IdeaFly like many other quadcopter brands is located in Shenzhen.

Probably the most interesting models from Idea Fly are the Grasshopper F210 and the Hero-550.

IdeaFly quadcopters and drones

Lately Idea-Fly announced their first waterproof quadcopter, the Poseidon-480.

Ideafly Octopus F90 aka RoboWhoop

Ideafly Octopus F90 mini FPV drone
IdeaFly Octopus F90 micro FPV quadcopter with F3 flight controller Like many Chinese drone manufactures, IdeaFly also announced their own TinyWhoop clone called Octopus F90. While its name suggests that we are dealing with an octocopter, it has only 4 rotors. The IdeaFly Octopus F90 comes in a nice black/green color combination. In front of the drone is located a bright LED light that...