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iFlight Nazgul Evoque F4X: The compromise between size and power

iFlight Nazgul Evoque F4X
The iFlight Nazgul Evoque F4X has an outstanding balance between size and power. It has a wheelbase of only 185mm, compared to the Nazgul 5 V3, which has 245mm. It has powerful XING2 2205 motors that provide up to 170km/h (105mph) speeds. Using a 6S 1400mAh battery, iFlight promises 8 minutes of hovering time. Thanks to the onboard DJI Air...

MSRC U99 PRO: Affordable brushless 4K drone with OA system

The MSRC U99 PRO drone has some exciting features that make it a great option for first-time pilots. Besides that is affordable. It features GPS and OF positioning systems for stability in almost any environment, a 360° obstacle avoidance system to avoid collisions during flight, headless flight mode, and multiple flight speed rates. Being powered with a high-capacity 7.4V 3000mAh (16.28wh)...

iFlight Defender16 O3: Tiny 2S 4K CineWhoop

iFlight Defender 16
iFlight just announced their most compact CineWhoop-style FPV drone with DJI O3 Air Unit onboard. The iFlight Defender16 follows its larger predecessor's user-friendly modular design. It uses a customized "naked" HD digital VTX module to be super-light. The Defender16 drone has a size of 121x117x47mm (81mm wheelbase) and a weight of 128 grams, including the 2S/ 900mAh battery pack. The...

Flywoo Naked O3 LiteUltra Air Unit for ultra-light FPV drones

Flywoo Naked O3 Lite and O3 Ultra
From the beginning, Flywoo was a company dedicated to small-size FPV drones. Last week brought two customized O3 digital FPV systems on the market for those every gram counts in the minus. The Naked O3 Lite reduces the weight (36.8g) of the original DJI O3 Air Unit by 37% (23.2g) and the Naked O3 Ultra by 50% (18.3g). The Flywoo...

Global Drone GD96: A serious DJI alternative (for 2020)

Global Drone GD96
The newly announced Global Drone GD96 features a repeater mode transmitter that promises a flight range of 4KM. RC to phone downlink was introduced by DJI a few years ago, before 2020. This approach allows a much longer range and stable transmission than drone-to-phone over WiFi connectivity. In addition, the GD96 quadcopter comes with frontal and real obstacle avoidance...

NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 O3: Ultra compact 4K CineWhoop

NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 O3
BetaFPV introduced the Pavo Pico a few months ago, which claimed to be the world's first 4K CineWhoop under 100 grams. Now, the NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 HD is not just slightly lither but also smaller. While the BetaFPV Pavo Pico has a wheelbase of 81mm, the AcroBee75 BLV4 based on the Cockroach75 frame is only 75mm -making it ideal for...

Feiyu Pocket 3 modular handheld 4K gimbal

Feiyu Pocket 3
The Feiyu Pocket 3 handheld 4K gimbal adopts a unique split design that gives you almost endless possibilities of use. The cordless self-powered 4K gimbal head can be detached from the hand grip. You can even purchase the two parts separately if needed. The 3rd generation Feiyu Pocket gimbal has a 1/2.3″CMOS image sensor and a 130° F2.0 lens. The...

HGLRC Draknight 2″: Micro Ultralight FPV Freestyle drone

HGLRC Draknight 2inch
HGLRC is among the few drone brands that continue to produce FPV drones with analog systems. Their latest Draknight 2-inch is an ultralight micro freestyle quadcopter with a unique design and ELRS 2.4GHz or TBS Crossfire Nano RX radio receiver options. The HGLRC Draknight 2 has a wheelbase of 91mm and a weight of less than 50 grams. It uses...

Coming soon: GoPro 12 Hero Black

GoPro Hero 12
Shortly after DJI's newest action camera's official release (read more in our DJI Action 4 vs GoPro 11 comparison article), the GoPro 12 rumors started to swirl. The leaked photos by @Tech Insights Twitter account show a 1-inch image sensor, a game changer for the action camera market. Even though the social media account was created in 2015, it...

Bluetti AC180 vs Anker 757: Which power station should you buy?

Bluetti AC180 vs Anker 757
Thirty years ago, when I first started wandering around the Apuseni mountains, the only electrical device I carried with me was a flashlight that needed two batteries. Now, I have a smartphone, a drone, a DSLR camera, an action camera, and who knows what else. Solar generators like the Bluetti AC180 and the Anker 757 (SOLIX F1200) can power...

Axisflying Manta 3.6″ FPV drone with O3 Air Unit

Axisflying Manta 3.6
The Axisflying Manta 3.6" freestyle FPV drone promise performance of the larger 5-inch FPV drones. It can achieve 100km/h in just 0.3 seconds and has a top speed of 180km/h. The Manta 3.6 is a ready-to-fly drone with onboard DJI O3 Air Unit. In addition to the FPV camera, it can be equipped with a full-size action camera. Axisflying focuses...