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For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.

In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (VTX).

AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 FPV racing drone

AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 quadcopter
As autumn is already knocking at the door, micro racing drones like this AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 are just perfect for some indoor practice. Based on the versatile Omnibus F3 Flight controller, the AWESOME MINI BOBI X115 can be configured with multiple flight modes. While newbies can accommodate with the basic flight movements on Angle mode, experienced pilots can have fun on...

Longing LY-250 racing quadcopter

LONGING LY-250 racing quadcopter
Longing LY-250 Dark knight high speed FPV racer Surely, racing quadcopters are in fashion because almost every week are announced new models like this Longing LY-250 Dark Night. In order to allow first-person view flights, this LY-250 racer quad is equipped with an 120° camera and a long range 5.8G 600mW video transmission module. Unlike other basic models, this new racing quadcopter will...

Coming soon: Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet 145mm FPV drone

Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet FPV drone
While we all are focused to catch a good Black Friday drone deal, new models are coming up everyday. Today I will reveal the first rumors about the Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet 145mm, a 3" FPV racing drone. Like most of the FPV racing quads, it will be available in PNP (no radio) and BNF (with FrSky radio) packages. As you can...

Eachine US65/UK65: Brushless Whoops under $100

Eachine US65/UK65 drones
With a price tag of only $69, the Eachine US65 and UK65 are currently the most affordable brushless Tiny Whoops. The only difference between the Eachine US65 and Eachine UK65 is the painting of the canopy & blade protectors. While the US65 is painted with the US flag, the UK65 has the UK flag on it. Both drones are equipped with Crazybee F3...

Eachine Chaser88 small brushless FPV racing quad

Eachine Chaser88 fpv drone
Eachine Chaser88 racing quadcopter with brushless motors and 800TVL AIO FPV camera Certainly, when it comes to FPV racing quadcopters, Eachine is one of the most active RC toy manufacturer. They announce new drones like this Eachine Chaser88 almost every week. Honestly, with those colorful 3-blade propellers (pink in front / yellow on rear) and that orange camera mount, the Chaser88 drone looks...

Holybro Kopis 2 SE review: My fastest FPV drone

HolyBro Kopis 2 SE review
Shortly after I sold the old Kopis, my FPV backpack felt sad and empty. It was not just my fastest racer, but also the BEST looking one. When I read that HolyBro is planning to release  a second generation of Kopis 2, I contacted them in order to test and review one. Three weeks later I'm holding the black...

Coming soon: DTS GT200 FPV Freestyle Racing Drone

DTS GT200 FPV Drone
After I reviewed the Kopis 2 SE, I thought that it will be very hard to find another damn-near perfect FPV drone. At first sight, the DTS GT200 quadcopter looks even better. Its design is almost perfect in every aspect. Excepting the silver motors, prop nuts and camera, all the other parts are black. It features solid carbon fiber frame...

Spae wolf DT140 FPV quadcopter under $200

Spae Wolf DT140 fpv quadcopter
Frankly even Google's search engine noticed that "Space Wolf" would be a more proper name for a drone instead of "Spae wolf DT140". Chinese drones are cheap, but lack of documentations and sometime with serious design errors. In front of the drone is located a 600TVL camera with 120 degree field of view. The 5.8G Real-time image transmission is achieved...

Flytec H825 EVA toy drone with 5.8G FPV camera

Flytec H825 cheap FPV drone
Instead of a WiFi FPV camera, which is usual for toy drones, the Flytec H825 drone is equipped with 5.8G FPV camera. This allows it to be used with most of the 5.8G FPV goggles. The angle of camera can be manually adjusted according to your flight style. Powered by a 580mAh battery, the Flytec H825 quadcopter has up to 8 minutes...

JJRC H6W WIFI first person view quadcopter

JJRC H6W FPV quadcopter
JJRC H6W FPV quadcopter with headless mode When I purchased my first quadcopter, few of my friends asked me about the quality of the camera and if it's capable for FPV flights. It seems these two factors are very important features for newbies. This new JJRC H6W quadcopter comes with a 2MP camera and WIFI real time image transmission. During my experience I have not...

Eachine QX65 micro racing quad for cold winter days

Eachine QX65 mini racing drone
Eachine, expands its Tiny Whoop fleet with another micro sized drone. Eachine QX65 is equipped with upgraded Beecore V2 flight controller, which allows 3 type of flight modes. According to your flight skills you can opt for Air, Horizon or Angle flight mode. Being powered by a 250mAh LiPO battery, I expect about 3~4 minutes of flight time from this 65mm sized...