IDEA-FLY Mars 350 quadcopter for GoPro

IDEA-FLY Mars 350 quadcopter

Idea-Fly Mars 350 – poor man’s Phantom quad

Till this Mars 350, Idea-Fly had other nice quadcopters but none succeeded to become popular and frankly I don’t now exactly why. It could be something like weak marketing or poor after market support.

In the age of DJI Phantom 4, the features of Idea-Fly Mars 350 seem to be from the dinosaurs era. Without offering fancy features like obstacle avoidance or HD video downlink, the guys from Idea-Fly can’t expect a great feedback from the market.

The 2-axis brushless gimbal allows basically to install any GoPro and alike cameras under the belly of the aircraft.

In order to allow extremely good flight autonomy, this Ide-Fly drone is powered by a high capacity 5400 mAh battery. This allows about 25 minutes ofcontinuous flight time.

If the communication between the aircraft and its transmitter (IDF i10) is disturbed or lost, the quadcopter will return by itself to the takeoff point.

IDEA-FLY Mars 350 features and specs

  • Accurate GPS positioning system;
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization;
  • Intelligent flight mode (surround flight);
  • One key takeoff/land;
  • Failsafe auto return to home;
  • 2-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro and alike camera;
  • Maximum angular velocity: 60 degree;
  • Maximum pitch angle: 45 degree;
  • Maximum rise speed: 10.2m/s;
  • Up to 300 meters flight altitude;
  • About 25 minutes of flight autonomy.

IDEA-FLY Mars 350 package includes

  • 350 mm size aircraft;
  • 2.4G transmitter (IDF i10);
  • 1 set of 9450 self-locking propellers;
  • 3s 5400mah flight battery;
  • E4 balance charger;
  • 2-axis brushless camera gimbal;
  • Mars 350 quick start guide.

Images with the IdeaFly Mars 350 quadcopter


  1. People should know, that this company “IdeaFly” are complete worthless jerks who will NOT respond to any emails or website messages (their site form) you send them! I have written these asses numerous times and NEVER get any responses. I own TWO of their pieces of $hit, one of which is the far more expensive IFLY 4S and they could NOT CARE if there are problems or there is a need to buy parts. And that is another problem ,,,NO PARTS AVAILABILITY!! In the USA, HobbyPeople was their ONLY retail outlet in stores or online and they have gone out of business as of January 2017. There are NO PARTS on EBay, NO PARTS from ANY North American Distributor and NO SERVICE AVAILABLE! And as I said Idead-Fly (pun intended) DOES NOT REPLY TO YOUR EMAILS FOR HELP!!! I would NOT recommend that anyone buy from this WORTHLESS company!
    That is the Warning!!

  2. This isn’t so much a review as a list of what’s on the box and a sentence that resembles an opinion.

    I would have liked to actually have SEEN some details on how the features work.

    I can read the description on amazon thanks. I need to know what features IDEA-FLY Mars 350 actually has and if they work well.

      • Just try to get any reply to Emails or Messages sent to this worthless company’s Customer Support! None! There are NO parts availability outside of China. NO Distributor, dealer or Service available in North America either!


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