IdeaFly like many other quadcopter brands is located in Shenzhen. Probably the most interesting models from Idea Fly are the Grasshopper F210 and the Hero-550. IdeaFly quadcopters and drones Lately Idea-Fly announced their first waterproof quadcopter, the Poseidon-480.

IDEA-FLY Mars 350 quadcopter for GoPro

IDEA-FLY Mars 350 quadcopter
Idea-Fly Mars 350 - poor man's Phantom quad Till this Mars 350, Idea-Fly had other nice quadcopters but none succeeded to become popular and frankly I don't now exactly why. It could be something like weak marketing or poor after market support. In the age of DJI Phantom 4, the features of Idea-Fly Mars 350 seem to be from the dinosaurs era. Without offering fancy features like...