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FPV Drones

For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.

In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (VTX).

Eachine US65/UK65: Brushless Whoops under $100

Eachine US65/UK65 drones
With a price tag of only $69, the Eachine US65 and UK65 are currently the most affordable brushless Tiny Whoops. The only difference between the Eachine US65 and Eachine UK65 is the painting of the canopy & blade protectors. While the US65 is painted with the US flag, the UK65 has the UK flag on it. Both drones are equipped with Crazybee F3...

Eachine Tyro99: Best DIY racing drone under $100

Eachine Tyro 99 DIY FPV racing drone
While, usually, the numbers in a drone's model name refer to the diagonal size in millimeters measuring the distance from rotor to rotor (wheelbase), in case of the Eachine Tyro99 means exactly its price - $99.The Eachine Tyro 99 DIY drone comes in parts and needs to be assembled by yourself. The KIT includes the frame, flight controller, ESC, motors, and FPV...

Holybro Kopis 2 SE review: My fastest FPV drone

HolyBro Kopis 2 SE review
Shortly after I sold the old Kopis, my FPV backpack felt sad and empty. It was not just my fastest racer, but also the BEST looking one. When I read that HolyBro is planning to release  a second generation of Kopis 2, I contacted them in order to test and review one. Three weeks later I'm holding the black...

FrSky VANTAC BQ210 FPV racing drone

FrSky VANTAC BQ210 drone
VantacRC in collaboration with FrSky, one of the most popular radio manufacturer, recently announced a very versatile racing quadcopter. The FrSky VANTAC BQ210 FPV drone features premium components like the FrSky F4 flight controller, T-motor F40 PRO II motors, Gemfan propellers, RunCam Swift camera and FrSky VS600 5.8G VTX.The FrSky VANTAC BQ 210 comes fully built, tuned and ready to fly...

WAY-TEC SPIDER 200mm: Super strong frame & powerful motors

WAY-TEC SPIDER drone quadcopter
When it comes to FPV racing drones, besides speed & agility, impact resistance is also very important. The WAY-TEC SPIDER features new crash-proof design with reinforced side arms. Based on the versatile OMVT F4 flight controller, the WAY-TEC SPIDER can be configured with multiple flight modes. While newbies can opt for Angle mode, expert pilots can have fun with Acro mode. By default,...

Holybro Kopis 2: The best FPV drone of 2018?

Holybro Kopis 2 FPV drone quadcopter
While the first generation Kopis drone was equipped with F4 flight controller, this new Holybro Kopis 2 features the latest Kakute F7 flight controller with BetaFlight OSD.  In terms of design I liked more the first Kopis, it had nice pink and black colors. In contrary, the Kopis 2 is fully black, including the 3-leaf propellers.In order to allow great balance...

Excelvan X218S FPV racing drone (Coupon deal)

Recently, one of my friends asked me about the recipe of the BEST FPV Drone. At first look it seems that Excelvan X218S has all the main ingredients. It features robust 3K carbon fiber frame, high quality FPV camera, long range VTX, powerful 2500KV brushless motors and last but not least versatile F4 flight controller with BetaFlight OSD.In order to be...

LDARC 5GT FPV racing drone: Features & Specs

LDARC KingKong 5GT FPV racing drone
LDARC (ex. KingKong) just announced a new professional grade FPV racing drone, called KK 5GT. In order to offer excellent durability, the LDARC KK 5GT is build on a solid 5mm carbon fiber frame. It has true-X design and 213mm wheelbase. During crashes, the on-board Runcam Swift Mini camera is well protected by a aluminium alloy frame.The versatile F4 flight controller...

FullSpeed Leader 3: 130mm sized FPV quadcopter

FullSpeed FSD Leader 3 FPV quadcopter
After flying dozens of drones around the sky, I found mini FPV drones like the FullSpeed FSD Leader 3 the most enjoyable flying machines. Their are fast, offers live-video streaming to your FPV goggles and not least are pretty affordable.The FullSpeed Leader 3 is available only in PNP package (no battery, charger, receiver & transmitter), hence you will need to use...

Best mini FPV drone 2018: Helifar X140 PRO review

Best mini FPV drone: Helifar X140 PRO review
FPV drones are ridiculously fun to fly and most enthusiasts (myself included) consider mini racing quadcopters like this Helifar X140 PRO the perfect gear for newbies to start their journey in this hobby. For less than 150 bucks, the Helifar X140 PRO is an impressively fast and nimble FPV racing drone.There are two versions of this FPV drone: the Helifar...

GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 Phoenix: Compact FPV drone w/ 120km/h+

GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 Phoenix FPV drone quadcopter
Surely, with flight speed of up to 120Km/h, this new GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 Phoenix FPV drone is recommended only for experienced pilots. While it can be powered by 2s and 3s batteries, the max speed can be achieved only by using 3s LIPOs.Like most of the recent FPV racing quadcopters, the GEPRC GEP-PX2.5 is also based on the versatile Omnibus F4...