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For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.

In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (VTX).

Flytec H825 EVA toy drone with 5.8G FPV camera

Flytec H825 cheap FPV drone
Instead of a WiFi FPV camera, which is usual for toy drones, the Flytec H825 drone is equipped with 5.8G FPV camera. This allows it to be used with most of the 5.8G FPV goggles. The angle of camera can be manually adjusted according to your flight style. Powered by a 580mAh battery, the Flytec H825 quadcopter has up to 8 minutes...

ASUAV RS220 Awesome FPV Racer

ASUAV RS220 FPV racing drone
Permeants ASUAV RS220 racing quadcopter with FPV camera As we are in late winter, it is time to switch from indoor drones to outdoor FPV racing drones like this Awesome ASUAV RS220. When it comes to first-time pilots, speed is not everything, they need durable drones. Based on my experience, carbon-fiber frames has better chance to survive nasty crashes than nylon ones. Thanks...

DYS Shark-Mako, quite expensive mini FPV quad

DYS Shark-Mako drone
DYS, a popular brush-less motor manufacturer just announced their micro sized FPV quadcopter called, Shark-Mako. Frankly, it is a quite funny name for a drone. DYS Shark-Mako 100mm can be ordered in two variants, RTF (in bundle with RC) and BNF (with FrSky D8 receiver, but no transmitter). Both, variants are available in gray and orange colors. Like the Blade Torrent...

Tiny Whoop: Worth to buy alternatives

Tiny Whoop cheap alternatives
Are there reliable alternatives for the Tiny Whoop drone? Although last year I reviewed many Tiny Whoop clones, still didn't have the chance to test the real one. Biggest disadvantage of the original over its copies is the high price tag. Probably Tiny Whoop fans will say that the higher price is covered by better build quality and unmatched flight performance. What does "Tiny Whoop"...

Coming soon: AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle 5″ racing quad

AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle FPV Racing drone
The AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle is a complete FPV racing quadcopter nearly ready to fly out of the box. It comes pre-built and configured from the factory. Simply, just add a receiver (PNP version only) and battery and you can be up flying in about 1 hour. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between FrSky and FlySky radio...

WAY-TEC SPIDER 200mm: Super strong frame & powerful motors

WAY-TEC SPIDER drone quadcopter
When it comes to FPV racing drones, besides speed & agility, impact resistance is also very important. The WAY-TEC SPIDER features new crash-proof design with reinforced side arms.  Based on the versatile OMVT F4 flight controller, the WAY-TEC SPIDER can be configured with multiple flight modes. While newbies can opt for Angle mode, expert pilots can have fun with Acro mode. By default,...

Emax Babyhawk-R: 4s micro FPV racing drone

Emax Babyhawk-R FPV drone
Following the success of Babyhawk, EmaxModel plans to release another micro class FPV drone. Emax Babyhawk-R is build on a 112mm sized carbon fiber frame. According to the rumored specs, Babyhawk-R is optimized for 3s and 4s LiPo batteries as well. In order to offer best performance, the RS1106 6000KV brush-less motors are paired with 2 inch Avan Micro 4-blade propellers. A 650TVL camera is located...

Coming soon: SKYSTARS G520S 7″ FPV racing drone

SKYSTARS G520S FPV racing drone
SKYSTARS is about to release their third FPV drone designed for long range flights. The SKYSTARS G520S comes with 7 inch propeller compatibility and optional GPS module. According to the first rumors, it can be powered by up to 5S LIPO batteries. At the end of each 4mm arm there is a powerful SkyStars 2306 KV2750 motor. Speed of each...

Hubsan X4 H502S FPV GPS Quad

Hubsan X4 H502S quadcopter
Hubsan X4 H502S - cheapest first person view GPS quadcopter Hubsan just announced a completely new product line, the X4 H502. The flag ship model of this new series is the Hubsan X4 H502S which is equipped with 5.8 GHz real-time image transmission and GPS positioning system. The design of this new series is roughly the same as the one of the previous Hubsan models. They adopt the...

AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 FPV racing drone

AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 quadcopter
As autumn is already knocking at the door, micro racing drones like this AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 are just perfect for some indoor practice. Based on the versatile Omnibus F3 Flight controller, the AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 can be configured with multiple flight modes. While newbies can accommodate with the basic flight movements on Angle mode, experienced pilots can have fun on...

Coming soon: Supra7 Pro with CADDX EOS2 HD camera

Supra7 Pro brushless Whoop
Whooping is fun! No wonder there are new announced models almost every week. Today, we will have a closer look on the Supra7 Pro, a 75 mm sized brushless Whoop. Thanks to the versatile F4 flight controller, the Supra7 Pro quadcopter can be configured with multiple flight modes. While newbies can opt for Angle and Horizon mode, expert pilots can...