FUAV Seraphi GPS quadcopter

FUAV Seraphi qudacopter

If I remember correctly, a few months ago I have already introduced on the quadcopter news section a similar aircraft with this FUAV Seraphi but under a different brand name.

The actual tendency of the multi-rotor manufacturers is to use their own gimbal and camera without letting any upgrade and tuning possibilities. This new Seraphi from FUAV is trying to satisfy “every taste” as it is available in 4 different setups:

  • Basic package – includes the aircraft and the transmitter;
  • Video package – basic package and an additional 12MP camera;
  • Professional video package – video package plus a 2D gimbal for smooth aerial videos;
  • FPV package – professional package and a 5.8GH 5″ FPV LCD screen.

The 6 channel transmitter has around 400 meters control range and allows to remotely control the tilt angle of the 2D brushless gimbal.

I hope more and more complex models at affordable prices will come out on the market in order to “inspire” the old well-known manufacturers to reduce their prices too.

FUAV Seraphi FPV Quad features and specs:

  • Ready to fly (RTF package)
  • One key return to home (RTH)
  • Dual GPS auto positioning system (I’m very curious if it truly has 2 separate GPS modules)
  • 6 channel 2.4 remote controllers;
  • 5.8GHz real-time image transmission;
  • 2 axis brushless gimbal;
  • 12MP HD camera;
  • 5″ FPV screen;
  • Control range: 400-600 depending on the flying zone;
  • Powerful LED lights;
  • 2212 935KV brushless motors;
  • 3s 5200mAh LI-Po battery;
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 1350g;
  • Flight autonomy: up to 25 minutes;
  • Available colors: black and white.

In my opinion, not only the design of this GPS Quadcopter is very attractive but also its price. The FPV package costs around $485 and the basic package can be ordered for only $235.

FUAV Seraphi deluxe package (option 4) includes:

  • The FUAV Seraphi aircraft;
  • 2.4GHz remote controller;
  • 5200mAh Li-Po battery;
  • Balance battery charger
  • 2D gimbal;
  • HD camera;
  • 5″ FPV screen;
  • 1 set of propeller guards;
  • FUAV Seraphi user manual.


  1. Bought this very expensive quad-copter with camera and 3×5 screen. No operating instructions in English for screen and I can’t get it to calibrate also only three lights by motors light two green one red


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