They already have an even smaller model called E55 Mini. The Eachine E51 was announced in two variants (RTF and BNF). For extra 7$, the RTF package includes a nice extendable remote controller. When it comes to first-time pilots, certainly one of the most important feature of this selfie quad-copter...

LDARC 5GT FPV racing drone: Features & Specs

LDARC KingKong 5GT FPV racing drone
LDARC (ex. KingKong) just announced a new professional grade FPV racing drone, called KK 5GT. In order to offer excellent durability, the LDARC KK 5GT is build on a solid 5mm carbon fiber frame. It has true-X design and 213mm wheelbase. During crashes, the on-board Runcam Swift Mini camera is well protected by a aluminium alloy frame. The versatile F4 flight controller...

SMRC ICAT2 drone: Features & specs

SMRC I CAT 2 drone
The SMRC ICAT2 is mixing all the good features of the MJX B2SE and the JJRC X7. It features cool design and powerful brush-less motors. It has dual GPS positioning system and full HD camera with 5G WiFi real-time image transmission. Moreover it has up to 22 minutes flight time. Through phone APP, the SMRC ICAT2 quadcopter is capable for intelligent flight...

LDARC ET115 V2 Brushless Whoop: Features & specs

LDARC ET115 FPV drone quadcopter
Back in 2017, LDARC (Ex. KingKong) announced a drone series called "ET", which had 3 different models ET100, ET115 and ET125. Now, under the same name, the LDARC ET115 V2 features a more aggressive design with black canopy and red prop nuts. Based on the versatile F3 flight controller, ET115 V2 can be configured with 3 different flight modes. While newbies can opt...

SKYSTARS X86mm and X120mm Ghost Rider

SKYSTARS X86mm & X120mm Ghost Rider
FPV drones come now in all shapes and sizes. Today I will introduce you two micro sized ones from SKYSTARS. While the smaller, X86 Ghost Rider, has wheelbase of 86mm, the X120 Ghost Rider has 116mm. Both quadcopters feature Micro F4 flight controller and brushless motors. The price difference between them is less than 2$. There is no much difference between the SKYSTARS X86mm and...

Hubsan H507D X4 STAR GPS drone for less than $200

Hubsan H507D X4 STAR done quadcopter
Hubsan, a reputable drone brand, recently announced a new affordable GPS drone called H507D X4 STAR. Besides the cool black&orange design, it comes with integrated HD camera which offers 5.8G real-time image transmission (FPV). Hubsan H507D X4 STAR features both manual and auto return to home. In case of signal loss (out of transmitter range), the drone will autonomously return to...