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Coming soon: ZLRC Beast SG906 GPS 4K drone

ZLRC SG906 Beast drone
Today, I will introduce you a quite interesting drone, called ZLRC Beast SG906. According to the first rumors, the ZLRC SG906 Beast will be released with two type of cameras, full HD and 4K. Before you are getting too enthusiast, the UHD version will be capable to record 2K videos only. The "4K" badge refers only to the photo...

Coming soon: JJRC H71 foldable wannabe selfie drone

JJRC H71 drone`
Following the great success of the H37 Elfie, JJRC is planning to release an upgraded version called H71. The new model comes with better range and longer flight time.Like its predecessor, the JJRC H71 also features foldable arms. In order to be safer for indoor flights, it comes with removable blade protectors.According to the advertised specs, the 1000mAh battery...

PIONEER LH – X41F: Optical flow sensor for less than $50

PIONEER LH-X41F optical flow drone for less than $50
Similar to the Eachine E58, the PIONEER LH - X41F also features foldable arms. This approach makes the drone very portable allowing to carry everywhere with you. Furthermore, the LH - X41F features G-Sensor APP control, so does not requires to use the  physical remote controller.According to the advertised specs, the 3.7v/1000mAh LiPo battery allows up to 9 minutes...

HBX64 micro brushless Whoop under $100

HBX64 FPV quadcopter
Like most micro FPV drones, the HBX64 also features ducted blade protectors. In addition to the better motor efficiency, the Whoop design also makes the aircraft much safer for indoor practice.The 16000KV brushless motors are equipped with 4-leaf propellers and driven by 10A BLHeli_S ESC. According to the advertised specs, the HBX64 quadcopter has about 3 minutes flight time...

Coming soon: Emax Buzz Freestyle FPV racing drone

Emax Buzz Freestyle FPV racing drone
With the newly designed Frestyle brushless motors, the Emax Buzz pushes new boundaries in terms of performance. While the 4S version comes with 2400KV motors and Avan Flow 5043 propellers, the much powerful 6s edition with 1700KV motors and Avan Scimitar 5026 blades.Both Emax Buzz variants are build on the same type of 245mm sized 3K woven carbon fiber...

Coming soon: AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle 5″ racing quad

AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle FPV Racing drone
The AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle is a complete FPV racing quadcopter nearly ready to fly out of the box. It comes pre-built and configured from the factory. Simply, just add a receiver (PNP version only) and battery and you can be up flying in about 1 hour. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between FrSky and FlySky radio...

FrSky VANTAC Swoop BQ130 V2 FPV racing drone

FrSky VANTAC Swoop BQ130 V2 FPV racing drone
After introducing last year the VANTAC BQ210, we are back with a more compact FrSky drone called VANTAC Swoop BQ130 V2. As its name says, it is build on a 130mm sized carbon fiber frame. Like most of the similar FPV quadcopters, the VANTAC Swoop BQ130 V2 also features Omnibus F4 flight controller. Thanks to the built-in OSD, you will...

Eachine E013 Plus: New design, more features

Eachine E013 Plus drone
While you should expect from the Eachine E013 Plus to be an enhanced version of its predecessor, I didn't find too much similarities between Plus and non-Plus editions, in terms of design.Like the older Eachine E013, this upgraded version will be also available in bundle with the VR006 FPV Goggles. On checkout, you will be able to choose between...

Coming soon: MJX X104G GPS camera drone

MJX X104G drone
Over the last few years, MJX R/C stunned us with their cool Bugs series. Now, they came up with a new model called X104G, which features a different design compared to their previous drones. Like most drones under 100, the MJX X104G also has precise Global Satellite Positioning system and on-board full HD camera. Furthermore, thanks to the 5G...

HGLRC Arrow3 FPV drone: The real Racing King!

HGLRC Arrow3 FPV racing drone
According to the first rumors, the new HGLRC Arrow3 152mm FPV drone will be offered in two variants. While the 4S version will have 3600KV motors, the 6S one will have 2400KV motors. Both models will be available with FrSky or FlySky radio receiver.As FPV rig, HGLRC opted for the Caddx Ratel camera and GLRC XJB TX20 5.8G/48CH Mini...

KINGKONG/LDARC ET MAX 185mm: The Big Brother

LDARC ET MAX 185mm FPV racing drone
Featuring 185mm wheelbase, the LDARC ET MAX is KINGKONG's biggest FPV racing drone with ducted blade protectors. It is probably the largest Whoop compatible with 4" propellers and 4S LIPO batteries.In a nutshell, the LDARC ET MAX 185mm follows the ET series design. It has identical frame structure, blade guards and white protective canopy.According to the advertised specs, the...