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Syma X5C Battery Hack

After one of my X5C's battery died, I had two options: to order a new one (and wait for it 3-4 weeks) or hack a generic LiPo battery to work with the Syma X5c quadcopter, typically for me. I chose both. As backup plan if my battery hack will not work, I ordered a new 600mAh battery for my X5C at...

EHang Ghost Quad

EHang Ghost Basic,  Ghost Aerial with 2D gimbal and Ghost Aerial Plus with HD camera EHang Ghost is claiming to be the world's easiest to fly quadcopter. It is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots as well. The EHang Ghost smartphone quadcopter is aviable in 3 different versions and 4 colors (white, blue, red and black): Ghost Basic, no camera or gimbal; Ghost Aerial with...

Lian Sheng LS-128 Sky Hunter

Lian Sheng LS-128 Sky Hunter - the Franken-quad Lian Sheng Toys produced over the time several micro RC helicopters. Now, they want to enter in to the world of multi-rotors with their first quadcopter, the LS-128 Sky Hunter. Who has not seen the famous movie Frankenstein, with a doctor who was trying to discover a way to create a person from parts. If you carefully look on the LS-128 Sky Hunter you will find quickly few similarities with...

Tiny Whoop: Worth to buy alternatives

Tiny Whoop cheap alternatives
Are there reliable alternatives for the Tiny Whoop drone? Although last year I reviewed many Tiny Whoop clones, still didn't have the chance to test the real one. Biggest disadvantage of the original over its copies is the high price tag. Probably Tiny Whoop fans will say that the higher price is covered by better build quality and unmatched flight performance. What does "Tiny Whoop"...

Syma X5C spare parts

Syma X5, X5C and X5C-1 spare parts Unavoidable, after several crash lands, you will need some spare parts to repair your Syma quadcopter. After my last crash land I recovered my Syma X5c only after few minutes. Unfortunately, because the motors didn't stopped after hitting the ground, the propellers have hooked in 20cm high grass. As I am a beginner flyer, of course I have had some...

Syma X8W Quick Start Guide

Syma X8W Quadcopter Quick Start Guide Video I just received my Syma X8W from BG but it has to rest in the box until next week when I will have enough time to review it. Until then I thought it would be useful to watch some movies with this Quadcopter, to know what I can expect. The video below covers the main...

Syma X8HW quadcopter with altitude hold

Syma X8HW Quad
Syma X8HW WIFI first person view quadcopter Just found on SymaToys website that they decided to upgrade the popular X8 quad series with barometric sensor. The Syma X8HW, compared to the previous X8W quadcopter, will features altitude hold function which is useful, especially when you are using your quadcopter for aerial filming. This X8HW comes with a small FPV WIFI camera but, being very powerful, it...

Hubsan X4 AIR Pro (H501A) GPS quadcopter

Hubsan X4 Air H501A drone
Hubsan X4 AIR Pro aka Hubsan H501A Three days before Christmas Hubsan announced another interesting model of the X4 series called H501A. This new model comes with a nice black finish design with a big golden "X" letter on front, probably inspired from Xmas :). Thanks to the GPS positioning system, the Hubsan H501A drone features smart flight mode like: Follow me, Orbit mode...

Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) quadcopter

Last update on January 15 2019 Wingsland just relaunched the Scarlet Minivet under a M1 product name. Apparently, the WINGSLAND M1 has the same design and features as the old model (2015). This new version, comes with an extremely friendly price tag. The WINGSLAND M1 is advertised for only $176.99! Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) - The flying beauty Under the shadow of the DJI Phantom...

KingKong 90GT micro brushless FPV quadcopter

KingKong 90GT drone
KingKong 90GT - Palm sized brushless quad with FPV camera The KingKong 90GT drone was announced in PNP package. This means that you will need to use it together with your own radio system (RX + TX). Although the KK 90GT has about the same size as the popular Tiny Whoop, it is equipped with brushless motors instead of brushed ones. Brushless motors...


Syma X5SW Explorers 2
Syma X5SW Explorers 2  - WIFI FPV quadcopter Meanwhile every one waits for the new X8C for GoPro and alike cameras, a new improved model of the X5 series was announced, the Syma X5SW Explorers 2. My first quadcopter was a X5C that, after one year, I still own and it is always ready for flying. That's why I'm happy to hear that Syma didn't forget this old...