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EWRF e7082VM: VTX FPV camera for less than $10

EWRF e7082VM FPV Camera
The EWRF e7082VM is a very compact and lightweight AIO camera suitable for small FPV drones. The camera can be powered with 1S LIPO batteries (DC 3~5.2 V).Thanks to the VTX telemetry, you can adjust channels as well as transmission power remotely trough your transmitter. According to your needs, you can toggle the broadcast between 25, 100 and 200mW.Weighting...

GEPRC Crocodile 7 GEP-LC7: Long range GPS FPV drone

GEPRC Crocodile 7 aka GEP-LC7
GEP-RC's latest drone is designed for long range FPV flights. As its name says, the GEPRC Crocodile 7 quadcopter is compatible with 7 inch propellers. Thanks to the BN-220 GPS module, you won't need to worry anymore about RC signal lost. The BetaFlight GPS recuse mode feature will guide the drone back to you (take off point).The GEPRC Crocodile 7 drone was announced...

UTI I37GPS and UTI I28GPS camera drones under $200

While the UTI I37GPS comes with brushless motors, the UTI I28GPS has brushed one. For those who are new in the field, brushless motors are not just more powerful, but also more reliable compared to the cheaper brushed motors.According to the advertised specs, the UTI I37GPS drone is powered by a 2s/1800mAh LiPo battery and it has up to 17 minutes...

BetaFPV Beta85X: Brushless Whoop for indoor fun

Betafpv Beta85X drone
Despite its small size, the BetaFPV Beta85X is a very promising FPV drone. It features Tiny Whoop alike design and super fast 6000KV brushless motors. The thing that makes even more interesting this little racing quad, is that it can be powered by 3s as well as by 4s LIPO batteries.Like most of the similar micro FPV drones, the BetaFPV Beta85X...

HGLRC XJB-145mm: Features & specs

HGLRC XJB 145mm FPV quadcopter
The HGLRC XJB-145mm is a new compact FPV drone. As its name says, it is build on a 145mm sized carbon fiber frame. It features versatile F4 flight controller with BetaFlight OSD.As far as the FPV system is concerned, the XJB-145 quad comes with HGLRC XJB-ELF 600TVL camera and XJB-TX20 (V2) 5.8GHz video transmitter with adjustable broadcast power (25~350mW).The...

VIGOUR3 FPV drone: Compact size, lots of features

VIGOUR 3 FPV drone quadcopter
Despite its compact size, the VIGOUR3 has all the features of bigger FPV drones. It features powerful brushless motors, versatile flight controller, on-board video recording and status LED strip. Moreover, it supports 3s as well as 4s LI-PO batteries.At the end of each arm there is a 3750KV brushless motor paired with a transparent 3-leaf propeller. The motors are driven by...

SG106 quadcopter: Entry level drone with 20+ flight time

SG106 drone
The time I started my journey in the world of multi-rotors, the expected flight time from an entry level drone like the SG106 was about 5~7 minutes. Thanks to the improved electronic and, of course, of the higher capacity LIPOs, these days airborne time was tripled. Being powered by a 1600mAh LiPo battery, the SG106 drone is advertised with up to 22...

Coming soon: Flysky FS-FT18 Paladin Transmitter

Flysky FS-FT18 Paladin transmitter
2019 comes with a new FlySky transmitter called FS-FT18 Paladin. As its name says it, will feature up to 18 channels. But why so many channels? anybody use them? Let's be fair, drone pilots will never need more than 6~8 or max 10 channels. The Flysky FS-FT18 was announced in mode 1 and mode 2 variants.On top of the remote controller...

Coming soon: JDRC JD-65G quadcopter

JDRC JD-65G drone
Following the great success of the JD-20, JDRC will come up in 2019 with a new drone called JD-65G. While, usually, the "G" letter in the name of the drone means GPS positioning feature, the JDRC JD-65G will have only optical flow positioning.Like its predecessors, the JDRC JD-65G also features cool foldable design. Ready to fly (expanded arms) it measures about...

SMRC ICAT2 drone: Features & specs

SMRC I CAT 2 drone
The SMRC ICAT2 is mixing all the good features of the MJX B2SE and the JJRC X7. It features cool design and powerful brush-less motors. It has dual GPS positioning system and full HD camera with 5G WiFi real-time image transmission. Moreover it has up to 22 minutes flight time.Through phone APP, the SMRC ICAT2 quadcopter is capable for intelligent flight...

TIANQU VISUO XS816: Optical flow sensor & 20 minutes flight time

VISUO XS816 drone
Towards the end of 2018, Santa Claus comes with a new TIANQU drone, called VISUO XS816. Following the great success of its predecessors, the XS 816 also has cool Mavic alike design with foldable arms.While the VISUO XS812 is equipped with GPS positioning system, the TIANQU XS816 has optical flow positioning. Both version are powered by a similar type of battery. According to the...