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FPV Drones

For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.

In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (VTX).

HGLRC Mefisto 226MM FPV Drone: 2450KV (4-5s) & 1775KV (5-6s) motors

HGLRC Mefisto 226mm FPV drone
HGLRC announced their new Mefisto 5" FPV Drone with two type of brushless motors. While the HF2306 2450KV edition is optimized for 4-5s batteries, the FLAME 2207 1775KV one is suitable for 5-6S LIPOs. Both versions are compatible with 5 inch propellers. This dual type motor option is also adopted by the HobbyMate Comet racing quad.In front of the aircraft is...

FullSpeed Leader 2.5SE: 120mm sized FPV quadcopter

FullSpeed Leader 2.5SE FPV drone
A few months ago we introduced the Leader 3, a 3" FPV drone. Now, it's time to have a closer look on FullSpeed's latest mid-sized quad, the Leader 2.5SE. As you may guess by the naming and its smaller 120mm sized frame, the FullSpeed Leader 2.5 drone is designed for 2.5" propellers. The difference between the Leader 2.5 and Leader 2.5SE is only the...

GARTT Scorpion AFRC QR210: RTF FPV racing drone

GARTT Scorpion AFRC QR210 drone
While most of the FPV drones are sold as PNP or BNF, the GARTT Scorpion AFRC QR210 comes in complete ready to fly (RTF) package. In addition to the fully assembled drone, the box includes flight battery and transmitter. You have two color options: red & purple.At the end of each arm there is a powerful AFRC BM-2350KV brushless motor with 5045...

SKYSTARS G730L: 7″ FPV racing drone

SKYSTARS G730L drone
Featuring 30cm wheelbase, the SKYSTARS G730L drone is compatible wih 7 inch propellers. Being quite large, it is more suitable for long range FPV flights than for high speed racing competitions.Like the HobbyMate Comet, the SKYSTARS G730L quadcopter is also equipped with F4 flight controller. By default it comes with BetaFlight firmware. It can be configured with multiple flight modes (Acro, Horizon...

HOBBYMATE 5″ COMET VX220 review: Best FPV drone under 200?

HOBBYMATE 5" COMET VX220 drone review
Few months ago I was contacted by Kevin from HobbyMate in order to provide some information regarding the best configuration for their upcoming 5" Comet FPV drone. I gladly sent them my suggestions regarding the frame type and other essential parts. The COMET VX220's  idea is to deliver a lighter and most powerful racing quad possible in under $200 price range.In...

LDARC/Kingkong GT7 & GT8: Two micro brushless Whoops

LDARC/Kingkong GT7 & GT8 FPV drone
LDARC's (ex KingKong) new Tiny GT series, brings two micro sized brushless Whoops. While LDARC GT7 has 75mm wheelbase, the Kingkong GT8 has 86.7mm. Both drones, feature similar Tiny Whoop alike ducted propeller design.The Tiny GT series comes with Betaflight SPRACING F3 flight controller, 800TVL FPV camera, 25mW/16CH 5.8G VTX and 2S battery compatibility. The only hardware difference between the GT7 and...

Typhoon Q140 mid-sized FPV racing drone

Typhoon Q140 FPV racing drone
Having a wheelbase of 140mm, the Typhoon Q140 can be considered rather a mid-sized FPV drone than a micro one. Like most of the actual FPV drones, the Typhoon Q140MM also comes equipped with a versatile Micro F4 flight controller. Through BetaFlight configurator you can set the flight mode that fits best for you.In front of the aircraft is located...

SKYSTARS Venom32 217mm FPV Racing quad

SKYSTARS Venom FPV drone quadcopter
While we all love superheros, only few quadcopters are called after them. This new FPV racing drone is named by Marvel's latest movie, the Venom. Let's discover all the features and specs of the SKYSTARS Venom32.Like most of the actual FPV quadcopters, the SKYSTARS Venom also comes equipped with a versatile F4 light controller. Through BetaFlight configurator you can set...

BATTA RC 95mm mini brushless FPV drone for indoor fun

BATTA RC 95mm FPV Drone
As its name says, the BATTA RC 95 drone is build on a 95mm carbon-fiber frame. Contrary to the Eachine Tyro99, the BATTA RC 95mm can fly indoor or in the park without causing too much stress, due to its smaller size.Featuring F3 flight controller, it can be configured with multiple flights. While newbies can opt for Angle & Horizon mode, expert...

Happymodel Mobula7: Brushless Whoop under $100

Yesterday, I had some nice flights with my brand new Blade Inductrix FPV+ drone. While the Happymodel Mobula has similar size and design, it adopts brushless motors instead of brashed ones. This upgrade should provide even better flight performance.Based on the versatile F3 Pro flight controller, Happymodel Mobula7 can be configured with 3 different flight modes. While newbies can opt for Angle...

Blade Inductrix FPV Plus review: Best micro FPV drone

Blade Inductrix FPV+ review
Surprisingly, while the Blade Inductrix FPV Plus was one of the most promising micro FPV drone of 2018, I found very few reviews about it. After playing with so many Tiny Whoop clones I was happy to review the upgraded version of the father of all Tiny Whoops, the Blade Inductrix FPV+. I wanted to discover if it's worth the huge price...