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Coming soon: Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE 4K Drone

FIMI X8 SE drone
Few weeks ago, on FiMI's website, a new banner appeared with the text "Totally Evolved - 10th December 2018". It was the first clue that a new Xiaomi FiMI drone will be announced soon. Unlike its predecessors, the new Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE features foldable design. Let's have a closer look on the first rumors about the Fimi X8 drone!While...

Phoota X38GF-4K BLUE KOI: First 4K GPS enabled toy drone

Phoota LH-X38G-4K-BS BLUE KOI drone
While on paper the Phoota X38GF-4K BLUE KOI drone could look extremely good, without brushless motors is still just a toy. I would be also interested to find out if its 4K camera has effective pixels or it adopts somekind of software interpolation in order to obtain the UHD (3840 x 2160) video resolution.Despite that its being powered by a...

Coming soon: DTS GT200 FPV Freestyle Racing Drone

DTS GT200 FPV Drone
After I reviewed the Kopis 2 SE, I thought that it will be very hard to find another damn-near perfect FPV drone. At first sight, the DTS GT200 quadcopter looks even better. Its design is almost perfect in every aspect. Excepting the silver motors, prop nuts and camera, all the other parts are black. It features solid carbon fiber frame...

Coming soon: JJRC H78G GPS enabled camera drone

JJRC H78G GPS drone
JJRC, one of the most active player on the toy drone market is planning to release a new GPS enabled model. In addition to its beautiful design, the JJRC H78G drone comes with lots of great features. Furthermore, it has an on-board full HD camera with WiFi 5G real-time image transmission.JJRC H78G weights about 190 grams at takeoff. While with...

Santa’s favorite drones under 100: Best drone for Christmas 2018

Best drones under $100 for Christmas 2018
If you missed our Black Friday & Cyber Monday drone deals and you are still looking for a nice Christmas gift, you should check the secret list of Santa's favorite drones under $100.Over the last few years, drones became one of the most popular Xmax gifts. They are fun  to fly and can take amazing aerial videos. From a wide price...

Eachine X220HV Wizard: 6S hardcore FPV drone

Eachine Wizard X220HV 6S FPV drone
Over the time, Eachine's Wizard series has been significantly improved. This new X220HV seems to be the most capable FPV racing drone from Eachine. It comes with topnotch electronics and 6S LiPo compatibility. Hardcore pilots will love it, for sure!Like its predecessor, the upgrade X220HV, also features F4 flight controller with built-in OSD. The FC can be fine-tuned via micro USB...

Coming soon: FullSpeed TinyLeader 75mm Whoop

FullSpeed TinyLeader FPV Drone
As winter is near do blow up any outdoor fun, I already started to reorient from large racing quads to compact Tiny Whoop brashless drones. Thanks to its large blade protectors and only 75mm wheelbase, the FullSpeed TinyLeader allows to practice indoor as well as outdoor.According to your existing remote controller, you can opt between 3 type of radio...

After Black Friday sale: MJX B2SE aka Bugs 2 SE

MJX B2SE After Black Friday deal
As the Black Friday shopping carnival is about to end, here is the first Cyber Monday drone deal. Now, you can find the GPS enabled MJX B2SE drone with brushless motors and 1080P camera for only $128.The B2SE is the upgraded version of the popular Bugs 2C. While the new Bugs 2SE adopts similar design and same type of...

JJRC X9 Heron GPS enabled camera drone: First rumors

JJRC X9 Heron
At first look, this new JJRC Heron X9 drone wants to be a cheaper alternative for the Spark. It has similar design and features. Furthermore, being sold for only $150, it comes with its own remote controller. Of course, on paper everything can look good.Certainly, the most important features of the JJRC X9 are the brushless motors and GPS...

TransTEC Mini 142mm FPV drone announced

TransTEC Mini 142mm FPV drone
Today we will check out a new micro FPV racing drone called TransTEC Mini 142mm. Like its name says, it is build on a 142mm sized 3K carbon fiber frame. While it is a newly launched racing drone, it features an older generation F3 fight controller.As far as the FPV system is concerned, the TransTEC Mini 142mm quadcopter comes with Caddx...

Coming soon: AURORA RC Stick 200 Pro racing drone

AURORA Stick 200 racing drone
Excepting the CCD FPV camera, the AURORA RC Stick 200 Pro has all the hardware that you could expect from a pro grade racing quad. It features solid 5mm carbon fiber frame, F4 flight controller and powerful 2300 KV brushless motors. Furthermore, it has an on-board DVR video recorder which allows to capture the journey of your FPV flights.By...