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Eachine QX65 micro racing quad for cold winter days

Eachine QX65 mini racing drone
Eachine, expands its Tiny Whoop fleet with another micro sized drone. Eachine QX65 is equipped with upgraded Beecore V2 flight controller, which allows 3 type of flight modes. According to your flight skills you can opt for Air, Horizon or Angle flight mode.Being powered by a 250mAh LiPO battery, I expect about 3~4 minutes of flight time from this 65mm sized...

DJI MAVIC AIR: Downgrade or Upgrade from Pro Platinum?

DJI Mavic AIR drone
It looks like the rumors were true, finally DJI officially revealed their Air drone. At first look it is a mix of advantages and disadvantages, a kind of compromise between Mavic Pro and the little Spark. The additional portability coming from the smaller size brings unwanted shorter flight time.The lightweight Mavic Air features a camera with a 1/2.3" CMOS...

Jumper T8SG Plus transmitter: Rumored specs and features

Jumper T8SG 2.0 Plus remote controller
Following the success of the T8SG transmitter, Jumper announced an upgraded version called T8SG Plus. In addition to the open-source software and adjustable transmission power, the Jumper VT8SG V2.0 Plus comes with nice gold finish design.Similar to other professional remote controllers, the upgraded "Plus" edition comes with 6 shoulder switches, instead of only 4 like the first model had.By default,...

Attop XT-1, a Mavic clone for less than $60

Attop XT-1 drone quadcopter
After the Eachine E58 and VISUO XS809HW, another Mavic clone was revealed. The Attop XT-1 quadcopter follows similar foldable design as the much expensive DJI drone.Thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor, the Attop XT-1 drone is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude at the desired level. Headless mode is another feature that makes it easier for beginners to fly.In front...

The best drone deals in the January sales 2018

Drone deals of January 2018
The Christmas presents have been unwrapped and you did not get the much wanted drone? Bit sad, isn't it? Well it shouldn't, because you got a second chance. The January sales are now upon us and with it some of the year's best drone deals.Being a dedicated deal hunter, I'm looking almost every day to find the best drone deals...

Let’s play F*ck, Marry, Kill: Most exciting, keeper and worst drone of 2017

F*uck, Marry, Kill drones of 2017
On my favorite radio station, every Monday morning there is a game called "Hug, Marry, Kill". In a nutshell, is about that radio guy who gets three names chosen from the listeners. The names are people that the player personally knows or they could be celebrities. And now comes the fun part, player chooses which of those three would hug (f*ck),...

SJ R/C S70W GPS drone with HD camera under $200

SJ R/C S70W GPS drone with HD camera
A quadcopter with GPS system, including camera, gives you plenty of aerial options. Enable the "Follow me" mode and the drone will autonomously record and follow you during sports or other outdoor activities. SJ R/C S70W comes with remote camera adjustment which allows you to focus exactly on what you want to capture.Thanks to the "Headless mode" feature, newbies will...

Happymodel Trainer90: DIY FPV drone kit

Happymodel Trainer90 DIY FPV drone KIT
As fun as it can be to enjoy flying your own FPV drone, you might have a little extra fun with building your own. Happymodel Trainer90 contains all the essential parts required to build a flying machine. In addition, the package also includes a 600TVL camera with integrated 5.8G video transmitter. Due to its small size, it is an excellent...

Walkera PERI with 4K camera: The DJI Spark killer

Walkera Peri mini drone
It seems that finally Walkera strikes back, their PERI drone is a worthy competitor for the DJI Spark. Like its contender, Walkera PERI will be also available in 4 outstanding colors (Red, Orange, Silver and Blue).Walkera claims that Peri is equipped with world's smallest three-axis mechanical PTZ gimbal. Peri's camera allows to capture aerial footage with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160...

WLtoys Q363-H affordable GPS drone with camera

WLtoys Q363-H cheap GPS drone with camera
2018 comes with a new WLToys drone series. While Q363 comes without a camera, WLtoys Q363-F and WLtoys Q363-H with 2MP respectively 5MP camera and gimbal. All versions feature GPS positioning system and altitude-hold.The 2-axis gimbal allows not jut to record smooth, vibration free aerial videos, but also to remotely change the camera's angle.Thanks to the GPS positioning system, the WLtoys Q363-H quadcopter features...

Frsky Apus MQ60 micro racing quadcopter

Frsky Apus MQ60 micro racing drone
FrSky, a well known radio manufacturer, just announced their first drone called Frsky Apus MQ60. Featuring TinyWhoop's ducted propeller design, it is just perfect for the indoor racing enthusiasts.The Frsky Apus MQ60 drone is based on a proprietary flight controller. The XMF3E FC comes with BetaFlight firmware and built-in XM radio receiver which allows to be used with any FrSky remote controller.According...